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is there anyway i can check if i can customize it the way i want, before purchasing the theme.

Unfortunately not. You can ask your question I will tell you if it’s possible.

Hello Spab Rice,

I purchased your theme today, I already love it !

I’ve got one question about the animation of portfolio when you filter it by category. It doesn’t work for me like in your live preview : any movement/animation and there is a blank I don’t like between the thumbnails. Also, I’ve got one portfolio thumbnail smaller than the others, I don’t know why because I activated in the theme options to crop images. Here’s my website : www.svenska.fr

May you’ve got the solution ? Many thanks in advance and bravo for your work !

Note : I would like it in English/spanish/french. Have a nice day !

Other precision, I’m open to use another plug-in like WPML. I’ll act on your advices.


unfortunately I have no experiences with translation plugins. But it sounds that the ajax feature could be causing the problem. Try to deactivate the ajax feature in the theme options and check it again.

If yes, the plugin probably does not support ajax.

Could you tell me the dimensions I should use when adding a ‘background image’ to my page in the ‘add side page’ area?

I would use a big image, for the possibility of big screens. the dimensions depend on the screen size, so there is no specific size to use.

Hi, Love your theme and would love to purchase. Is is possible to change the green background to black or white? Thanks

Hi, I love your theme and I’d like to purchase it, but I have a few questions :

1) Will there be any further update (it’s been more than 6 months since the last one) ?

2) Is it possible to change the theme fonts ?

3) Does the portfolio supports audio ? I’m a graphic designer, but I also make music sometimes and I’d like to be able to put some on my portfolio (however I could use a workaround by uploading the music as videos on YouTube)

4) Is it possible to change the header color and the buttons color independently ? (I’d like my header to be black with white text, and my buttons hover color to be light gray with black text)

Thanks for the answers ;)


thanks for your interest.

1) yes a new update will come soon.

2) you can change body,heading and navigation font through the theme options.

3) unfortunately audio is only possible for blog posts.

4) you have one color option, which will be for the whole site (green in my preview) for setting different colors independently, this would need css customizations.


I purchased your theme and it looks like there’s a bug with the “Load More” button. I am seeing a duplicate of the last element on the page when I click on the “Load More” button. It looks like a pretty simple thing to fix. I can probably correct the problem myself, if I knew where the load more functionality is handled.

Well, do you even know what bug I was referring to? I’m surprised no one else has encountered this problem.


It was the bug for the duplicate item whe clicking the load more button. There are some other clients with the same issue. But it probably depends on the number of posts/pages.

Here’s what I did to fix the problem. Maybe you will find a simpler solution. In the theme-general-features.php, after line 32, add the following:

if ($page > 1){
    $offset = intval($sr_portfoliocount*($page-1)) + 1;
    $offset = 0;
query_posts( array(
    'posts_per_page'=> $sr_portfoliocount,
    'paged' => $page,
    'offset' => $offset,
    'portfolio_category' => get_query_var('portfolio_category'),
    'm' => get_query_var('m'),           
    'w' => get_query_var('w'),
    'post_type' => array('portfolio')


I bought this theme for my company’s website (using their envato user) and we’re experiencing some troubles :S. When loading an item from the portfolio it takes for ages to slide it in from the side (and we have a fast connection). Is there a way of speeding this up? Limiting and paginating the items shown for loading purposes? Or perhaps just showing a loading gif would be fine. Right now the visitor doesn’t really know if they’ve actually clicked or not on the item for too long.

Thank you!!


do you have a live preview to check it? You can also send me an email for better support.

Hi, thank you for your theme :) Is it possible to make protected post on the portfolio like on this template : http://demo.krownthemes.com/wowway/portfolio/bird-is-the-word ?

How can I remove /portfolio/ from the URL when viewing a portfolio item.

For example:

www.domain.com/portfolio/sample => www.domain.com/sample

You can change your permalinks in Settings > Permalinks

The permalinks are set to post name, but the portfolio items still display /portfolio/ in the url. What setting in permalinks should be used to achieve this?

I don’t think that you can hide ”/portfolio/”. But this is a general wordpress issue. The portfolio is a custom post type so wordpress automatically adds the custom post type to the url.

When viewing a portfolio item, and the other items show on the side, how can this be automated to show the current category, instead of all categories?

This is not possible because it works through ajax.

I’m planning on purchasing the theme, and I understand we can only change one color, but I wanted to know if we can choose any color or if you have pre picked colors we have to use?

Hello, you can chooise any color you want.

Does anyone else have problems with Mila 1.4 and WordPress 3.6? They stopped working together when i updated both. Especially “jQuery(...).live is not a function” is causing some trouble.

I’ll check this. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]gmail.com. Do you have a live preview?

Hello. I would need captions for the gallery images. Maybe taken from the image name?

That would be really great.

Thank you very much!!

Best, Peter


this is currently not possible but I may add this for a next update.

Hi Spab Rice,

I haven’t solve my problem yet between Mila’s theme and WPML. There are some troubles with Ajax. I’ve hired a dev to help me, may you please discuss with him ? I send you a mail with his informations.

Many thanks in advance.

How do I get a video within the portfolio to appear like the demo – flush to edges, responsive and title w/nav under video.

I grabbed the iframe code:

<iframe src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/xxxxxxxx” height=”315” width=”560” allowfullscreen=”” frameborder=”0”></iframe>

Much appreciated. Thanks!

Figured it out! Thanks!

Is there an easy way to add a graphic within the header area? I understand it cannot be done through the Theme Options. Hoping you can guide me in the right direction.


Tried placing the image within the header tab. No Luck. Ideas?

/--------— 3. Header ----------/ header { position: fixed; width: 100%; z-index: 100; background-image: url(http://www.websitehere.com/site_dev/_art/bg.jpg);

Please use the custom css field in the theme options. Just add your css code in this field and it should work.



I want to add margin in all items in mosaic, so every image gets a border. I have tried some various css changes but it always ends up in a mess in the end.



please send me an email for better support at spabrice[]gmail.com

Hey, I’m thinking of buying your theme, but before that I just have some questions: Is there any option to - reduce the height of the header (the green one)? - change the colour of the header? - and also change the colour of the background if I’m looking at one picture enhanced? - change the font und the position of the headlines (for example in the middle instead of only at the right)? - change the position of the logo?

Thanks a lot, greetings from Germany!


thanks for your interest.

- color for header is possible - you can change the padding (spacing) between logo and header so yes you can change the height. - changing background image would nee some css customizations - you got some typography options for headings, navigation and body - change logo would nee some css customizations.

Hi SpabRice,

I have just purchased your theme and installed it on my website. It works superb! Just don’t know why when I install the demo site on my local server then I get underneath the pictures the cross of close and the two arrows aside to go to next page. But when I just install it on my live website there are no where to be seen. Could you help me out on how to specify that?




do you have a live preview? Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[]gmail.com

Hello Fabrice, Thank you for all the work you put in to this excellent theme.

I’m gradually adapting the site colours – but need help. I have printed out the ‘Mila: Stylesheet (style.css)’ code and been through it changing colour hex codes, but it is trial and error. I’m stuck on some things:

(1) How can I change the colours of the word ‘Menu’ and the box around it, which appears when you make the window much smaller and the navigation style changes. I have a white background and the it is white on white.

Also, I have not worked out what to change to alter the ‘selected’ item in the Filter menu.

(2) How can I recolour the ‘white on green’ arrows to move between images – as seen on your ‘Close App’ sample page’ (and requested by anita wielgosz a while ago).

(4) How do I have square portfolio images (as others have requested)

(5) Blurry pics: I would be interested to read the advice you sent to ‘HalloStudio’ many months ago about blurry pictures

Overall, it’s great, but it would be even better with much more step-by-step explanation. Perhaps because I am new to Wordpress, it was only after (i) reading through your documentation (ii) importing the mila-demo.xml file, (iii) reading all the Q&A here, (iv) much time-consuming experimentation, that I began to understand what is and is not possible – to get the job done.

I look forward to hearing from you. Dominic


I answered your email.