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Hi thanks for such an awesome theme. I cant seem to get this contact form work on my website, I have done what it says on your document.


Regards, Parag


When I look at the soruce code I see that you have moren then 1 field with name and message. Youc only can use the once. Use other names for the other fields/textareas. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[]gmail.com

Hello, I’m using this theme, but for some reason a bottom left widget is appearing showing all the blog sidebar components on normal pages, this is unlike the set up you have, what am I doing wrong?

Do you have a live preview or screenshot? You can also send me an email for better support at spabrice[]gmail.com

It’s ok, I sorted it, basically it was using bottom left sidebar widget and it wasn’t populated with the widget content you have in your theme preview. It just had standard search, comments, recent post, archive etc. All good, thanks. Nice Theme!

You have a BUG on latest version 1.4 When you are going from outside to a direct portfolio item, like this: http://spab-rice.com/wordpress/mila/portfolio/design-the-nine/ in right side bottom you have an error.

Warning: Missing argument 3 for loadmore(), called in /customers/f/4/d/spab-rice.com/httpd.www/wordpress/mila/wp-content/themes/mila/single-portfolio.php on line 46 and defined in /customers/f/4/d/spab-rice.com/httpd.www/wordpress/mila/wp-content/themes/mila/theme-admin/functions/theme-general-features.php on line 59

Hope to fix that asap.

Thanks, Adrian

I’ll check this.

SHould be resolved now. Please send me an email, I’ll send you the fix. spabrice[]gmail.com

Pre purchase question. Is it also possible to load in blog articles (since I already have a lot of posts) on the home/portfolio theme? Maybe with a little bit of tweaking or is the homepage layout really depending on specific function from the portfolio post type?

Great, I bought your theme and this works indeed. But somehow the single post is loaded on the rigth instead of the left. Also I get an error Missing argument 3 for loadmore(), called in single.php on line 44 and defined in /functions/theme-general-features.php on line 59. Please advice..

You can find the test environment here http://almost.outthere.nl/news/


please send me an email and I will fix this bug. spabrice@gmail.com
I would like to be supported with first setup of the page, its being inpossible as begginer to setup every photos on the root homepage. http://sejacora.com.br/ as working on the theme preview MILA

I do need an step by step setup support in order to teach designers how to post new content



you site seams to be doing the same as on my live preview. Where do you exactly need help?

Sorry! i could find the demo xlm during the day after i contacted you!

Thanks for your reply!

Hello, the theme looks wonderful. I have several question before purchase it. Can you post some screenshots from the admin panel? Does it integrated Visual Composer or similar? It would be possible in the demo website, to access to the admin panel to take a look?

Thank you so much.

Can somebody help me? If not, I’m not sure to buy this item. Thank you.


please send me an email and I will send ou some screenshots (spabrice[]gmail.com)

Done. I already send to you an e-mail. Thanks

Hello Mila is working well, generally, and looks great…. www.emmabeddow.co.uk I have a huge wall with nearly 200 ‘bricks’!

Two queries which might apply to everyone:

(1) I need to change the Google map zoom (it’s too close in – we are based in the middle of the countryside and the map when it first shows is meaningless. Users have to pan out to see where we are. We need a wider area. Other themes, I’ve noticed, allow you to set a zoom level.

(2) The drop down Filter menu (called Gallery in my site) sometimes sticks open and you have to click the top to close it. Clunky – not as cool and slick and it should be! Why might this be happening and can it be fixed?

Thanks Dominic


please send me an email for better support to spabrice[]gmail.com

Hi, when using the search function, pages in the search results don’t load when clicked. Example: http://spab-rice.com/wordpress/mila/?s=shortcode How can I fix this please?

I’ll check this.

Please send me an email (spabrice[]gmail.com) and I will send you the fix as soon as possiblr.

Hi, how to change “www.mysite.com/portfolio/” on “www.mysite.com/photo/”

really need help.

How fix a bug?

Warning: Missing argument 3 for loadmore(), called in /var/www/user11292/data/www/picdag.ru/wp-content/themes/mila/single-portfolio.php on line 46 and defined in /var/www/user11292/data/www/picdag.ru/wp-content/themes/mila/theme-admin/functions/theme-general-features.php on line 59


I answered your mail.

I am having the same issue as moslem and a couple of other users. Does anyone have the solution to this? Thanks

What issue?

Hi there,

I am getting ready to use this theme for a project. Is there anyway I can integrate or customize my own audio player for this theme? Please let me know how to or where I can start. Thanks!

If you want to use your own player you would need to do major customizations to the theme. Unfortunaly I’m not available for any customizations. You need strong html/php/css/javascript knowledge

Ok can you at least give me a snippet of code for custom css to remove the volume bar from the audio player? That is all I would need please. Thanks


you’ll find the css for the custom audio/video player on files/jplayer/jplayer.css.

Hi there, I am thinking about buying your theme but I need to know whether it is possible to have multiple images for one item. On the demopage it looks like it is possible for the jellyfish item since there are arrows superimposed over the image, however nothing happens when clicking those. Not sure whether that is a bug or if there are just one image under that category.

The client I am designing the page for is really insisting on that function since they have a lot of material for each item so I am on the fence about buying now.



yes this function exists. What browser are you working on, because I checked it, and it is working nice on my end.

Strange, I tried on both Chrome and Firefox, will try on some other machine as well, might be something wrong at my end. Thanks

Hi – I like your theme and want to use it to show my portfolio of photos/images – like a photo portfolio, without text/titles etc. So I got a couple of pre purchase questions, if you dont mind….

1) I will only use images with portrait proportions (standing) – so my question is if the thumbnails is customizable so the grid will show standing images.

2) Most of my images will be white, so my question: can I use a black/dark background and add some room between the thumbnails, so the background will frame the thumbnails.

3) Most of my images/galleries will not have any text/title – is it possible to only have an image or a gallery.

4) Is it possible to hide or remove the category function? On the demo the category is showing on the thumbnails…

5) Can I modify the max width of a thumbnails? On the demo its 4 columns thats split in half to show the large image, I’m thinking of having 5 columns and only leave 2 columns to the large image.

Think thats it :)

Thanks in advance!


Sorry for the delay.

the size of my live preview is ‘medium’. the columns variates depending the screen size. So you can not definetely say “it will be 5 columns”. On a smaller screen it will be 4 columns. the thumbnails will apply to the sreen.

centering the logo probably will need some css customizations.

Cool about sizes and centered logo – but what about a menu in the footer? Will that be possible?

This is currently not possible

Hi – one more question: are you about to roll out a new update anytime soon? If you were, I might wait for it before I buy…

Gone a week now – can I expect a reply?

Updates for this theme will cover bugfixes. New features/options are not planned.

Okay – thanks!

The pre purchase questions are piling up… sorry for that. But here is one more:

I want the next/previous arrows on galleries to float – like on this adaption of your theme: http://www.thomaslartaud.com/portfolio/cks-site-boutique-flash/

Is that something you can help me with, or has the developer done that by own means?

Hi, almost a week now. I know I am a bit demanding, to say the least, but as I said in my comment above – I like to be prepared when I start working on a new theme :)


sorry for the delay. Oh, haven’t seen this yet. Yes this is a feature the developper did it himself.

Okay, will I have to turn to him for help, or can you assist with this feature?

Can you add shortcodes to the custom HTML in the Side Page Area?

Unfortunately not

Hi, I tried to change my header colour and some option like header Navigation/Menu Color but it’s seems not working.

I notice only one warning on browser’s console: event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. jquery.js?ver=1.10.2:4

i just running the last wordpress and the last Mila theme. http://www.albertomoncada.com/

Could you please help me ?


on the theme options you can choose a header color. this should work.

Is there anyway to add a search on navigation menu? If so where should I be changing the code?

Hello! I write because I have the same problem as some people, I think this error message occasionally.

Warning: Missing argument 3 for loadmore(), called in /customers/f/4/d/spab-rice.com/httpd.www/wordpress/mila/wp-content/themes/mila/single-portfolio.php on line 46 and defined in /customers/f/4/d/spab-rice.com/httpd.www/wordpress/mila/wp-content/themes/mila/theme-admin/functions/theme-general-features.php on line 59

Can you help me fix it please?



sorry for the delay. Please send me an email at spabrice()gmail.com if not done yet, I will help you.

Hi, I have a question. I have one portfolio item on my homepage wich I want to link direct to my (blog) page. Is this possible without a lot of coding?



unfortunately this is not possible for this theme.