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Is there a way to have the homepage grid be a masonry grid, even if I have to target each item with CSS? I need to create something like www.wendys.com and am interested to see if I could use your theme to have similar functionality. I would be interested in hiring you to help if need be.

Also, would I be able to have a page or post load when an item is clicked? I’m assuming the grid is made up of portfolio items.



sorry for the delay. unfortunately this is not possible. It would need major file customizations. Unfortunately I’m not available for any customizations.

Hi! I found annoying error when calling the page directly without going to the main. Error message displayed at the bottom page:


please send me an email at spabrice()gmail.com I will help you with this.

Thx 4 help, this error is no more! It would be great to add a new update to overwrite title when changing blog posts.

Hi, this theme is compatible only with Wordpress 3.4 or I can update Wordpress to the last version (3.8.1)?

You can update to 3.8

Pre-sale question. Could this be used as a user generated photo gallery? Users upload on front-end and display multiple galleries by shortcode or widget?


this would need ajor customizations.

Hi. I have lost dynamic thumbnails on the portfolio since updating to wordpress 3.8.1. can this be fixed?

Also just noticed ajax works fine when i preview a portfolio item post, but not when I view the portfolio item.

strange! its just started to work. Must have been cached! All solved.

All working fine with Wordpress 3.8.1 update.

Hello chap, a quick question. I have purchased this plugin. http://codecanyon.net/item/beforeafter-viewer-wordpress-plugin/242226

Works great, but i have a problem. if you view here its working fine! http://www.activstudios.com/portfolio/colin-mars/

But if you view http://www.activstudios.com/#colin-mars its not working, and this is how my site is viewed.

I contacted the plugin developer, and this is his response.

So what happens is .. my plugin needs to be trigger after content is loaded. Can you look inside your theme settings if there is an area where you can add scripts to be called, when page content is loaded? Maybe there is something like that. A textarea. If you find it.. add something like this in it:

jQuery(”.wpw-auto-init-ba”).wpwBAgallery(); WPW.ResizeEngine();

Could you advise where i add this?

Thanks in advance.


he’s right. The theme uses ajax, so the script must be initialised after the content has been loaded.

try to put this in script.js at line +- 410 ( below “function initialise(content) {” )

Many thanks for that! works great

Where do I add additional Google fonts? I want to use Montserrat for headings and it is not in the list and I can’t find the file where the fonts are listed. Thanks!

Never mind, I found it, options-panel.php.

Yes, it’s in the option-panel.php

Hi. Is there a code I can add to the accordion to keep it open as default?


unfortunately not.

I’ve been getting this error on my homepage only – Fatal error: Unknown: Cannot use output buffering in output buffering display handlers in Unknown on line 0

Tried to disable every plugin with no luck.


it’s an unknown error for me. Do you have a live preview? Please conatct me by email for better support at spabrice()gmail.com

Hallo, a pre-sale question: speaking of portfolio in the homepage, do you think that it’spossible, maybe with some changes in the javascript file, let items open like lightbox effect instead of on the left side? Buy the way, this theme is awesome. Thanks in advance for your reply.

just another question: is it possible to set for portfolio images different sizes like in the gallery (so thet they looks not in coulumns)?

I tried to make a contact page but I couldn’t control a size of google map. How can I do that? :)

Thank you in advance.


this is not possible. The size depends of the screensize. So it’s different for all visitors.

Hi, which files need to be replaced to upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4 :)


All major files, but I would recommend to replace all files, and just redo your customizations if some has been done.

Pre-sale questions. Could it be used as a Multi-Purpose theme? Is it possible to add more information on the header? I saw that it always divide the page 50/50, there are pages full-with?


This theme has been optimized as a portfolio/blog theme.

Awesome work! Is it possible to add the “Views” / “I like it” / “Comments” features in the Portfolio section, just like the ones in the Blog page?


comments can be enabled for portfolio. Unfortunately likes/views are not possible for portfolio items.

Hi! I just install theme MILA in WP 3.9 and get it failed with some ccs errors. Is It compatible with wordpress 3.9? I`m now trying downgrade to 3.8. Thanks.

I’m currently testing it.

Hello chap. Is there a way to display portfolio posts in a random order every time the page is loaded?

eg. query_posts(‘orderby=rand’); if (have_posts()) :

If so where and what do i need to change?

Thanks in advance


this would need some major customizations.

Hi, I’va just written you an email about a problem in every portfolio item:

Warning: Missing argument 3 for loadmore(), called in /web/htdocs/www.stefanolodovichi.com/home/wp-content/themes/mila/single-portfolio.php on line 46 and defined in /web/htdocs/www.stefanolodovichi.com/home/wp-content/themes/mila/theme-admin/functions/theme-general-features.php on line 59

Thanks for your help.


I answered your mail.

Hi. I sent you an email, i need a fix for “Warning: Missing argument 3 for loadmore()” error. Thanks.


I answered your email.

The theme has a conflict with the plugin Akismet v.3.0. Do not open the blog entries (eternal loading).

I’ll check this.

Hi, Great Theme! Do you have it in HTML5 version? (not wordpress) Do you have anything else that is like this? Thanks.


unfortunately this theme is only available for wordpress.