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how to disable share buttons on product page?

Hi, Facebook load depends server facebook so you can’t optimize it.

but what are they for? I could delete them without any problem? How can I do this?

We only add custom button in file app\design\frontend\Alothemes\milano\Magento_Catalog\templates\product\view\form.phtml other can use by default magento so I not sure delete them without any problem.

Hi, I’m interested in buying this theme. this version: http://demo.saharathemes.com/ma_sahara_multistore2/index.php/?___store=germany can i still install on magento 2.x ?? Thank you

Hi, I think you mistake our not have demo in link above.

When the customer fills in the order, does not display Shipping Address, can not let the customer fill in, what is the reason?

Hi, Checkout page slow because magento 2 use knockout js first load need load all file to your browser. This is the issue of magento 2 not our theme. You can config to default magento (Luma theme) will get same issue.


You’re welcome!

What u suggest to customize customer page?

You can find any file in customer page or any page and edit with this post: https://magecomp.com/blog/enable-template-path-hints-in-magento-2/

Hi, presale question: is it possible to have an attributes tab in the product page, next to the Description tab? We have a bike shop and specs are really important. Thanks!

Is the compatible with Magento Enterprise

Hi, Our theme is compatible with Magento Enterprise


nweihi Purchased

can you please refund me i need rtl support for magento 1.9 I just realized that after i made the purchase please , im sorry

Hi, If you not yet downloaded you can make a refund. You can read more policy refund here: https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy

Google Webmaster Tools prompts to miss: name, what should I do to solve this situation? thanks! https://magento.stackexchange.com/questions/263566/google-webmasters-structured-data-alert-product-schema-org-missing-name

I know but you please check the issue is of magento or our theme. note: You expired support please renew it.

Thanks very much. I have renewed the technical support, at the same time, submitted the ticket, there are problems need your help! Please check it in time!

ok, let me check.

I’m having problems with the minicart functionality because of the full page cache.

Do you have any suggestion?

Hi, You please create a ticket here https://alothemes.com/ticket/ and provide info we will check it for you.

My support code has expired and I would not like to pay the $60 for the next 6 months.

Is not there an option for less time?

Hi, You please create a ticket here https://alothemes.com/ticket/ we will provide for you more options.

hello guys, when did you update the theme for magento 1 as in change log it looks like you did it two years ago

Some lib js update new feature but we not use it in our theme so don’t need an update. If you like you can update yourself.

okay thanks

You’re welcome!

This is a presales question. can you suggest any magento ecommerce plugins that you know sit well with this theme? I want to fit a masonry gallery plugin. can you tell me any live sites using this theme?

Hi, You can refer extension gallery here:https://bsscommerce.com/blog/magento-2-gallery-extension-free/ Link live site example: https://www.cai-jewels.com/ https://supwatch.com/ or https://www.humblechic.com/

Hi, I am working on a client site with this theme. When I upload an image to the slider at 160k – the slider does something to it and uses an image filesize of 760k. I have to upload 54k images so they become 170k. Any way round this? I want to be able to upload 170k images that stay as 170k filesize. Thanks, Ewan

You don’t need to buy it. You should contact with your client and require get purchased as guide here : https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822600-Where-Is-My-Purchase-Code-

You go to file: app/design/frontend/alomilano/default/template/magiccart/magicslider/magicslider.phtml line 35 change with code: magicslider

Could you please confirm this theme will work Magento 2.3?

Hi, I confirm this theme work Magento 2.3 and latest version Magento 2.3.1

I can’t manage Magic Category. It seems bad.

help me!

Hi, You please refer guide here: http://docs.alothemes.com/m2/theme/milano/#sub635 . If you need help please create a ticket here https://alothemes.com/ticket/ and provide info we will support for you.

Hover for Product Image(custom) Please give me instructions on how to use this function.

Which version magento you using 1.x or 2.x?


Hover for Product Image(custom) Please give me instructions on how to use this function.