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hi guys, do you have an email i can contact you at?

Please send an email using the form here: http://themeforest.net/user/ShopShark

Hello mthemes, we receive your email, but maybe our re6ply it’s in the spam folder. I have just reply you a second time.

Thank You!

Very Nice Theme! :)

It’s very simple, every category can have different type of grid products, you can choose between single column layout to mosaic grid and their number directly on the CMS.

1. You must go in Catalog -> Manage Categories 2. Select the category -> on the right choose the 2nd Tab Display setting 3. Select the Single Column Layout to choose between Mosaic and the single column

Next: 4. In “Product Grid Mode” you can choose between 3/4/Mosaic View 5. In “Product Picture Format” you can choose between 4 types of grid format 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 1/2.

Please, let me know if you can find it.

Thank you guys, :) great support!, sorry i’ll be back with more questions soon. Do you have any ticketing system?

We don’t have a ticketing system, but you can send an email using the form here: http://themeforest.net/user/ShopShark

Hi, i want to purchase the theme but i have few question. i totaly both 5 theme in 1 week now but still can’t do what i both them for, i want to use the theme for a fashion news magazine, 1) is that possible to customize it so it looks like a news Fashion magazine like www.vogue.com , www.elle.com? specially the disposition of the article and layout.

2) is this possible to have a blog with the same layout?. 3) is it possible to use the shop feature for news purpose? 4) is this possible to deactivate the shop or use it ? 5) is there any possibilities to get help from you to customize it so that in that way? i’ll pay of course for help that not include in the support. 6) i real need help and will appreciate if you guys can help me with that i’m willing to pay whatever amount to get it done .

Best regard. CK

Hello Cantonak, please, could you send a message using this form http://themeforest.net/user/ShopShark , we will reply you a soon as we have all the answers. Thank you!

Hi Cantonak, 1. We will have a theme like this at the end of August 2. Very soon Milano will have their own blog, it’s in development now 3. This is a good idea we will add to our development 4. Yes you can deactivate, but without a blog the result will be really bad. 5. Right now we are over-saturated, but of course it depends on the customization 6. We can talk in the marketplace, but it’s better to wait for a theme that it looks more similar to the one you like, just to don’t invest money customizing something that it is already done.

Wow so good theme.

Thank you!

This is ridiculously good – i’m gonna buy it 1st Aug

Thank you!

Will this still work for 1.6?

Unfortunately Milano it’s working only with Magento 1.7x

Very Nice, i have a client that would like this. I’ll tell them about it.

Thank you!

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck :)

Thank you!

Great theme I’ve ever seen. I am considering purchase this theme. Do you offer PSD for banners? Or can I purchase it? Can I change the way of displaying description and review tabs on product detail page? (I like the way of showing review section under the product image)

For banner support, it is really great. Acutally I decided to purchase AVANTI theme but after I see this, I changed mind. But I like the product-tabs style of AVANTI. Also, can you please tell me some more details about your new theme of the end of August?

Before the end of August we will have at least 3 new themes, based on different styles, really focus on their products, for the one at the end of August what I know it will be for blog fashion, but it doesn’t depend on me.

Hello, sorry if i couldn’t be more precise (i am just the first line support) but i have just receive an answer from our design department. So, the next themes based on Milano framework will be for:

1. Man fashion + BNR animations / beta testing now 2. Teenager + BNR animations / beta testing now 3. High class electronics / it’ s in development now / we are building few extensions just for this theme. 4. Jquery scrolling + blog + brand extension x Milano / in development

Have just purchased the Milano theme and looks great. Except I have noticed there is some bugs when displayed on FireFox mac osx. Would you be able to apply a fix for these? (I have verified by going to your live demo site with firefox on the mac osx and the same issues exist.)

Thank you, I have just receive your email, please, could you be so kind to send me a print screen of the bug, this will be very helpful and will accelerate the solving process. Many thanks, indeed!

Sure, do you have an email address so I can send you the screenshot? Because from this comments page I can’t seem to be able to send a screenshot.

Sure, please send an email to support@shopshark.it Thank you!

Very nice work! Congrats : )

Thank you!

Nice, but some questions:

1. Can I have category page with sidebar (with categories list widget, choose the price and brands widget, advertising widget, etc.)

2. Can I have translator section on top menu?

3. Can I have icons of payment methods on footer?


Excuse me. I have some questions more:

1. Can I have ’’add to card’’ or ’’quick view’’ button on products of home page, slides and category list page? (always visible)

2. Can I have boxed wide of template with background?

3. Can I have color and size selectors on producte page?

4. Can I have the social icons (rss, twitter, facebook, pinterest, ...) on top menu (for example, on the right where ’’welcome’’ or to add links with words: facebook, linkedin, etc. ?


Hello, 1. Yes you can, but it need some rework and it depends on your products design send me your design idea directly on support@shopshark.it and I’ll get back to you with the reply later tomorrow.

2. The template has already this function but it is disable now because we were thinking about a special design for both the version especially for the boxed, just to don’t put the same background taken from a wallpaper website we would like to give some idea too. We think to add this directly on the CMS tomorrow I’ll know m, the background it’s already available with color or image + BG options

3. Yes, you can have color and size selector in the product page, the theme it’s already configured to show them on the right column after the text.

Please check this: http://milano.shopshark.eu/shoes/cool-shoes-1.html

4. Yes you can, this i s an option we were discussing with the development team a couple of weeks ago and it’s quite simple, we will build one for the Milano theme before the end of this week. The only issue is that we cannot use the font icons because the icons contains too many vector paths and will look ugly in small dimension. We were thinking to use raster images and the option with text will be available. Just let me know when you buy and we will set up the custom block for you.

Ciao! “hasta luego”

Hello , it looks great theme and i want to ask question about adding a product procedures i mean do you already have them configured like product code , description , colour fields etc.. , thanks!

Sorry globbiz2k, You can import the products into the store using CSV, one thing must be taken in consideration, the CSV should have the default Magento loading profile.

A lot of times the reason for the unsuccessful import is the difference between the format of the CSV data in the file and the one that the default Magento import profile expects.

The real procedure is: 1-login to your admin panel and go to system > import/export > profiles.

2-Now click on the import all product

3-choose upload file and select your CSV file and press continue and edit .

4-After that click on the “Run Profile” and select the imported file .

5-finally click on the run profile in Popup simple but the main problem came when your CSV doesn’t match with the magento CSV format.

A simple system to match your CSV with Magento is:

Step 1 – Add a new product manually (It’s important that you fill out all fields that you know you are going to need for all the products you import.)

Step 2 – Export Your Products Go to System >> Import/Export >> Profiles. Now click on Export All Products then Run Profile. Click on the “Run Profile in Popup” button. Once the export is completed, go to your var/export directory on your Magento install and you will find the .csv file there for you to download.

Step 3 – Analyze The .CSV File Now if you look at your .csv export file you will see the field names that you need to match up. Now just start filling yours in and creating your csv file ready for import. This step is extremely important. Otherwise Magento cannot match what you are trying to import and the importing will fail. At a most basic level, here are the fields that I imported:

Step 4 – Import Your New .CSV File Now go to System >> Import/Export >> Profiles. Now click on Import All Products. Change “Type” under Data Format to CSV/Tab Separated. Now click on Upload File, and browse for your .csv file and click “Save and Continue Editing”. Now go to “Run Profile” and select your file from the dropdown menu. Click the button underneath to run the import.

Thank you for the prompt answer thats pretty enough to see how to handle importing products.

One last questions i would like to ask , i could notice that loading of products and other pages is extremely fast on demo store.I want to ask if its about the template improvements and optimizations or its about the server of your choice ? If its about the servers , after we buy the template could you help us to setup magento in order to have such loading speeds? I am willing to pay for your consulting if its needed.Best Regards.

Hello globbiz2k, It always depends on 3 factors.

1. Fast Theme 2. Fast Server 3. Optimized CMS

Our theme it’s really optimized we spent 30% of our day time improving the theme speed. In Milano framework we reduced the calls to the server of an half compared with Avanti. Next, we will minified automatically the CSS and we will improve the Magento caching with a real cache of the category pages too.

The servers are ours, we spent around $35000 to build the whole system, and it’s just optimized for Magento, we do not accept simple websites, we just accept our themes also because we integrated automatic system that checks during the night if the client has forgot to clean the cache and we do it for him automatically.

We try not to include a lot of customizations in the CMS (already inside Magento) because these slow down the all server, it’s simple to do it but we prefer not to. If you buy our theme we can give you 1 month free hosting (value $49) to test your theme, the installation it’s free of charge.

Best regards.

how hard will it be to have a Language box next to the currency box and also have the words language and currency next to the box


Hello Bommer, Milano framework it’s build in blocks and the code customization it’s really fast and easy. If you decide t buy the theme, tomorrow the second line support will get back to you with the fix you need. Please, just send an email directly to support@shopshark.it with a short description. Thank you!

Ciao, i have purchase the theme and i’m still waiting about our mail discussion :) some question. 1) i’m wondering about language and currency is it possible to have the Swedish and all scandinavia currency and is it possible to add language French, Swedish ?

Ciao!, happy to hear that. Sure, you can add the French and the Swedish languages, about all Scandinavia currencies i have to check and I’ll back to you tomorrow with all the answers. Talk to you soon. Ciao!

Yes, that is all possible. Please check this guide: http://inchoo.net/ecommerce/magento/adding-a-new-language-in-magento/



You need just the part on the settings in the admin panel (choosing the currencies and choosing the rate retrieval method). All the coding is already done in Milano…

gr8 theme ,, i want ask if it support rtl lang ,, also this theme is a multi story theme ?! thanks :)

Thank you, unfortunately Milano doesn’t support RTL, but i know it is in the plan and it will be available in one of our next updates.

Milano is not MultiStore ready, it’s a functionality simple to implement because our framework is really expandable but unfortunately for now we don’t have such feature on our CMS.

hi ,, how you guys do multi story in the demo site ((http://milano.shopshark.eu/?___store=flowers)) and ((http://milano.shopshark.eu/?___store=clothing)) can i do the same with my site<< also if i want upload diffrent background for example one background for the footer and the second for the header and outher background for the body ,, is that possible ,, thanks and sorry for my poor English :)

Yes you can of course, but the default settings of magento has just 1 one store, so after you can build all the other stores manually. I suggest you to wait for the next release were the quick start package is available and you will have all the stores already installed.

I will send you a message when the quick start package is available on the release.

In detail of product. Tab review cannot show in mobile version. Please check!

thank you kimirener, we are going to check and fix it.

Actually it does not show the form to send a review. If there are already approved reviews they are going to be displayed. But since it looks strange for you we are going to rework this part in the next updates…


I really, really like this theme and am very much looking forward to buying it…

Just a couple of things – on the front/main page, is it possible for the Shopping cart counter on the very top right show the number of items in the cart, not the cash value? This is typical format for more upmarket/classier e-commerce shops.

Likewise, on the front/main page, where you have the beautiful dresses under “Newest products” is it possible to customise the page so that their prices are not showing on the main page, but only after click-through and/or mouseover? Again this is better for e-commerce sites selling high-end products.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Hello tmarche, yes for both, (Shopping Cart and Prices), we can adapt the shopping cart in the position you like and change the price visibility with the mouse over, but we have to modify the code for you.

Please, email us to support@shopshark.it and I’ll send your request to the second line support, so they will get back directly to you.

Thanks a lot for your quick response, that’s good to know. I’ll buy the theme first before getting in touch with Support. Thanks

Hi guys just another question…

If I want to outsource a telephone customer service in connection to this e-commerce site, is there a way of integrating a backend to the site so a customer service rep can look into orders, etc? I am a newbie at backend so please be patient with my questions.

Thanks in advance again for your response.

Hi, I really don’t know a good extension for this, I will check and get back to you.