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Hi, Love the theme, but I wanted to hire someone to customize the product description tab. Do you folks do that type of work, or know someone who does? Thanks.

Thank you, unfortunately we are very busy for the next couple of months.

It is possible to insert a link page in the menu ?

It is possible to insert a Blog page in the menu


Yes it is possible. In the admin panel of the theme you have an option to add one additional link: “Additional Navigation Link“ and “Additional Navigation Link Url“.

If you need more, you can do that by adding new static block named custom_menu_1, custom_menu_2 etc /you can add up to 10/.

Hi, I need to change background color of home slider (revolution slider), where in the code can I do this?

Hello, the revolution slider background is an image, or could be also empty. simply you can just go in:

1. CMS -> slideshow items 2. Add new slider 3. Upload an image with the bg color you need.

Hi danlandrigan, I saw your post now, I can help you in modifying product description tab. you can contact me via vwsol75@gmail.com


Thank you!

please i need the custom_menu1 block code , i lost the code .

Hi, do you mean to add new ‘Product_custom_html’ static block?

no i mean this ‘custom_menu_1’ i lost the standard code and his empty code , i cant find the code of the block

Hello, please send an email and we will get back to you with the code. Regards,

Hi, Does it supports left to right language ? Like Hebrew? Can we have this theme for test before we buy ?

Hi, at the moment it is not possible, but we will have that in mind for some of our next releases, thank you for your feedback

Hi Team,

Is there any way i can fix the following page speed issue

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

Please copy and paste the below url in the address bar.


Hello gudipudi, sorry but we are quite busy right now with our new hosting company. I already spoke ith the IT guys they will get back to you soon.

will anyone get back to me please ?

Hello gudipudi,

Here are few considerations on this issue: 1. You cannot move the CSS outside the header because the website will look broken in the first moment. 2. All our jQuery code is done in a non blocking manner (using anonymous functions) and they are actually not parsed during initial load, but when they are called later (most of them when the DOM is loaded). 3. You cannot move the original scripts of Magento made on Prototype, because some of them will break.

Or, to wrap it up, you don’t need to do that. There will be minimal speed benefit, if any, and you need to spend hours and days trying to move some of the JS code to be loaded just before . Google page speed insights are generally good, but there is more than one way to achieve the same. In this case:

- make sure the JS and CSS is combined, if so, there will be just two more files in the header to load (only two more HTTP requests). These files are also cached in the browser. - Non blocking style of all the jQuery code – the code is parsed when needed.

Hi team,

Could you please tell me where the ‘Order Confirmation’ default email is located? As well as the other email defaults such as ‘Shipping Confirmation’.


Sorry, its not a page on my site. Its the email that is sent to customers once they have ordered a product.

The email reads:

Hello, Example

Thank you for your order from Example Website. You can check the status of your order by logging into your account. If you have any questions about your order please contact us at support@example.co.uk or call us at Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm PST. Your Invoice #900000001 for Order #900000001

(I would like to remove the text: “or call us at Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm PST”.)


The template is here:


Let us know if you need anything else.

Thank you

It is possible to insert a Blog page in the menu?

Hello, sorry but do you mean to insert a link in the main menu to link directly on your blog page?

Yes, it it possible, send an email to support@shopshark.it and we will get back to you with the how to.

Hello! I’m having some important questions. Help me, please.

1. Mega-style menu at me active. I can not install a mega drop-down menu on the two or three columns. I have a lot subcatagories for each parent catogory. Thus, mega menu seems one menu widely used standard. That is on the menu immediately open all categories of products.

But I really need to appear in the menus – Category – parent subcategory products. Subcategories subcategory should not be displayed in the pop-up menu. That is: the menu item “for women” category “Clothing” – parent subcategory “dress”, “shirt”, “pants” – but will not be displayed subsidiaries subcategory “evening dress or casual.” How to set up it?

2. In addition, in the left pane, I want to keep blogging Browse by category that you browse a particular menu item, you can return to any of the product categories on the left and see all the internal menus. Is that possible? Something like an additional menu to the left.

I hope very much for your help. thank you…

Hi, could you please send us your admin panel log in details and your purchase code please to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) so we can check that out? Also please include the issues above into the e-mail, thank you.

Dear customers,

Due to a high volume of requests and developing work in regards to the new theme features and hosting support we kindly inform you that our extra customization support is closed for the next month.

In case of customization support need please contact a developer / freelancer who can assist.

We are still covering the main bug issues and questions regarding normal theme functionality.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards ShopShark Team

Hello ShopShark,

I would like to buy your theme but there is one thing I need to know before I pull the trigger. Can I have two languages like English and Swedish? Does it support other languages? Thank you.

Hello, yes our theme support both this languages, right now the language link it is just tun it off. When you need it, please just send an email to support@shopshark.it and we will turn it on. Soon we will add the languages directly on the admin panel.

I have installed the theme using the Normal Install instructions. Once I have refreshed the cache and logged back in, however, the ShopShark section does not appear on the configuration page. Help please!

Hi, please send us your details for log in to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) so we can check that out. Thanks

Hi Team,

I have added Facebook and Twitter icons to the home page via the ‘footer_social’ static block. I have linked both to my sites social media pages. The twitter icon works fine but the Facebook icon, when clicked brings me to my personal Facebook account (the one that I am logged in with) instead of my websites Facebook page. Do you know how to stop this from happening?

I have tried to link the icon to my websites Facebook page simply by using the link button and entering the URL of my websites Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mywebsitename


Hi, this issue might be because you have an opened FB account on the devise you clink on website FB icon. Please double check if all details are correct /for your website FB account/. Then log out from your personal FB account and clink on FB icon, is it still the same? If yes, please send us your admin panel details to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) so we can check that, thanks.


we’ve purchased this great Theme and are very satisfied.

Now we want to make a 3 column Footer.

On left footer is the Newsletter and on the right footer is the Twitter and Facebook, but we want to put some content on the middle. Do you have any solution for us?

Thanks a lot for your help

Where do I find the purchase code?

Hello, you can find the purchase code in:

1. Go to “Downloads” tab in your ThemeForest account.

2. Click download button and choose “Licence Certificate” from dropdown.

3. Open Certificate file and copy purchase code.

Hello, sent you an email with purchase code. Thanks for you help

Hi, i want to put brands slider up, just after main slider.


Hello, please send an email to support@shopshark.it with your purchase code and we will get back to you soon.

I have the same problem as cagolfcenter with the revolution slider on the homepage. New added slides are not showing in the frontend.

I can upload the default white background image at ‘main image settings’, and the PNG file is added tot the webserver, but after saving the slide the slider puts a link with slashes and backslashes, like this:


In the frontend the slider ignores the newly added slide.

Hello, please send an email to support@shopshark.it with your purchase code and admin panel details and we will get back to you soon.

Hi I am planning to purchase your theme. Could you please let me know if I could change the size & type of font on all pages. Thanks

Hello, you can change the size and type of font using the css, in the next major update we will have the possibility to change the fonts directly in the admin panel.

Hi Guys, I purchased this module a few months back & absolutley love it. I have just seen the new widgets & features how can i get these??

Hello, you have to download last theme version and overwrite the file, please just send an email to support@shopshark.it and on Monday we will get back to you with more information.

The customer support it’s closed for the weekend. We’ll be back answering queries on Monday

Have a nice weekend!

ShopShark Team :)