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Milano 1.5.4 Uploaded

- Improved caching of the Blog

- The image on the product page now respects the image aspect ratio setting for the category

- On the product of the day product page associated products now have image

- Fixed update cart button for Magento 1.8.1

Hi Are there future plans to have “quick View” and AJAX price slider in the theme?

Hi, at the moment we have planed another features, but we can try to add that in further releases.

Hi It would be nice to add price slider and to have “Quick View” in the centre of picture on mouse over and not in the box.


i intend on editing the PSD file and would like to have the font used in milano shop shark..

i tried the files already were attached with zip but it seems to have an error..

can you please send me the fonts?

Hello, we used novecento e textgyre font you can download them for free from fontsquirrel.com. You need to install the fonts and after open the PSD file.


Is Milano 1.5.4 uploaded? At Last Update I see 21 January 14. And the downloaded files are marked with 1.5.3.

Thank You

it’s all right now. thank you


I have moved description tabs etc down underneath the gallery. Next to the gallery link at the top, how can I add a link to take my down to the description beneath the gallery??


Hi, could you please send us your admin panel log in details and purchase code to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) and we will get back to you with information about your request, thank you.


On your demo website on quick view, product price, availability & product details are not showing. Can this be done or is it planned in next upgrade?


Hi, at the moment we have planed another features, but we can try to add that in further releases.

Hello, I purchased Milano theme for Magento, I need the 1.8.1 version. apparently I downloaded the 1.7. Where can I find the 1.8.1 version?

Hi, into our package two versions of Magento are available as quick installer – 1.7.2 and 1.8.1. Once you download the package you will find them inside the file.

Hi Is it possible to have “Sale” and “New” label on the top corner of the product images? And also can I show MRP (as crossed) and the “You Save” value on the product page?


Hi, yest that is possible. Unfortunately it is not available from the admin panel but it is object of customization work. If you are not sure how to make it, we recommend to contact a developer / freelancer who can assist, as our customization support is closed for the next month.

Hi there

I would like on the product page the product description (Product Tabs) under the photo place (currently it is over the photo)

Which file is responsible for this?

which entries determine the position?

It’s about … Gallery / Product Description / Reviews / Tags

Best friendly Regards

Hi, could you please send us your request + your purchase code to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) and we will get back to you with the code you need to use for that? Thank you

Hi i need to resize the slides in slideshow to 980px wide but its not happening even if i change it in configuration its still fully wide as size of window

Hi, you need to change the width here:


If the issue still exist please send us an e-mail to support@shopshark.it with your admin panel log in details. Also please include a description of the issue, thank you.

it has resized but aligned to left not in centre ?

Where can the manual be found for the revolution slider?

Hi, you have a documentation .pdf file into the .zip file you have downloaded when purchased the theme. There is an instructions about the rev slider inside.

Let us know if you need anything else.

I looked inside of the Documention.pdf file (I even did a keyword search) and there are no instructions on how to use the Revolution Slider. Is there a separate instructions manual hidden elsewhere?

Hi, all the instructions are in the .pdf file mentioned above.

However, just for example take a look at this manual:


It might be useful for some general customization.

I hope that will help.

I have “Use Cloud Zoom For Product Images” enabled but it does not seem to be working.

Hi, one of the possible reasons is if you have an old theme version. Please update to the last version if you are using an old one as otherwise you will not have the last features of the theme.

If the issue still exist please send us an e-mail to support@shopshark.it with details about the issue and your admin panel log in details, thank you

Hi, i’m thinking of purchasing this theme, but I also like features of Avanti. Is it possible to have the mosaic category block (with text) within the Milano theme? And can I change the position of the header logo? I don’t want my store logo in the centre.

Sure, just send the purchase code to support@shopshark.it and we will get back to you.

Found the problem myself: if I set Use Web Server Rewrites to NOthe pages will load, but still there are no images provided in the quick start file 1.5.4

Hello, i am so sorry but themeforest doesn’t allow anyone to provide product images inside the package.

Hello, I purchased this theme and installed on host server – however the site is really slow on the current host and I will like to change the host. Can I move this to a different host without having to purchase another license?

Hi, of course you can, after you change your hosting company you will need to migrate your website only, no need to install it again /unless you want to/.

Let us know if you need anything else.

I do not see database or sql file atatched in it . In first install i wanted to have exact look with dummy data like in demo.

but without sql file it can not be aciieved.

Hi, where you do not see DB or sql? Please specify, as I am afraid I do not understand your idea. Thank you.


Can you help me with the follow:

We don’t want on the product page the review and description open with the overlay over the picture but under the media gallery. Is it possible?

Hello, yes it is possible, just send an email to support@shopshark.it and we will get back to you.

Hi I’ve just purchased the theme. Could you please tell me how to make footer background black or any other colour (like themeforest webpage footer). Thanks

Hi, you can achieve this by modifying the css code. Since it is customization support, please bare in mind that our is closed for the next month so we recommend you to contact a developer/freelancer who can assist you with that.

Thank you for your understanding.

Hi, love the theme but a small problem. Sidebars at my page show with transparent background, but the background is set to solid color… How to fix it?


sorry, wrong theme :)

Hi, Love the theme. Had 1 question before I buy. The gallery images on a product page, will it support more then 3? I can sometimes have 10 images per product. Thanks.

Hello, yes of course it can support more than 10 products.

Hi ShopShark, Can you help me make logo from the left, not in the middle


Hi, please send us your request along with your purchase code to our email (support@shopshark.it) and we will get back to you with instructions, thank you.