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@Pandorium ..... logo from the left


625 ….. /* Logo */

626 ….. .header .header-logo { text-align: center; margin: 30px 0 15px; }


line 626 ...... .header .header-logo { text-align: center; margin: 23px -380px; }

23px -380px only example … they must adapt to their logo

for test use firebug

amateur path? Probably is not updateable?


I installed Magento 1.8.1 on my server. Afterwards the template. No I saw the SQL Database is different. There is minimum one different spreadsheet. How it comes ?

Thanks for your response !

Hi, it is normal to have different DB spreadsheets, becuase once you install the theme it add dome new tables during the process.

Let us know if you have an issues with the theme by sending us an e-mail to support@shopshark.it, thank you.

Hello Shopshark,

I would like to connect my Twiiter with my website. So that when i click the Twitter button at the bottom of the website, that i will redirect to my Twitter account.

Twitter gives me this code (this has to be paste in the HTML of my website):

>Tweets van @ChiaraChic_NL <script>!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?’http’:’https’;if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src=p+

Where do i have to paste this code? System -> Configuration -> Milano options -> Share Code?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, it depends on where you wish the Twitter to be shown on your page.

On our demo it is here:


This way it will be shown on the footer of the page.

Can you please provide documentation for the Revolution Slider as it pertains to your theme?

Instruction included in the package lead to a dead link, and official documentation does not appear compatible with your implementation.

Thank you, Michael

Hi, could you please send us this request by e-mail so we can send you the documentation, our e-mail is support@shopshark.it? Thank you

Hi Can we have Shopper theme style zoom out “Add to Cart” process rather than confirmation popup asking to “Continue Shopping”/ “View Cart”. This popup is also doesn’t fit on iPhone 4s. I think this will add another good customer experience to this theme. Thanks

Hi, we believe this can be achived, but it needs a modification work. We will check the pop up issue as well, thank you for the feedback.

Hi, I just bought your theme and proceeded to a quick installation. My questions :

1- For customer, how to communicate with you and your team for support ? Which channel is the most efficient for us ?

2- I installed the theme using the quick procedure. There is no product, neither categeory. Is it normal ? Do I missed anything ? please see : www.dev.rosedesbois.com/cosmologie

3- I would like to enlarge a little bit the area dimension dedicated for the logo. how to do that ?

4- In your installation guide, you don’t explain how to install a second language and how to make appearing the list box to choose language and currency which missing in the them. Please advise.

Many thank in advance for your reply gilles


Thank you for your comments and questions.

In regards to your first question – you can contact us anytime on support@shopshark.it.

We will appreciate if you send all other questions by e-mail so we can send you deatils and answers/instructions.

Please incluse your purchase code into your e-mail, thank you.

Hi. I am very impressed with your theme (the look and load times are sublime). I have been testing your demo in various mobile browsers with a view to buying this week, but I have come across one concern. In Chrome for IOS 7, the Ajax infinite scroll does not appear to work (on your product search results page, nor the blog). How can this be overcome? Best Regards.

Thanks we know.

Thanks for the fast response. I hope you can provide a fix in an upcoming update, or many Chrome users out there will be disappointed. Keep up the good work.

Thank you, will do our best

Hi your theme is really nice i want to install it on my existing website can i do that.

Hi, yes you can do that. Please send us your request by e-mail on support@shopshark.it plus information what kind of theme do you use at the moment and we will get back to you with deatils how you can install the theme. Thank you

Hi, i have sent you an email with all details can you please let me know how it is possible.

Thank you

Thank you for your details, we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Love the theme!

Before purchase may I ask if this theme is multi-store ready? I want to set up a multi-store with 2 websites on my magento. Can I reflect that on the front-end like in www.carters.com /http://www.oshkosh.com/ and www.gap.com ??

If you see the top bar it has the different brands on the header. Can this theme do the same?


Hi, yes, the multi-store option is available for out theme. The first example you mention is by default, but the second and third ones need customization, however still available.


Love the theme!

Before purchase may I ask if this theme is multi-store ready? I want to set up a multi-store with 2 websites on my magento. Can I reflect that on the front-end like in www.carters.com /http://www.oshkosh.com/ and www.gap.com ??

If you see the top bar it has the different brands on the header. Can this theme do the same?



1. Yes Magento is multi-store ready by default 2nd./3rd Yes you can but you need to customize it a little.

Best, Angel

Hi Angel,

That sounds great. May I know if you guys will be able to provide me with instructions if I send in an email request to support@shopshark.it ? Another question would be if this theme allows for a combined checkout system on multi-store.

Many thanks once again! :)

Hi, there is a documentation included into the file you will download once you buy the theme with instructions. If you ask about the customization job, unfortunately our customization support is closed for the next month due to a high volume of work over the new theme features and hosting requests and we recommend for any kind of customization to contact a developer / freelancer who can assist.

However our support in regards to an issues with the normal functionality of the theme or bugs are open and we are ready to help.


please see on my demo website : http://dev.rosedesbois-kid.com/cosmologie/whats-new/robe.html

i) issue on product page : Fatal error: Call to a member function getFrontend() on a non-object in /home/rosedes1/devparis/cosmologie/app/design/frontend/default/milano/template/catalog/product/view.phtml on line 44

Q: How to fix this ?

2- About currency management : I have more than 2 currency per language (ex: english / eur-gbp-chf-usd) : how to show all currency per shop ?

At now, only 2 choices per shop…

Please advise gilles

Hi, please incluse the issues above into the e-mail we have asked you to send us for your previous comment. Thank you a lot.

There are no clear instructions how to setup “style of the day” .Theres no clear instructions how to have main menu linked as the categories are not showing up in menu. highly disappointed.

Hello, these are basic Magento functionality, cannot be covered in a documentation. To set the main menu as category:

- main menu linked as the categories

1.st you have to select or create a new category

2.nd on the the right tab “General Information” at the end of the page “Navigation Menu *” = YES

- “style of the day”

1.st you must build a product = grouped

1. Catalog -> Manage Products -> Add Product

2. Product Type = “Grouped product” -> Continue

3. At the end of the left column select “Associated Products”

4. Select the products you’d like to add to teh grouped one.

I hope this is enough.

Best, Angel

Hi, we are really sorry you feel disappointed but hope you will understand that it is very difficult to make full step by step quide, as it will be quite heavy as a file. Instead of this we are here to help and most of the time it is very useful for the clients as they might have a specific issues which we can solve better. Thank you for your understanding.

Now please find the steps for ‘Style Of The Day’ below and in case you have any troubles or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on support@shopshark.it, by sending us e-mail we can me much more detailed. Thank you.

1. Create a category named “style of the day”. Any other name will work too. You might want to hide it from the main menu by changing Include in Navigation Menu -> No in the General Information tab when editing the category. Remember the category ID (which is in brackets just after the category name when editing the category).

2. Fill the category with grouped products that are going to be your “styles”.

3. In the Milano configuration, in Home Page Options tab, enable the Style Of The Day block and put the category ID from step 1 in “Category for style of the day”.

4. Save, refresh the cache.

Hi, What’s the font for the word “MILANO” on the logo. Thank you.

Hi, we use Didot font which we modified for the theme.

Where may I get the font?

where can i edit text additional information on product page ? thanks

Hi, you can edit it here:

Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes

I have a problem installing the Quick_start files. If I follow the instructions the home page loads with banners and categories, but when I open a category I get a 404 not found error. On admin side I can see and edit the categories and products, but they don’t show up on the frontend. I refreshed caches several times, reindexed and log in and out, but still the same problems. I tried it on 2 different computers but with the same results.

I already sent you an email this morning with details, but I’m running this on localhost, so no login possible from outside.

Hi, without these deatils unfortunately we are not able to check and help. You might contact a local developer / freelancer who can assist or once the login from outside is available contact us and send them for a check, thank you

Found the problem myself: if I set Use Web Server Rewrites to NO the pages will load.

Hi. I’ve noticed that when accessing your demo from mobiles, the mobile edition of your site is not being served (it’s just the standard desktop edition that’s displayed). It’s not an issue with the mobile browser (settings have been checked) as accessing demo sites from other providers (through mobile) delivers the mobile edition. So why is this happening with your site? Thanks in advance.

Hi, thank you for your comment, we will check that as soon as possible.

whiteweazel21 is correct. I closed the Themeforest menu bar at the top, and the mobile edition now appears. So problem is solved.

Hello, when I try to go to the blog page directly, “www.example.com/blog”, I get the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘else’ (T_ELSE) in \app\design\frontend\default\milano\template\blog\blog.phtml on line 53

I am working off of a localhost, however everything else seems to be working with no glitches. I can even view the individual posts, /blog/sample, but get that error for the main blog page.


Re;jsoares333, if he didn’t close the Themeforest menu bar at the top, it does load the full page vs mobile, on a mobile. If you press X it should load the mobile version.

Also, as a feature request – It would be nice to have an option to enable the blog, but not have the block itself show on the homepage.

More layout options would be nice as well, for those who do keep it on their homepage. I am not a fan of the current layout, two flat images on either side.

Hi, usualy we make a check to see where th issue come from, but if you use local host we suppose there is no log in deatils you can send us? If so – please contact local developer/freelancer who can assist ot once you can provide deatils for access contact us by e-mail (support@shopshark.it).

Also thank you for the feature suggestion we will have it in mind for some of the future releases.


Standard you deliver the facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. icons in the social footer. How do i get the Instagram icon in the social footer?

Thanks in advance.

I already solved it myself.

Is it possible to remove the “Continue shopping” pop-up?

Hi, yes it is possible, please send us your admin panel log in deatils and purchase code to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) and we will get back to you, thank you.


I have added measurements as an attribute but when i load on the product page, it shows “Additional Information” with a click down to reveal the sizes. How can i change the words “Additional Information” to “Measurements”?

I would also like to include another “Additional Information” box to show “Return policy”

How can i do so?


Hi, yes it is possible, please send us your admin panel log in deatils and purchase code to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) and we will get back to you, thank you.