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Hello! May I ask you for link of livedemo product with video? I have an issue with video in Milano in our store – I just want to see how it works in your demo. Thank you.

Hi, once you open the demo, you should open ‘Clothing’ store and some of the products in ‘Newest’ category have a video demo


Hello. I have an issue with the slider iosSlider. My site is RTL and the slider is not functional right. Do you have a solution for this? Thanks.

Hi, yes it is possible, please send us your admin panel log in deatils and purchase code to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) and we will get back to you, thank you.

Thanks. Small question, will it fix all the sliders on the site? include style of the day?

Thank you for your e-mail, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Hi, when you go to the category the product is included in, choose ‘Display Settings’, then ‘Product Picture Format’. Please have in mind that this setting will be set for all images in the relevant category.

If you ask about a specific image please send us a request plus your admin panel log in deatils and purchase code to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it), thank you

Hello, where exactly do you need this in the category or in the product page? For the product page is quite simple and need some changes in the css file, for the category page could be done directly in the css, there are 3 measures already set-up.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I will have to check this out after I get my theme loaded. I am now having problems loading my template. Please help with my latest comment…


I am very interested to purchase this theme. Absolutely love the layout and design. Would like to make some enquiries before buying though. Are there any social media integration with this theme? Facebook, Instagram etc. Will need these features for my online store.

Also, will it be possible to set up a multistore with a combined checkout?

Hope to hear from you soon! Can’t wait to get started asap. :) Thanks!

Wonderful stuff. Possible to put the different shops right next to each other instead of them being under a drop down bar?

So at the top, instead of it looking like Store1 v EUR v About us Blog ….

Can I make it look like this:

Store1 Store2 Store3 EUR v About us Blog…

That should be my last question. Thank you so much for being so patient. :)

Yes of course this is a small customization, when you are ready with the multi-store just send an email to support@shopshark.it and we will get back to you with the fix.

Sounds great. Thanks for the help! Will definitely recommend your themes to my friends. They’re looking for themes which are being constantly updated and provide timely, gd support.

Hello, I think I may have found a bug with the slideshow configuration.

Under CMS>Slideshow>Action>Edit>Main Image Settings -There is no button which adds the background code to the “Slide Content”. If you try to replace the default background and saving, the background that was there in the sample disappears. Now, even if you paste existing sample code from another slide, it will not work since there is no background image. Using img source does not work.

Please add the correct button to add background images, or at least tell me which div name I can use to put a plain background image in.

Hello, i am sorry but the Button which add the background code in the slide content is not in the main image settings but at the end of the “content and captions” page where the “Slide content” box is situated.

I just test right now and it is working perfectly.

Hi. You mentioned above that Milano has integrated the addthis extension http://www.addthis.com/. I’m wondering whether it would work in mobile viewing mode, and if so, do you have any example sites to show? Regards.

Hi, I am having problems loading the template onto my MAGENTO. I have done all steps for quick install as in your PDF documentation, but am not able to get to the 4th step to access the installation via my URL. http://sgp9.siteground.asia/~thesuns6/

I ran through your help for previous comments and found this in your reply to pablohmiguel. A new step.

3. Delete all the files in your website root folder.

May I know if this is required? Is it dangerous and do I seriously delete ALL the existing files in my website root folder?? I did not load any theme/template prior to this. Yours is the first I am trying out.

Please help! Thank you!

Hello, please send an email to support@shopshark.it with the siteground login + pwd and we will fix the issue for you, for sure something went wrong during the installation.

Best, Angel

I’ve got issue with a configurable product. I’ve created configurable product with 2 parameters – size and color. And I found that second options is not working on product pages – there is no <option> with defined options inside of <select> tag (wrapped by <dd style=”last”>. So when I set “color” to be “last” parameter, “color” is not working. And when I set “size” as” “last” parameter, it is not working too. Please help me with that.

Hi, please send us your admin panel log in details and purchase code to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) so we can check that out, please include your issue as well, thank you.

Hi, A configurable product with multiple images loses it’s aspect ratio when change between images. How do i fix this ? thanks. Send you a email also

Hi , thank you for your e-mail we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where can I manage the homepage blog side bar images on right and left not seeing this?

Hi, please go here:

CMS -> Static Blocks -> Home Page Blog Block Left Callout / Home Page Blog Block Right Callout

Hi Shop Shark, I can’t seem to find out how to edit the “sign up for newsletter” portion.. may I know where is it kept?

Also, for the bar on “free local delivery… 24 hour support etc” is it possible to move it up the homepage to the top below the slider?


Hi, please send us your admin panel log in details and purchase code to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) so we can check that out, please include your issue as well, thank you.


I get this ERROR after a fresh installation : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘else’ (T_ELSE) in C:\xampp\htdocs\app\design\frontend\default\milano\template\blog\blog.phtml on line 53

on a fresh installation….

I have seen other posts about this toppic, but an upgrade to the ,newest version does not seem to solve the problem.

Please help.



Hello Renzo, we are going to check and get back to you.

Hello, here is what to do:

Open the file and around line 47 change:

<? if($_pinterest): ?>
<?php if($_pinterest): ?>

Save and reupload. This fix is included in the upcoming minor release tomorrow.

1.The website runs really slow, unlike your demo do you maybe know why? 2. when I want to print invoice I get to error page 3. in there anyway to comunicate with you private?

Thank you

1. What do you mean when you say optimized magento hosting ? 2. How do I add a blog page ?

Plus I have new problem Pay Pal is sending me mails that there is some problem with IPN? however I am using pay pal express check out? do you know what is the problem ?

Both of the options you said were Yes. ... How can I print invoices? Why when I send mail to client it flatten the lines and don’t enter my enters? the mails don’t look so good. How can I make it look better?

Whe is the detailled documentation located pls ??

1. Im trying to figure out HOW the slideshow works. I read the documentation.pdf, but there is almost nothing about the slideshow. I need detailled information pls ! 2. WHere can I find information about the structure of the Milao theme? I mean : where are the imgs lacated on the server, where is the cms that adjusts the layout, etc etc ….???

I also notice that there are NO fonts included. You give us the PSD templates, but NO fonts ….

Detailled info would be welcome.



Hello Erwin,

1. the slideshow is a revolution slider product not our. To receive the detailed info you must send an email to support@shopshark.it in order to receive it.

2. The fonts we cannot included it is forbidden as the images. You can find the fonts on http://www.fontsquirrel.com website.

3. The CMS is in /admin 1. System -> Configuration -> Milano options

Hello. I have one question. Add item to cart works with ajax, but for remove item from minicart it need to refresh page. Can I modify it for ajax remove?


Hi, presently this is not available for the theme. However it is possible to be done by modifying, but if you want to do that we recommend to contact a developer / freelancer who can assist.

Hello, I would like to buy the theme for my shop. Can you please tell me what server configuration you would recommend?

Hi, please find some requirements for Magento here:


You can easily check the suitability of your current hosting by downloading and running the Magento compatibility test here:


The best way to achieve top-notch e-commerce performance is to install your Magento shop on a private server or VPS with sufficient server resources. It is similarly crucial to apply all of the software improvements, patches and updates recommended by the Magento community.

Given that Magento is an advanced e-commerce platform, its fast, efficient operation is completely dependent on the quality of hosting that it is running on. Without Magento optimized hosting, pages will load painfully slowly, visitors will get frustrated and the overall online shopping experience will drive away potential customers. In some cases, Magento will not even install on slow, poorly optimized hosting.

The simple fact is that Magento hosting requires much more erver resources and specialized optimization than cheap shared hosting can deliver.

Milano Magento Theme supports Magento Community Edition, and Theme does NOT support Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento GO.

What about shipping. How can the cost/product be calculated?


Where can I find the “SKU number show/hide”?

Hello, we will add for you in our today release.

We have purchased, installed and activated the milano theme. However, we are getting a 404 on the shop shark config/ milano options in the admin. Every time we save any changes to the milano settings, we get the 404 errors. Please let us know how to correct this.


Still have not heard back from you on this. I really need an answer. I have even downloaded and installed the latest version of the them and have the same issues.

Hello, send an email to support@shopshark.it with the admin + FTP user + PWD and we will get back to you shortly. The image you sent in evernote was not visible.

Having a 404 error in magento can be quite depressing, but I have to let you know the 404 is not a theme issue but a Magento issue and could be caused by several things.

Common issues:

1. URL Rewrite issue;

Set the Use Web Server Rewrites value in Magento to No. This will fix the 404 problem but generates URLs appended to the index.php file and not SEO friendly.

2. Most luckily the fix for 404 errors could be very simple, just open your magento index.php and change the following:




Due to magento’s cache, it may take some time for you to see the changes. To answer this problem, all you need to do is delete the content of the /var/cache folder and clear the cache of your browser, then reload.

3. Folder Permissions

1. First, connect your FTP client to your web server.

2. Locate the file you want to change the mode (ie., CHMOD).

3. Now make a right-click on the file in your web server and select the file permissions to open the file attributes for the file.

4. In the file attribute, enter the permission number in the numeric value text field (it may be 644 or 755) for your file.

5. Finally save the file and the new permission is assigned to the file.

Hope this could help. Regards,

The customer support it’s closed for the weekend. We’ll be back answering queries on Monday

Have a nice weekend!

ShopShark Team :)

Been waiting on update while from some emails – please advise

Hi, thank you for contacting us. We will check your e-mail and get back to you as soon as possible.