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Hi, how did you change the product label on this item: http://themeforest.net/item/milano-responsive-magento-theme-blog-extension/full_screen_preview/5210309

the 2014 collection? I can’t see where you set this?


Hi, you can edit the blog content and options here:

Blog -> Posts -> Post Information / Content / Advanced Options

sorry I sent you the wrong link. (the themeforest iframe messed it up)

I am trying to find out how you put ‘2014 Collection’ on this page: http://milano.shopshark.eu/the-bell-curve.html



Hello, this is associated to the grouped product:

1. Catalog -> Manage products

2.General -> Custom Label (at the end of the right page)

Nice theme. Is there any way to change the size and type of font used on the site?

Hi, all fonts are located here:


If you want to change the font style all modifications should be done in the “/skin/frontend/blank/themexxx/css/styles.css” file


how do i resize the sliding banner and have it a fixed width similar to the rest of page elements.. and align it in the middle



Please send us an e-mail with your request and purchase code to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) and we will send you back the instructions, thank you.

Hi there,

Right after installed the theme following the document, I tried to do some configuration of the theme like change logo. Once I clicked save config, it poped the 406 Not Acceptable error.

Please let me know how to fix it, I am using godaddy hosting.


Please send us an e-mail with your request, admin panel log in details and purchase code to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) and we will get back to you, thank you.

Hi there,

My partner, jocetheten, has purchased the theme. We are trying to shift the Home Page Callout Block “free local delivery promotions support 24/7 easy and fuss free return” to right below the slider. May we know how do we go about doing that shift?

Thank you ShopShark!

Hi ShopShark, sure thing. Have just sent the emails out. Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello, we still didn’t receive any email, could you please resend it. Thanks.

Hi there. Just resent. Title: Support Request for Milano Magento Theme Hope you will receive it this time round. Thanks!

Great work! Let me ask you a pre-sales question: I see a great feature at the home page called STYLE OF THE DAY, where 4 styles are shown. Is it possible to add more than 4?

Again, congrats on such an amazing work!

Hello, you can add a lot of them, but only last 4 are visible right now, In the style of the day widget we intend to add arrows to view more grouped products and another widget for promotions in our next major release (end of February). Later tomorrow we will have a new update with included a free countdown timer extension to indicate the beginning or ending time of your promotions.

Hi i have resized the slide show but its aligned towards left we need to centralised it .We asked about the same situation before as well but till date no answer .Please check www.rdmdesigns.co.uk/tikta

email sent

i have been chasing this banner slideshow thing for days but all i am doing is just chasing thats all no answer

Hello, sorry for the trouble we will try to implement the fixed layout on our next main March release.


Is there any possiblity of a backend demo? When I first installed this theme I apparently deleted the whole new products slide. I would like to have it back but i have no idea, how to do this.

Hello, probably you have deleted the category that was assigned ad ID in the Milano options or deleted the products itself.

Steps to shows up the new product slider:

1. Set Product as New from Date Set Product as New to Date

2. Go in System -> Configuration

3. Milano Options -> Home page Options

4. Set the “Limit to single category” with the Category ID

(Please, do not forget to set first the “Current Configuration Scope:” with the store you choose.).

VIP For each product you want to show you must also check if:

1. You select any products category

2. Set the products “In stock”

Hello, in this theme is there the posibility for the user to ad another product to his cart directly from the product page?

Example -> I am going to buy flowers seeds and I see bellow the description (on the right side of the product picture) that the shop is also offering dirt and water and I can add them to my cart

Hello, unfortunately this is easy as this one but not so easy. Just buy the theme and one of our guys will make this for you, it will take us 1/2 hr. Please just send us the login access and 1/2 days to sort this out for you.

Great, I will buy it tonight

Hi please help. My megamenu is not working in one of my stores: http://sgp9.siteground.asia/~thesuns6/?___store=agapebabies

I created a new store & storeview but the menu in that store doesn’t appear at all despite me having many subcategories. Please help.

Is there a way to activate it?

Under both default config & store, I have already looked at system >> configuration >> menu options >> mega menu style is selected. But no dropdown appears.

Please help.

Phew solved it! I realised it’s because my code has to be one of the stores that you guys have already set up (clothing, fashion etc).


have this problem in my category page. I just bought the lastest version of the theme

Fatal error: Call to a member function setTemplate() on a non-object in /home/suede/public_html/app/design/frontend/default/milano/template/catalog/product/list.phtml on line 216

Hi, try to refresh the cache, log out and then log in again. If the issue still appears please send us your admin panel log ins to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) so we can check that, thank you.

Hello, can you please help me? I’m having a problem with theme in different browsers. Theme looks different in every browser and logo is missing in firefox. I also have a problem with the logo it looks very small and unclear, how do I fix this problem? Please see site http://poshgirl.us/ you can see for yourself how it looks in diffrent browers, thanks much.

Thanks much I send you information.

Hello, have you had a chance to fix problem? I also wanted to know the best way to remove links for header to other store views? Thanks much.

Hi, we are checking the issue and will get back to you via e-mail until the end of the day, thank you for your patience.

Not a problem, but a request (for the next update): Is it possible to add a “Previous / Next” button on the product page? (it would also be very handy on the admin page too, when you edit products)

Thank you for the request, we will try to implement it in the next release, we have already a huge list of future implementations, and we will try to add this in the main March release.

Grazie mille

Prego! ;-)


Ive created configurable products but how do I add the drop down boxes to the product pages?

i managed to sort it out. thanks


I ‘m trying to install the Milano theme on a windows7 pc with xampp installed.( 1.8.3 – latest version). The path to my index.php file is :

The magento files are situated in : C:/xampp/apps/magento

So, I extracted the Milano files : “Milano_Quick_Start_Files_1_5_4_Magento_1_8_1.zip” in C:/xampp/apps/magento

When i go to my admin page : , I can’t see the Milano files,in the config. tab, even not after cash-refresh etc.,... My index file looks like the basis Magento start page.

I’m shure I extracted the Milano files in the right folder, where magento is installed. C:/xampp/apps/magento

Is the theme compatible with the Xampp software?

Also : I use phpMyAdmin 4.1.6,is this latest version ok??

I hope you can help me.

Thanks !!!


We will be solved soon,we are going to change all the short-codes with the php default declarations.

OK thanks, we are waiting for a decent solution.

?? ” You can use XAMPP or WAMP to install it on your local windows machine. Or we can also give you a free hosting account for a month on one of our servers. Please send a request on support@shopshark.it for that.”


We have purchased, installed and activated the milano theme. but when we are adding any custom option to product, the price field get display 2 time in product description page.. can you help for this..

Refer the link : http://prntscr.com/2tuabj


Hello, we have seen you have implement a lot of plugins but we could not find any issue, try to check your email, we just send you a full print screen reviews, we also check your website with browserstack.com.

Hi, one more issue is that, in quick view of the product we don’t want any background but it takes background which is set to our home page, so please tell me how to remove it.


Hello, about the background color please add the code below in the style.css:

In /public_html/skin/frontend/default/milano/css/style.css

In the line 1583

Insert this code:

.body.ajax-index-options {background-color: #fff:}

fff means white color, if you want you cna change with the exa color you prefer.

Hello!, Very nice theme.When will you have your next theme update? Thanks.

Thank you!, the update was planned for Monday 17th, but we decide to postpone a couple of days just to implement few small changes.

For sure between this evening and tomorrow morning the update will be available, I let you know a soon as it is online.

Great thanks and look forward. It’s a wonderful theme…

Hello, I have 2 questions regarding magento and your theme.

1. If my website has men and women shoes and I put the link website.com/men/shoes and website.com/women/shoes, won`t it be a duplicate link?

2. I would like to have in the top menu a category named men and another women. When you hover the category named men and let`s say you click shoes, I for the link to be website.com/men-shoes not website.com/men/shoes. Can I do this with something like custom links?


1. Yes / this is a SEO question

2. You can use Magento URL Rewrite does not depend on the theme.

Magento enables you to create rewrites to add additional URLs for items. You can do this, for example, to make items more attractive to buyers. You can create a redirect to any valid path, including paths you create in your CMS.

By default, Magento enables web store customers to access products and categories with a URL that ends with .html. You can optionally change both the product and category URL suffix to any alphanumeric string.

The examples throughout this section use the default suffix, .html.

Getting Started with URL Rewrites

1. Log in to the Admin Panel as an administrator.

2. Click Catalog > URL Rewrite Management.

3.Click Add URL Rewrite.

4. Do any of the following:

1. Product redirect: Click the name of the product. 2. Category redirect: Click the name of the category. 3. Custom redirect: Enter the required information

5/ 6/ 7/ 8..

And many more….......

At the end you must verify the URL rewrite

In the Admin Panel, 1. click System > Index Management.

2.Click Select All at the top of the left column.

3. From the Actions list, click Reindex Data.

4. Click Submit.

Best, Angel

Thank you for your help, I have just purchased the theme.


After installing the theme on a production server (http://www.rietenwinkel.be), I noticed one big difference with the test server:

About two hours after the installation, some AJAX functions stopped working: - subcategories are not showing in categories menu (menu doesn’t expand) - There’s no “add to cart” button on the category page - the layered navigation menu on the left can not collapse or expand.

In configuration of the theme, the “Add To Cart uses AJAX” option is enabled …

Where do I have to look? The AJAX functions worked for a couple of hours on the production server, so it’s probably not a php version problem. What else could it be?

php version server: 5.3.3-7+squeeze3

Hi, could you please send us your admin panel URL + log in details to our e-mail (support@shopshark.it) so we can check that, thank you.

Hi please help.

The “new arrivals” function displayed on the homepage is not working for me.

I have added a product, and based on your pdf documentation followed the instructions and set the new from date. However, it doesn’t display on the homepage under New arrivals.

Please help.

Yes of course,

1. you must create a new store. ex: “Jewelry”

2. Select the new store in “Current Configuration Scope:”

3. Apply the changes and the new brands

Hi Sorry I don’t get this part.. I have enabled under system > configuration > home page options for brand slider to be enabled (on store 1).

Next I went to the attribute set for brands (manufacturer) and I have created the brand labels exactly like the instructions in your pdf manual. Intending it to show for store 1 which it did.

Next I went to enable the brand slider for store 2, and it automatically shows the exact same brand slider with the same brand logos (but store 1 brands are not applicable for store 2.)

Where do I 3. apply the changes and the new brands?? How do I solve this? thank you!

Hi, first you need also to change the category ID in the new shop. You need to build a new brand list based on the new brands he has upload in the folder and create a new list. This list will be loaded as category inside the new shop but with a different ID number.

If you feel unsure about that process we recommend to contact a developer/freelancer who can assist.