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Hi, i want to add left sidebar blocks to the product page. How could i do it?

Additionally, i need to put plus 7 images per product, but if i put more than 4 the thumbnails don’t show. how can i fix it?

thanks a lot!!

Why nobody helps me?


I have one issue, when we add any image that image will be display in square on website can we make it as rectangle for eg. 210px X 300px. i want to increase the height of the images.



If you want to display the products as rectangle, in the category page you must go in:

1. Catalog -> Manage category -> Select the category where you need the product as rectangle

2. On the right in the second tab “Display Settings”

3. Product Picture Format = change from 1/1 to 2/3 or 3/4 or 1/2 Portrait.

Regards, Angel

thank you

but what about newest product and products on sale present on home page.


You can control the new / sales products field direct from the Milano Options.

Steps to shows up the new product slider:

1. Set Product as New from Date Set Product as New to Date

2. Go in System -> Configuration

3. Milano Options -> Home page Options

4. Set the “Limit to single category” with the Category ID

(Please, do not forget to set first the “Current Configuration Scope:” with the store you choose.).

VIP For each product you want to show you must also check if:

1. You select any products category

2. Set the products “In stock”

The same is valid for the sales, but you need to add the second price inside the product. .

Regards, Angel

Due to a high number of requests received in the last couple of days, including the explanation of how the template-Magento is working, fre small customization requests, the second and third line support will try to fulfill all requests received up to now on Monday 31st .

ShopShark Team :)

After a quick start installation 1.8, any url work all links result not found, only work the home page, please i need help




Hello Davidoo, this is a typical server issue, please could you send the access to your cpanel so i can take a look to your log file and debug it.

Regards, Angel

Hi Angel, send in private msg Thanks David

Hello David, i just reply to your email, unfortunately i don’t have so much knowledge with parallels panel and i get lost.

Regards, Angel

Hi there,

I’m interested in buying this theme however I’ve noticed a small issue. When viewing the demo site on my mobile device, the slideshow doesn’t seem to appear. I’m not sure why this is but I was wonder if it is possible to have a slideshow on the homepage when viewing on both a mobile device and also on a desktop? Or does it not work via mobile device at all?

Kind Regards, Asif.

Hello, this is not an issue, the slideshow is only in hidden mode for mobile view, you can turn it on.

Regards, Angel

Hello there, I have one request for the upcoming update that you add RTL support. I’m sure you know this is an easy feature that you could add, it would mean a lot to us RTL language speakers. I beg you please please add RTL support. thank you

Hello, it is something i am waiting for too, unfortunately no ETA.

Regards, Angel

Hi, My configuration changes was not saved. For example, when I save config after I disable something under Milano Options, the change can’t be save. The option remain Enable even I have chosen disable and save.

Can you please let me know how to fix this problem? Thank you

Hello, this is for sure a server configuration issue, which hosting are you using right now?

Please could you send an email to support@shopshark.it with your admin user + pwd, so we can take a look on this.

Regards, Angel

when it comes out with the 1.6.4 changelog?

Hello, i am also waiting the third line to send me the package, I’ll let you know as soon as is ready.

Regards, Angel

hi shopshark I want to ask something about milano theme

1. can you make the full details product description in bottom? example http://www.kororojersey.com/real-madrid-3rd-2013-2014.html

2. can you make add to cart button visible all the time not when hover? example http://www.buddshirts.co.uk/shirts#

3. I try to watch demostore in my phone. but it don’t change in mobile view?

4. can I change font and width of site?

thx wait for your reply :)

5. also are you going to include one page checkout to this theme in end of march??

6. also I want to know how to add configurable product in mobile phones as I can not make add to cart button appear without go to product page.

no answer for me? :(

Hello Cdrea, if you want an answer, please send an email to support@shopshark.it with your purchase code and the list of your questions.

Thanks, Angel

i’m interested in purchasing this theme. Does this have a boxed layout option?

Hello, our theme is already a boxed version, about the slider if you need a fixed box layout i can just send you the code or you can send me the FTP + Admin user + pwd and we will sort this out for you.

Regards, Angel

Due to a high number of requests received in the last couple of days, the second and third line support will try to fulfill all requests received up to now in the next 24hrs.

ShopShark Team :)


I sent you 2 emails during the weekend, could you please come back to me on that?

Thank you

Hello Val, don’t worry we will get back to you this afternoon, thanks to the spring flu we have only 1/3 of customer support working today.

Regards, Angel

Spring flu running here too!! and i’m pregnant! :)

Happy to hear that Val!, I ma just replying to you.

Regards, Angel

The customer support it’s closed. We’ll be back answering queries tomorrow morning.

Have a nice evening!

ShopShark Team :)

You closed the support and didnt answer my emails.

Hello, i am just typing the mail, please could you wait a little more thanks, Angel

Is there an easy way to display a block in the homepage with timed products?

Hi, could you please send us an e-mail (support@shopshark.it) and explain where you wish to add new homepage block and also do you mean a products with special price by ‘timed products’? Thank you

Hello Shopshark,

- I really like the cloudzoom function, but it doesn’t work properly on the iPhone. How can solve this problem? - I noticed that an update was released on 15 March. How can I update my current version?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, could you explain please what is the issue with iphone?

For the update – if you did not modify the store (css codes etc.) you need to upload the new files over the old ones and that’s it. If you modified the store some of the modification might be lost and you need to make it again. That is why we recommend to make a full back up of your website in case something go wrong.

Hi Shopshark,

When i enable the cloudzoom and i click on a product photo on my iPhone, the photo is frozen. I can not move / slide over the photograph.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I’ve just bought the Milano theme and installed it on my server. It says there’s a 403 error. How can I fix it?

Thanks, Ori.

Hello Ori, for sure you have an issue on your server with the rewrite module maybe not installed correctly. Which hosting are you using right now?

Please send an email to support@shopshark.it with the FTP + Admin user + pwd and we will get back to you.

Regards, Angel

hi i have your theme on my magento site and have two errors:

1. i cannot save custom theme options in admin (change logo etc) 2. pound symbol is displaying on euro site in “new products” tab on homepage

I have emailed twice about this – can someone please fix these issue for me??

hi i fixed my own issue. but now i have another issue, the captions i enter on my slider wont save?

Hi Rachel, this is Gergana here. Since there was a lot of requests we got on the e-mail and I see that some of them are solved already, could you please send a fresh e-mail (support@shopshark.it) and explain the issues left unsolved so we can check, thank you.

ok thanks – just mailed you


I have written an email to support 3 days ago, but no answer, so now I write here instead… I have asked below questions before, but received no clear answer, but I need it now.

Can you please confirm following.

Countdown timer;

You wrote to me 1 month ago, that the countdown timer will show on product listing page d. 7 March, BUT it is not showing still?

I need a date!, otherwise I have to buy an extension for this, as countdown / timer has No use if it is not showing in product listing pages.

One Page Checkout;

You have also written that this shall be ready by now.

I also need a date for this, as I otherwise will have to buy an extension for this as well!


Hello, we have both the customizations available. I just spoke the manager responsible for our Theme delivery and promise he is going to add into Milano with the next release.

Regards, Angel

Last week you wrote next release was on Friday d. 28 March!, but as usual, nothing happened… WHEN IS NEXT RELEASE, and please come up with a DATE that is VALID!

Are you going to include the 2 concerns I have in next release?

Hello!, I am waiting for your answers, so I know if we shall buy extensions or wait for you to update the theme…

Hallo, Where can I find in source code information about script of Promotions and New product?


Hi, the folder is:

the files are:



These are the templates.