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hi; i want to buy ur theme. is it compatible fully with ver

Hello, yes of course, it is fully compatible with Magento 1.9.1.

Hello. Question regarding style of the day. I need to have more then 4 items on the slider, how can i do this? Thank you.

Hello George, this is considered as customization work, not an issue, so it has been moved to another department. I have seen your ticket, so please do not open another one.

Hi, thank you for your respond. We need your help, please email me ASAP, keep in mind that our client is waiting for almost 2 weeks now, we can’t make him wait longer.. Thank you for your understanding and waiting to hear from you.

Hi George, i’ll reply to you with the ticket in the next couple of hrs.

Please bear in mind in this period of time we have a lack of resources and comments on themeforest have a very low priority.

Dear Customers,

At ShopShark, we are constantly trying to improve the quality of our products and services. As a result, we are moving to a new support system which will provide much better customer service and support.

The new support system is available here: https://www.shopshark.net/clientarea/

Please note that before you can send a support request, you will need to register.

Pre-sale questions can be asked without registering here: https://www.shopshark.net/tickets/new/

A Knowledge Base with numerous in-depth articles about the installation, management and customization of our themes is available from here: https://www.shopshark.net/knowledgebase/

However, please note that some articles are only available for registered users.

You can still send support requests to support@shopshark.it, support@shopshark.eu or support@shopshark.net and your emails will be automatically imported into the new system. If your question is not presale in nature, we will ask you to register before we answer.

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Thank you The ShopShark Support Team

Is there any was to modify the css in the media queries so that the products shown on the category pages render in a single vertical column when viewed on an iphone or mobile phone? For these smaller viewports, the category images are still showing 3 across as small thumbnail images instead of remaining a larger sized and rendering in a continuous vertical single column.

This seems to be a fundamental feature of responsive designs and appears to be lacking on this theme. Hopefully, this is some css styling work only.


Hi lilbabycakes, thank you for your feedback, we will add as an improve of the mobile design.


Milano have many options on how the category page looks. This functionality is kept on the mobile versions. Not all products will look ok if displayed one per line. But we will try to add more options for the mobile versions.

Hi I have Support Ticket #849011 Still no feedback.

How can I make those Sliders (New, Sale & Brands) in the Home page to automatically scroll at a certain interval. specially the brands which needs to be scrolling automatically at a certain interval for brand marketing.


also I have found a problem in the Checkout Cart Page, in the shopping cart details, whenever you try to change the qty by pressing the +/- buttons the subtotal must be automatically re-computed based on the qty. how can it be achieved. please, also with my previous ticket.



Please, have in mind that both of your requests are outside the original idea of Milano.

1. We have sent you answer of the ticket on how to make the sliders to automatically rotate. You have to change the code. We will add such option for everybody in the next update.

2. When you are changing the quantity of a product using the +/- buttons, you have to click on “Update Shopping Cart” in order to save the new quantity in the order and recalculate the prices. This is how it was intended to work. Recalculating the price immediately on changing the quantity should be achieved with AJAX and will make the interface much slower. If you still want such a customization, please send a customization request in our support system and our team will send you a quote on that.

Hope you will be fine. Kindly reply to this ticket #418758

Domain with updating


I see, on Monday I’ll explain you how multiple domains could work with different store views. Have a nice weekend!

Ok. waiting.

I just reply thanks..

Super awesome , good luck with sales;


Hello. How can i display a promotion message” Buy3 for..Buy 5 for…” like as in you demo http://themeforest.net/item/milano-responsive-magento-theme-blog-extension/full_screen_preview/5210309?


Hello Trong, please could you open a ticket so on Monday we will reply to you. I could not see this promo message in the link you share. Have a nice weekend!

Hello. It’s so great when you updated new SizeChart features for this theme, i have upgraded to this one but how can i active it in my product page? Please let me know. Thank you.

You are welcome!

When ver 1.7.5 gonna release ?

Hello, the tailored shirt is a little complex, the ETA will be announced next week, before we have a couple of nice extensions already developed.


Great Theme, I just need to confirm how to change the product page image and the block size which display product info including size, color etc


Thank you Imran, please send us a ticket so we could reply with the info directly with a link to our KBase.

Thank you!

i’ve sent you the ticket 2 days ago but no replied, can you please check ?

by the way i have more question ,

i follow the size chart step on knowledgebase but there’s no Size Chart Identifier , on Product Page Options .

can u help me check ?


Hello Ballsiticone, please could you send me the ticket number. Thank you!

Please, if you have customization issues, please bear in mind we have a lack of resources during this period of time.

Hello! Please, I really need to translate the term “Sale” in italian, but I can’t find the file with this translation. In the theme is translated as “Vendita” but the right one is “In saldo”. Waiting for your kind reply :) thank you!!

hi Mescalina, please, try to use our ticket system, we have a lack of resources and the themeforest message are checked only occasionally.

Ok, just opened a ticked. Thank you

Hi Francesca, sure, i see, Ivan will send you the answer.

Your theme is awesome Can’t find any other theme on themeforest which is so classy and neat.

Thank you!

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hello ShopShark,

Great theme. We have been trying to tweek the installation for some time now, yet there is no sample product data (images!) included in the latest download version, hence – the site does not look like your sample site(s). Can you please, advise where are the images of the sample data, so we can make the site, look like yours, before we proceed with any customization…

Also, the theme instruction manual is very outdated. Perhaps it only covers the initial theme from last year. When is the latest release coming out?

Good luck with all!

Hello, Themeforest does not allow to include images in the package, what you see is the default image. About the manual, we are trying to move everything to our Knowledge base.

Thank you for the prompt response! Can you, please send a link to the knowledge base. Thanks again!

What patch do which is provided in theme folder ?

Hello, the only patch is for Magento 1.7, Milano is working with 1.8 and 1.9.1 without any patch.

I delete all the other theme already, but the side bar(Store Selector) still show, can you teach me how to remove it?

Hello, you must go in:

1. System -> Configuration

2. Design -> Footer -> Miscellaneous HTML = delete all the code inside

Hello, can you please give me instructions o how to install and or preform updates? thank you much

Sure, i have just reply to your ticket.

Hello, I have merge css and javascript enabled but it breaks parts of my theme. the font parts for social icons and mini cart are not loading http://imgur.com/TMFKxRi


please register in our support system available here: https://www.shopshark.net/signup/ and send us a ticket with your request and the FTP & Admin user + pwd , we will get back to you.