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for Code Quality

I'm having issues on mobile devices, the menu dosent work for which I contacted the developer to get this answer:
This problem is most likely caused by 3rd party addons or/and code, please disable them.

You can do so by following this instructions

Afterwards please flush all your cache at least two times.

Please let us know the results.

Kind Regards,
Alexander Krumov
Technical support and customer care. ShopShark.

**** The sad part is that i dont have any other module installed different than the ones that came with the magento installation**** very por technical support.


Author response

Sorry about your experience.
Please note that any additional code can disrupt certain functions of your site.
We are not able to support 3rd party products.
Please follow closely the instructions of our team.
Also please provide us with your ticket number.
Thank you!

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