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Great work! GLWS !

Thanks, CSS ! Appreciate the kind words.

Amazing :)

When I click the see portfolio button on my iPad I can’t seem to find a way to close it again. Am I missing something?

Thanks Kemrich! You should just be able to click anywhere outside the portfolio section to close it. I haven’t fully tested it on the iPad however.

Hi Kemrich, did you have any luck with this?

Great file. I have the same issue on iPhone and iPad-can’t find a click out of the portfolio? Also is there any short codes for text? We wouldnt need the awesome portfolio and the gallery below the profile section so would rather put text in here. We can code it so it’s not a problem just curious. Again great file and love the contact form! Thanks

Thanks for the comments, Charlie! No shortcodes as yet. I wanted to make it super tight, design wise. You could always edit out the portfolio and gallery if you’re handy with CSS .

Hi Charlie, did you have any luck with this?

Hi, Sorry I never replied. Yes we worked it – out. It is a great file. In terms of feedback – to be hones there is not a lot I would change except maybe a responsive version (although I get that with the layout this would be hard!). One other thing is that while we sorted out new text areas etc – we understand code so its not too hard. For a beginner I think it would be cool to have either short codes or a larger text area maybe below the portfolio for example – this could even be tabbed to make it more versatile and suit your style here.
As i said it is v cool and definitely unique. For someone with some experience it is also versatile but one of the things we see on here with high selling items is that there is built in scope for them to do just about anything they want to do without much knowledge.
You have a cool file here, I am surprised it has not sold more and wouldn’t want you to ruin the uniqueness of it by trying to make it any more generic.

Pre-Sales Question:

- Can I change the iPhone (to an iPhone 4 for example?)

Otherwise, really cool :-)


Yep, for sure! The phone image is isolated and easily changeable. You could swap out the .png with something like this:

nice work… :)

Why thank you good sir.

Really nice job! The creative effort can really be appreciated. Good luck with Sales!

Thanks Ciprian!

Hey Guys, Anyone who’s purchased this theme so far, please let me know your feedback and give me your thoughts on what you think is working, or not working. And as always, please feel free to rate it! Thanks.

Hey Pete- Looking to get this set up today. Installed the theme, and WP is saying it is “broken” and needs a stylesheet. Do I have to rename one of the files or am I truly missing something? (sorry, I know enough about WP to be dumb about this stuff!!) Thanks, loving this look and can’t wait to implement! Jill

DUH ! Not Wordpress. Okay, coffee will be kicking in soon enough ;-)

No worries, Jill. Enjoy the template, and the coffee! Feel free to rate it and let me know if there’s any problems.

is this for Joomla?

Nope. Just a straight up site template.

I wonder if I could buy the theme, hire you to drop in my text and a head shot to use this MILK as a v-card.

If so, can I change that turquoise to a different color?

Corey Tampa, Florida USA 805 /722-8340

I really like this theme. Can I install this on a Wordpress hosted site? If not, can you point me to link that gives me directions on how to install it. I want to see if I can install this myself before I purchase.

Looks good.;