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Hello. Any update for WooCommerce 2.6 ? Is big problem with main view of shop – columns go from 4 columns to 2 columns on shop and looks terrible. I think is much more to change in 2.6. Please let us know when you upload update for that.

All the best.

Hi Naymapl,

Is everything OK now? Things look good to me.

Hi. I still have issue with one thing: Double Product category name on top and bottom of image category. Just take a look here:

for details. Thanks fo any help with that.

Hi Naymapl,

I wanted to let you know that we’ve released an update to Mill that includes a fix for the double product titles, it’s available for immediate download via your eski account, pending approval via ThemeForest, so please download via Eski. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Is there a page builder for the theme. I go into pages and see shortcode only. This doesn’t seem right to me… grid_row

The other thing is that when I want to select which page to display from reading settings, I don’t see all pages in the site – Home 2. I only see the full width page available to me.

Hi gk-interactive,

Mill does not currently support a page builder, just native shortcodes, which are all covered in the supplied documentation.

As for the home pages, they’re all included within the zip as a file to import, or as code examples in the documentation.

Please note that we only provide support via our support forum, so please post there if you have any more questions. Thanks! =)

Hello—we cant get into the support forum. It does not work. We have written hello@eski… no luck. Once again there is no support for this theme. Do not purchase nor continue with this developer. They go AWOl all the time.

Fresh install of the theme and the top menu bar does not show up and neither does the logo. Bought this theme and this is the first time using it since purchase. Please help

Hello, is this theme still supported? It seems to have been very quiet for a long time and my post in the support forum has not been responded to. We seem to be encountering a problem with outdated WooCommerce template files that are possibly conflicting with our payment processing plugin and would like to have those updated to be suitable for the latest version of WooCommerce, is that possible?

Hello! How can I make the menu have the level 3 element next to the submenu and not under the element? Thank you in advance!