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Thanks krafti!

nice and creative :)

Hey behzadg, thanks

Awesome Work ! GLWS :)

Thanks, cheers!

Thank you louiejie!

Nice work. Congrats ;)

Thanks a lot tagDiv

Creative touches, nice color scheme. Congrats.

Thanks, really appreciate it.

Very creative and original in the term of design..

Congrats for this nice blog theme, Themes1 !


Oh, and I love that soft patern.. Subtle patterns is rooccks!

candeed, thanks a lot!

Subtle patterns rocks, +1 from me :)

do you have an xml for dummy content?

Hey, thanks a lot for purchasing our theme! We don’t have any dummy content, as this is our first theme here, we’ll do something about it for our coming themes.

can’t seem to be able to change the logo. inserting png of 205/190px (uploaded/inserted into settings). milli logo does not get replaced. how do we ensure the logo is actually replaced?

Sorry about the logo, we’ve added a fix for this, it’ll be available here in a few days, but if you don’t want to wait i’ll e-mail to you (provide us with your email if you’d like), thanks.

also, what is the syntax of the VIDEO EMBED CODE. it’s not the video url on youtube. are you looking for structured html code, if so what’s the code syntax


Just the url.

I love the mood of your theme… The design is simple and beautiful !

Thanks a lot, we appreciate it!

Hi there, does the theme support drop-down menus?

Hi there, thanks for purchasing our theme.

We’re thinking of including this in our coming update! We’ll let you know when you may download it.


cool Theme

Why not run with the menu?

Thanks swissky!

Hi, I tried to add “Featured Posts” (documentation says: “As for adding “Featured Posts”, check under the Adding Content section below) but I can’t see the “Adding Content” section or a checkbox or something like that :-/ only transitions and delay… Thank you!

Hi, thanks for purchasing our file! If you want to make a post ‘Featured’ just mark it as “Sticky”. The Adding Content section is for documentation only (see page 7), not for the options panel.

If you have anything else do let us know, thanks.

Hi, How can I use custom fonts in typography? I cannot set the post headline using css…

Hi, there’s a line of code you have to modify in your theme’s functions.php file, place your font name in the following line (line no 79).

font-family: '<?php esc_attr_e(themeoption('site-typography'));?>', 'Arial' !important;

So it should look something like this

font-family: 'Your Font Name' !important;

If you had something else in mind, please let us know.


perfect! thanks for the very fast reply!


which font do you use for the logo?

Regards, r.

Hi, the font used is Voodoo Script,

thanks for purchasing our file!

Another one: the links to the comments (in the post meta on blog-index) are not working.



We’re gonna release an update in a few days with an extra layout, and it’s going to include this links to the comments issue.

You’ll get a notification about it, thanks.

Just some post-purchase things to do for anyone considering, or who has just purchased.

1. The special scroll in chrome is basically unusable. Turn that off. 2. Fix the bullets/numberings CSS. That’s all unfinished. 3. Keep in mind that the notification bar doesn’t work on the home page (outside of the wordpress UI).

Hi, thanks for purchasing!

The special scroll is developed by a third party, it’s not something we developed especially for this theme, it’s supposed to work on all browsers, works on chrome too.

The notification bar seems to be working also, on multiple sites we tested.

If you had something else in mind with these, please let us know!


Hi! Is there any way to translate the template in one file or I have to search for the english words in every php file?

Hi, In the coming update (in a few days) you’ll have the option to edit tags/translate from a single file. You will get a notification about this.

Hey Guys, Is there any news about the update? Thanks.

Hey, we did release the update, you should’ve gotten a notification about it! Anyways, you may download it now. cheers.


Awesome theme, really cool plus I like how you made the audio player look.

I was thinking about purchasing the theme and was wondering how well the audio player works though. Do you have an example audio post that actually plays? Cause it isn’t playing in my browser.

Thank you!


Hey Travis, thanks for your comment.

An example (now with an actual audio file you can play :)