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There are some custom widgets included with theme?

Yes, the twitter widget…


Hi just wondering if you can have video on the home slideshow?

We’ve replied to your e-mail, thanks.

do you have any plan to make facebook feed widget? and, how to make contact us page? where can i get the short cords?

Hi, Just create a new page with the slug ‘contact’ (title can be anything you like). Shortcodes, they’re explained in the documentation.


Hey guys, so I’m trying to include Google AdSense on my page, but I’m having trouble doing so. Can you guys let me know. Thanks.

Hey Chris,

checked your site and saw the yellow boxes showing instead of ads. This may not be theme related and I think you may want to check the following link:!category-topic/adsense/i-have-an-active-account-working-with-adsense/r9ciyDOej8U

Hope this helps!

Please do let us know if you have anything else, thanks.

Hi just wondering if you can have video and audio on the home slideshow and on the first post page ?

reply me >>

Hi, you can have audio and video on posts but not on the slideshow…

let us know if you have anything else, thanks.

Hi there,

Just bought the theme and am pumped to see my site come to life. Have a few questions for you guys.

1. Is it possible to turn the image magnification effect off on hoover? I would just like the images to be static. 2. Would like to decrease the height of the featured images on the homepage, which requires I shrink down the entire post block. Can you guys point me in the right direction here? 3. Can you send me the theme documentation? I get a 404 when I try to access.

Thanks! Kate

Hi Kate, and thanks for purchasing!

Please send us an e-mail using the form on our profile page, and we’ll reply there.


I sent email to asked about this theme

the topic email is : Question about Milli theme

I have 2 questions and 2 files attachments for u to understand my question

please reply me

We’ve replied to your e-mail, thanks.

Hi I really like your work! I have a quick question – If I purchase this theme: would I be able to place ads horizontally along the top of the page in a similar fashion to this website ?

So basically the ads would be placed in between the menus (fun, tech, design etc) and the first blog post.

my email is

Thanks darsunrb!

There is no option for that out of the box, but can be done with some modification.


You can ask us to do it for you if you decide to.

Hello Sir, Congratulations for your excellent theme.

I Already installed your theme to my website which is but i face two major problems:

The first one is with the twitter feed gadget. It does not work!!! I tried everything (download the new version of milli theme with twiter folder, insert my twitter username[FazGr –]) but all the time i got the following error: “Twitter feed responded with an HTTP status code of 410.” What I’m doing wrong?

The second issue is this: I want to make smaller(only the height) of the main posts image in the home page without croping the image or distort it. Now the home page’s main images dimensions are 600 * 403 px. I want them 600 * 350. Is that possible?

Thank you very much in advantage!

Hey zochios84, thanks for purchasing!

Please send us an e-mail using the form on our profile page, and we’ll reply there.


Hi, I am having trouble with the twitter feed. IT keeps appearing as an error message.

Also, Is there a way that I can order the post categories and pages as I would like pages above the categories.

Lastly, is there a way of integrating a Facebook button anywhere?


Hey David, we’ve sent the instructions through email. Thanks!

A little help please. I’m having a hard time getting a new menu category to pop up for “Contact” I filled out the blank spaces under Milli>Email&location and I’m not getting any luck. I’d like to have it like the sample on your website.

**Edit. I figured it out :)

Hi there,

I want to make a tiled background with my own image, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Could you point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

Hi mbokan,

At the end of ‘functions.php’ file of your theme folder, right before the closing php tag ( ?> ), insert the following line:

add_theme_support( 'custom-background' );

Now you can use the WordPress’ background editor ( Appearance > Background ) to customize the background of your theme.


Thank you!!

I am having issues getting the twitter feed to work properly. Could you please contact me with any suggestions to resolve this issue? Thanks!

Hey, Visit this tutorial to learn how to set-up your Twitter keys

Please send us a link to your site, if you want us to check this issue further—please use the form on our author page to do so, cause we don’t have a way to contact you first


Awesome theme!! Love the look and feel. I am looking through the stylesheet to see about cinching the space between the logo and nab bar when in fullwidth mode. I tried changing the logo height to the height of my logo (53px) but that didn’t seem to work. What is the best route to minimize that space a bit? THANKS

Hey Nathan, thanks for purchasing!

You’ll have to change the logo height in two places:

1. On your style.css file, search for:
#logo a{
and change it’s height to whatever you want, also

2. On your css/responsive.css file, search for:
.fullwidth #logo a{
and do the same.

Let us know if it helped!

That did it. THANKS! I did change the 2 files earlier but couldn’t see anything till I cleared my cache. So I’m good to go. Thank You!

Quick question, is there a way to keep a nested menu item from staying “open” when clicked? It’s kinda a nuisance to have a box dropped down on a page until you hover back over it. Thanks for your consideration.

Could you please send us an e-mail using the form on our profile page, and we’ll reply there.


Hi there, i just purchased the theme and love everything about it! The only problem i’m having is with my pictures. If you go on, each of the posts doesnt show the picture, just the title.

Any way to change that (just like on the Milli preview page)? Please let me know, thanks!

Hi, I’m really sorry about the late reply.

I see that you’ve already worked the images thing out, please let us know if you have any other issue?

amazing theme.. congrats! What fonts did u use in the template?

Thanks man, the font—Dosis

Awesome theme!!Like your work!! Just one simple question, is there a option can turn off the logo?

Hey, thanks for purchasing.

If you’d like to remove the logo, just write some text in your Site Logo field and Save.

if you meant something else, let us know.


The featured image is not displaying in the pages I am creating. Is this different than posts? Just curious. Thanks.

Hey, thanks for purchasing.

Yep, it’s different than the posts, but if you’d like there’s a little modification you can do—send us a message from our profile page and we can show you.


I use an old version of this theme in my blog. Twitter feed doesn’t work so i download the last version to upgrade it with the new twitter widget.

I changed the following elements : – header.php – core/core-init.php – core/theme-data.php – core/admin/page_theme-options.php – Added folder: core/twitter

But when i try to connect to Milli’s options on back office i hava an error :

“Fatal error: Call to undefined function newfeature() in /my_base/wp-content/themes/Milli/core/admin/page_theme-options.php on line 21”

Content of ligne 21 of page_theme-options.php :
  • <?php newfeature(‘nav’);?>Twitter feed
  • Could you tell me where is the problem pls ?


    Hey indixit, thanks for purchasing!

    It seems your installed copy of the theme was more than 2 versions old! So it’s recommended you replace the complete theme with the latest version.

    However, before doing so, try removing the part:

    <?php newfeature(‘nav’);?>

    from Milli/core/admin/page_theme-options.php (should be in line 21). Please let us know if this makes it work.


    Thx you for your reply Themes1, I’ll try this !