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Use your theme for a piece of time, love it! A little problem here, when I open a post, it’s look like this.

Cloud you please help me here?

Hey Justin,

Can you please send us a link to your live site so we can inspect it?

You can write us through the form on our profile page if you want, and we’ll reply there!


OK, done.

Great theme. I wonder, if it might be possible to put more text (or even more images than only the featured image) to the front page content-box than just a headline.. is it? Generally, I want everything to be shown on the front page up to the “more”-tag.

I appreciate any assistance! Jim

We’ve replied to your email!



I tried your video-post-option with a vimeo-video, but unfortunately – on a Nexus 4, Chrome – the html5-Player from Vimeo doesn’t show up.

When I use an iframe-embedding instead, the html5-fallback-player shows up.

Do you know why? Is there something different with your “case: video”? How can I fix that?

Thanks, Jim

Hey Jim, we’ve replied through e-mail. Thanks


it seems to be an issue, if the headline is too long and breaks into two lines. Then, the hr2-line is not pushed down, as I would expect, but within the headline. Do I have to change the side-structure to fix that? I can send you a screenshot, if you like.

Thanks, Jim

Hey Jim,

the screenshot will help! But if you could provide us with a link to your live site, would be much better!


Hello, Is it possible to insert the logo on top instead of having it on the left side? I need a long logo since my website has a long name (at least 900×60px), will thi type of logo fit and will it be automatically resized when viewed through a smartphone?

Thank you

Yes, it’s doable with a little tweaking… but you’ll have to contact us and we can show you how…


Is there a way that you can set the featured image to NOT tile? Occasionally, I’ll need to use a vertically-oriented image for a featured image and, though it’s not ideal, I’d prefer it NOT to tile and repeat.


Please add the following code block at the very end of your style.css file:

.post-slider .images div{ background-repeat: no-repeat; }


Hey Themes1,

Thanks for the great theme!

Maybe i’m overlooking something, but i can’t seem to get a summary or descriptive text under my post title on a blog page. Am i doing something wrong or isn’t this supported? I’ve noticed the live preview doesn’t use summary’s either.

Thanks, Bas

Hey, thanks for purchasing.

Can you please send us a message via the form on our profile page, and we’ll send you a few instructions for that.


Hi Themese1, i excited to start use Milli template <3 MINIMAL concept :)

I ask you what can i add G+ to share post.

Thanks, Daniele

Thanks for purchasing Daniele.

Can you please contact us through the form on our author page, because we don’t have your e-mail and we’l send you the instructions there.

Must be obvious but how get the slider happening?

Also have trouble finding where to edit social media info and getting vimeo videos to show up in posts.

- You just mark your posts as ‘Sticky’

- Social media info, you go to the options panel, Milli > Social Icons

- For the video, while you’re creating a post you select the ‘video’ post format (top right corner)

Let us know if you have anything else.

Thanks all working smoothly except one last thing. Some social icon links don’t open unless you right click and open in new tab. Only happens when using cloaked domain.

Hello. Congratulations on your theme. I have a question before buying this one. is it possible to fix the left column to that it remains visible and does not scroll when reading articles. Thanks a lot

Hello, only when the sidebar is longer then the screen size, it scrolls—otherwise it will be static.


Can you insert blog post without thumb image in demo site?

How does it look when I don’t have any image for a post?

Interested in buying this theme.

If I purchase, is there a way to fix the navigation on the right side of the screen so it floats with the blog as people scroll down the postings?



Yep it’s doable but you’ll have to send us an e-mail if you decide to… using the form on author page, and we’ll reply there.

is it possible to change yellow background on light theme or black background on dark theme? Love the theme but need to change colors. Thanx

Yes. (there’s also a small image that you need to edit for that, you can contact us to do it for you if you like)...

Awesome. i just wanted to make sure it was possible before buying

I Love Your Milli theme, thank you! I looked on your previous posts, and couldn’t find the answer, so I am hopeful you can assist.

How can I get rid of the time/date stamp, comment and author on my wordpress posts. I have checked everything under the the screen options/discussions and also the discussion settings. I’m not sure where to find in the editor, thanks.

Also, can you tell me where in the editor I can get rid of the diggit, reddit icons from every post?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for purchasing.

To get rid of those you have to remove the contents of the metadata.php

so on your theme’s folder go to template_parts/metadata.php and remove the existing code there

About the second issue, please go to the theme’s single.php file, and remove lines no. 91 and 92

Let us know if you have anything else.


Under Milli>Contact>email&location.

I’ve set a contact email different from the admin/default email, however, when I test it out, the messages does not go to the new email I’ve set. Any suggestions?

Hey there,

Regarding the social icons, I only have facebook and twitter social icons created, but on my website it is still showing the feed icon, how can I permanently remove the feed icon?

Here is a link with a screen shot of what I mean.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you soo much your highness. <3 Great theme, amazing support, thank you thank you thank you.

Hey, Same question, but this time i am using the wider layout.

I tried the same method above and had no luck. Thank you in advance.

Hi, can you do the same but this time in footer.php, it should be on line no. 24.

Can you rate our theme, we’d appreciate it!


How can I can typo? Preinstalled fonts do not support Turkish characters :(


Hello, thanks for purchasing.

Turkish is supposed to be supported, can you please send us a screenshot via our profile page, so we can take a look?


Dear friends, I’m having the hardest time accomplishing something that should be easy. I want to add a sub-menu to 1 of my main menus, similar to what you have here:

I’ve spent hours fiddling around with menu, categories, post and pages, but I still can’t figure it out. This is suppose to fix my problem, but it hasn’t yet.

*Solution. Well I feel silly. Enabled drop down menu. Great theme once again!

Hello, first of all your theme is awesome. Having said that, I have an issue with it. I want to use the full width version and everything works just fine except for twitter widget. it doesn’t show up. everything with my credentials is good because when im using the two columns version it works, but when i switch to full width it disappear.

Replied to your email.

Hi there, Just purchased your theme and it’s great! I have a couple of questions and an issue with it.

1. I was updating my twitter link and then this error “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /nfs/c02/h10/mnt/23853/domains/ on line 60” started to show instead, and have no idea how to get rid of it.

2. is there any way to fix the sidebar (should I want) as an option?

3. i was able to get rid of the bar “stripe” so is there any way to bring the sidebar and the content more to the top of the screen?

If you could please let us know. Thanks in advance.

Hey, thanks for purchasing!

Regarding the fixed sidebar, it already is fixed, except on cases when sidebar height exceeds the screen height and it scrolls so your content doesn’t hide below the screen.

As for 1 and 3, could you please provide us with a link to your site (email us through the contact form on profile page) so we can inspect it closely.