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Hi there,

I’m new to WordPress so I’m having to feel my way a little. I like the Milli Theme and am getting close to buying but have a some questions:

1: I note that images are tied to the gallery page and that searchable categories or projects are not possible. I assume I can have same image in different galleries such as “All” and then “Books” to emulate categories / projects. Is this so?

2: Is it possible to have multiple project themes in the blog so that users can follow projects of interest easily?

3: Social media. Which ones are integrated – Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Instagram? Tumblr? Flickr?

Regards, Alan O.

Hey there,

1. Each gallery page is built as a unique entity, although you can have whatever you want on whatever page, the two are not connected and the same image will need to be uploaded twice.

2. I don’t understand this, could you elaborate?

3. Any social options can be seen in the demo, to further this you’d need to use a plugin or similar to your needs.


Hi there,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Blogging. The project I am working on is a mix of art, children’s picture books, adventure books and a constellation of associated products. I would like to have a blog theme for each element of the project that users can access easily. Layout something along the lines of

Thanks again, Alan O

Our demo shows the capabilities of the theme blog, if you think it’s missing functionality you need then I’m afraid the theme won’t be for your needs.


Subtle Background Patterns Plugin

This plugin seems to be unavailable, are there any other plugins you could suggest.

Responsive Menu Issues

Hi, i have recently bought this theme. I am having an issue with the menu system,. the problem is that with the menu has default responsive menu option, the menu (when displayed on mobile device) appears to begin with, but then the select option disappears when selected (if the menu has a child item) and the page doesn’t change.

On the select option setting, there is no text to the select option, it is also unclickable, but there is a space where the select option would be.

On desktop, the menu appears to be fine, and functions as expected.

This is the case with iPhone 5 & s , iPhone 6 & s and iPad mini (portrait) – landscape is fine, so seems to be lower screen size media queries

Do you have any suggestions, on to how to fix this issue: the webite is currently at:

Thankyou in advance.

Hey there,

For all support, please use a ticket, we’ll be happy to help.


I bought milli theme – Though I am getting an error when I install subtle patterns – “Something went wrong with the plugin API.”

Yes we’ve recently become aware of this issue, ignore it, the plugin is not needed anyway for theme operation :)

It appears your woocommerce template files are out of date. When can we expect an update?

The “out of date” notification is added by WooCommerce simply so they can point fingers at theme authors, the files in the theme are specific to Milli so their version numbers are not recognised, no update needed currently.


Thank you, is there a way to do 5 products per row?

No, sorry, that’s not possible.


I just changed something on my menu and now the drop down mobile navigation appeared and I can’t seem to get rid of it. Any thoughts?

Yes there’s a small bug we’re aware of, working on a fix and update to this.


Is it possible to have image and videos on one page?

Unfortunately no.


Having a few issues with the theme on – Especially when flicking between mobile and desktop versions.

Hey there,

For all support use a ticket, and please be specific about the issues. Also, since your site is heavily modified, ensure your modifications are not causing the issues.


I just purchased this theme and love it. just quick questions.

1. where is ‘gallery set up’ in my dashboard?

2. Do you have any tutorial for this theme?

Thank you.

Hey there,

Both answers are in the readme.html file, just open it with your web browser! :)


I have two more questions: 1) when you go to , in the bottom of the side header, you will see a boxed dropdown menu. I’m not sure how it happened. Do you know how to erase it?

2) I installed ‘easy google fonts’ and thanks for the recommendation, I love it. I want to know if I can change the font of the menu font and Title font. I tried to change it under ‘theme typography’ but it’s not working.

Hey there,

For all further support please use a ticket:

These comments are not easy for us to track.

Cheers – Tom

Presales question: Hi, the template is beautiful but the live preview shows it as boxed-only ? Unlike all your screenshots the theme won’t extend to full width on my screen …

Hi there

The theme is boxed only :) However I’m sure if needed some CSS could force it to be fullwidth if needed.

Thanks, Danny (TommusRhodus Support)