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How do I get the font embedding to work?

This is all found in the documentation, but it’s quite easy. Just follow these steps:

1). Go to and click download. You will see a bunch of code, right click and choose Save as…

2). Save the file as cufon.js

3). Go to and click download. Unzip the downloaded file and set aside Chunkfive.otf

4). Go to and click the ‘browse’ button next to regular typeface.

5). Check the checkbox where it says ‘The EULAs of these fonts allow Web Embedding’

6). Scroll down and check any ‘glyphs’ you need. You need to check at least Uppercase, Lowercase, Numerals, and Punctuation.

7). Scroll all the way down and check the box stating you agree to the terms and click ‘Lets do this’

8). A file named Chunkfive_400.font.js should be downloaded to your computer, set it aside with along with your cufon.js file and Chinkfive.otf file.

9). Upload cufon.js and ChunkFive_400.font.js to the /assets/js/ folder

10). Link to the two JS files you just uploaded in your <head> section if the links don’t already exist (they should be there): <script type="text/javascript" src="assets/js/cufon.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="assets/js/ChunkFive_400.font.js"></script>

11). Your done!