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Very nice and clean! :-)
May be great if you have such “to top” scroll on the page ;-)
Good luck with the sales!

Hi saputrad, thank you for your idea.

Best regards

nice work as always. is it possible to see documentation before purchase?

Hello talengix,

Please contact us via support@entiri.com. We will send you the documentation file.


Very nice, GLWS :)

Thank you.

I really like this style.


Thank you very much.

Really nice job, I love this theme ;)

Thank you

This is actually really nice and unique. Great job and GLWS!


Hi, great theme indeed!

I noticed some confusion with the blog post types though: the gallery post has only 1 image and the video post has no video embed on the node page, only on the listing page. Or are these on purpose? :)

Hello mecsaba,

Two different displays of fields for a node teaser and node full view (different fields – Custom field and Blog image field).

You can customize existing content type ( “Blog entry” ) – adding or removing fields.


I have bought the theme and reviewed it, I think it is very professional, I even learned some new things. Thanks for bringing the theme to drupal which is not so obvious.

Hello mackey05,

Thank you for the purchase and thank you for the nice comment!

We will create more Drupal themes in the future.


Hi!Great Theme and great purchase…Just a question, i can’t find a way to modify the address on the map (block name: footer4). Is there a way? keep up the good work this is amazing!

Hello simosin,

It is a Page Title.

Please see the video:



Hello again, website is almost done with your great theme. I have just another 2 little questions about it.

1) How can i set an URL attached to a slide in the FlexSlider?The objective is to click on a slide, in the flexslider from homepage, and be redirect on a certain page of my website. I've tried inserting an "href" tag in the Body of the slide, but this is not working at all. I can't figure out how to do that.. :)

2) Is there avaible an icon for Twitter in the social bar?I can’t find it!

Have a nice day and Thanks.



Please, edit Front slider block( edit view) or go to your-site/#overlay=admin/structure/views/view/front_slider_block/edit/block%3Fdestination%3Dnode/17

and click on Fields – Content: Slider image and then select Link image to content.

That is all.

If you need help, please send me Your password and username ( for live site ) I’ll do it for you.


Enter this html code for twitter ( in the block or the page – where you want to use it):

(should be replaced # with the correct address )

Text format – full HTML

and save .



This is worth reading: http://getlevelten.com/blog/brent-bice/why-cheap-drupal-themes-suck

I often buy Drupal themes because they make website development a lot easier. However, unfortunately, this theme – Minett – is a good example of what the above blog post is about.

The design and the css is great but almost all block and page contents are placed as html/php code. The data shown on the demo page do not come from Drupal views, so what we see is just a pseudo-structure.

It’s not too good to face this problem, especially when we are not used to this. This is a very nice theme but only in between a psd theme and a ‘real’ Drupal theme (e.g. the premium themes by ThemeBrain.com, ThemeSnap.com, MoreThanThemes.com, Tabvn, etc.)

I hope this helps you – such a comment would have helped me before the purchase :)

Hi mecsaba,

Thanks for your purchase.

Quickstart Package (minett.zip) contains views module.

Front slider block, Tags block and Portfolio items have been created using drupal views module.

The theme used plain PHP in some nodes or blocks (also like ‘real’ Drupal themes).


Thank you.

Great theme! Thank you! Quick question though. How can I update Font Awesome to the latest version? A lot of icons are missing starting from version 3.1 Thank you again!

Hi romanko,

Thanks for your purchase.

1.) Please open the file minett.info (the theme directory – yoursite/sites/all/themes/minett).

Find the line – stylesheetsall = ‘css/font-awesome/font-awesome.css’

remove or put line inside comment ( you can use the semicolon: ; This is a comment ) like:

;stylesheetsall = ‘css/font-awesome/font-awesome.css’

Save the change.

2.) Install new module – Font Awesome Icons


Enable new added module.

3.) Download – The iconic font from:


Unzip and rename directory to fontawesome ( Font-Awesome-master—> fontawesome).

Move the fontawesome directory to libraries directory (yoursite/sites/all/libraries).

and that is all.

Now you have the latest version – Font Awesome v3.2.1


Sorry for the same post three times. Something went wrong during posting.

As stated above ^

Nice work with this theme. I have a drupal newbie question. How do I change the main menu ul class to “nav” as you have it as opposed to the default (ul class: menu, li class: leaf)?


Hi Shmeets,

Thank you for purchasing the theme. Yes, superfish drupal module with custom css style.


Figured out the “superfish” module concept. Feel free to ignore the above question…

Is there a way, on gallery page, to navigate between photos, when it opens on colorbox ?

Hi marcelosite,

If you want to have per page gallery you must remove view template in views folder ( views-view-field-isotope-example-page—field-portfolio-image.tpl.php) and set in views Formatter to colorbox.

Than, go to your-site/admin/config/media/colorbox and set different style for colorbox.


I’ve just started poking at this theme and I can;t determine where to look to change which social media icons are displayed in footer_third. I’m fairly new to Drupal so maybe this is something really obvious.

Hi freqout,

please send us email to support@entiri.com. Thank you.