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Hi, Your theme is great and I am excited to buy and use this, but before installing this theme, I have a question.

can I make a grid layout like ?

Awaiting your reply.

thanks again

The Mingle theme has shortcodes that enable you to make 2, 3, 4 and 5 column layouts. You can read more about these shortcodes here:

hi… great theme but google not love this theme because it’s not support on mobile… so u go out support for mobile and tablet? i use with theme and very love it but now google say this not good on engine

We’ve said this a lot but one more time (yet again) for the record: We have no plans to make Mingle a responsive theme.

I bought Mingle about 4 yrs ago but never used it as it isn’t responsive (somehow I missed that when I was looking) but I always loved the design and still think it’s one of the best looking (traditional-style) desktop WP themes.

I just got excited when I saw an email from Envato notifying me of an update to … Mingle !!! Yay. I couldn’t wait to use it.

... and then the disappointment. STILL, 5 yrs down the line, this theme isn’t responsive. I track ALL traffic to my clients’ websites and currently 70-80% of traffic is from mobiles/smartphones & tablets. I, and my clients, simply cannot entertain a theme that is not responsive.

It is such a shame – luckily Parallelus’ newer sites are equally excellent AND responsive.

Please refer to our reply to the comment directly above your comment. Thanks.

I had done so. I wanted to reiterate the point that nobody in their right mind should be installing a non-responsive theme in 2016 … so I don’t understand why the update. 5600+ sales to support, I get it, but maybe those people would be better served with a mobile solution even if they have to say goodbye to ‘Mingle’.

Anyway – I don’t want to argue – Mingle WAS an excellent theme and your current ones are also excellent. I’m also looking at Runway – a platform on which I can only applaud you. :)

Maintaining the theme for those 5,600+ customers is exactly why we publish updates. There are still bug fixes, compatibility updates and vulnerability patches that come out constantly. If you had an old website that you just wanted to maintain for legacy reasons, but not spend time/money upgrading, wouldn’t you will want to know that it’s secure and working? I would and so we do.

If you’re not using Mingle and don’t want to be bothered by the update notifications, I think you can disable them.

Hi Guys, I just noticed that you amazing theme is not responsive. that makes it redundant to be honest, and I can not use it. is there a way to get a refund?

With regards to refunds, please refer to this Envato help document:

The theme is designed to support RTL languages.

I just bought the template Mingle and wanted to use it now. Here, I present just noticed that the eventkelender (The events Calender is not displayed. What I need to adjust so that goes. I do not hope that the Templet so not working

Support is provided in our Help Center. If you can’t find a solution using the forum search, please create a new topic for each separate issue and we’ll do our best to help.

Please do not post in our Help Center and then make a duplicate post in these TF comments. All that does is make extra work for us, it won’t get your question answered any faster, in fact it will add time to how long it takes us to get your post in our Help Center because we have to spend time here explaining to you why it is not a good idea to start a topic in our Help Center and then come here and make the duplicate post. Thanks.


If you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

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Hi support , accept my apologies if this has been discussed already .

I am about buying the mingle buddypress theme, and i have a few questions i will appreciate if someone out there points me to the right direction .

My target is to have buddypress plugin installed with a few target users. Also i plan to add a “Job Board” plugin and possibly an instant messenger plugin to the theme.Not very sure how this is going to play out . Anyway

1. Can I do this ? 2. Will buddypress happily integrate with other theme as mentioned above ?

Please any sincere response will be useful and appreciated .

1. I’m not sure exactly to what the question refers, but if the question is whether you can add plugins the answer is yes.

2. I know next to nothing about the BuddyPress plugin. It’s a free plugin so it won’t cost you anything except time to install it and see for yourself whether it does what you want it to do or not. If you have questions about the BuddyPress plugin, the dedicated BuddyPress support forum is the best place to ask.

hello, this theme con integrate wp job manager for create a social job portal like linkedin

I’ve never used that specific plugin with this theme so I cannot be 100% sure, but I can’t think of any reason why it would not work with this theme.

Pre-sales question. 1. Can i use the Skin 4 ’s (Header and Content) layout and Skin 1 ’s Footer Layout in a theme? 2. Can I change the Background Color of the Theme? 3. Do you provide after sales support regarding Installation

Reply As soon as possible

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. No.

See this document for a brief description what is included and not included in support:

See this document for the full item support policy:


Okay. I Purchase the Theme Tomorrow. You provide Support through Support Forum Only. Right?

Yes, if you need theme support, please visit our Help Center. Thanks.

Visit our forums:

Hi, I recently updated this theme from the version my client was running (1.6.3) to the latest version ( and the site is broken and showing HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. I reverted to old theme and it is working fine again. Is there a special procedure to update other then to copy over the theme via FTP? Is it documented anywhere?

:D maybe we’ll go for one of your other themes.

Great idea! Check out Vellum and Caliber. Both are versatile themes, and responsive.

very nice. we’ll forward these to the client. Thank you so much.

Hello. Somehow I was delivered “mingle-multipurpose”, however that is not what I ordered. I ordered, “Uploader – Advanced Media Sharing Theme”. Please assist me in being issued a refund. TY

With regards to refunds, please refer to this Envato help document:

Still after many years, this is one of the most beautiful themes I’ve ever seen. I’d be glad if it could receive an update some day (mainly to make it responsive).


With regard to your comment about making Mingle responsive, pease refer to this comment:

And this comment explains in more detail:

It’s sad to see such a great and beautiful theme die… without to make it responsive, there is no sense in using this theme. Unfortunately thats a major bummer.

With regard to your comment about making Mingle responsive, pease refer to this comment:

And this comment explains in more detail: