Support for Mingle - Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Support for Mingle - Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

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Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a "Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

My site shows nothing but a blank page.

This can happen if the optional “fade in content” setting is enabled and a JavaScript error occurs.

To fix the problem, first go to “Settings > Theme Settings > Special Features” and disable “Fade In Page Content”.

Save changes and check your site. If it loads you can now look for the cause of the error.

Some common causes of this error and how you can fix them:

1. Theme menu locations not set.

Go to “Appearance > Menus” and make sure you have both “Main Menu - Left” and “Main Menu - Right” set in the “Theme Locations” on the top left. If you do not have a menu for both of these locations, create a new menu, save it and set it to the location. The menu can be empty without any links if you don’t want a menu in one of these locations. You can also remove either location by changing your settings under “Appearance > Design Settings > Page Header > Menus

2. A plugin or other custom code is causing an error.

Try disabling your plugins or removing any custom code that may be resulting in a JavaScript error. Plugins can cause JavaScript errors very often which is why it’s important to only use well coded and tested plugins from trusted developers. Test the site after disabling plugins to see if it solves the issue.

After fixing the problem you can enable the fade in content option again if you choose to use this feature.

How do I disable comments?

Go to “Settings > Discussion” and deselect the option for “Allow people to post comments on new articles”. This applies to both pages and posts.

To individually disable comments on a page or post, from the edit screen click the tab at the top right “Screen Options” and check “Discussion”. This adds a box to the edit screen where you can deselect the options for comments and trackbacks.

Why can’t I save changes in “Theme Settings” or “Design Settings”?

It’s possible you are running an old version of PHP. Check with your hosting provider to get the PHP version you are using. The theme will run on v5.2.x, although it is recommended to use v5.3 or later.

If you have verified the PHP version and it is not the issue, ensure you have the most recent version of the theme downloaded and installed. You can always get the latest version from your account “Downloads” page.

This can also appear to be happening when attempting to override an existing saved theme setting. After clicking the “Override” link, immediately save the page before making any changes. Reopen the page and you can now make edits as needed.

Warning: missing endblock() for startblock(‘middle’)... line 140

You need to update to the latest version of the theme. This error was fixed in v1.5.2 and should no longer be happening. If you are having this error, update the theme and it should correct the problem.

Is there a demo content file?

Yes, a demo content package is available. It includes 3 files, one for the design settings, one for the theme settings and one for the WordPress XML content export. An instructions file is also included which explains the process of copying these files to your site.

Download Demo Content Package

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