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An update to this theme would be great. There are a few functions that are depreciated that this theme is using, and I’m having issues getting the WPMU Membership plugin to work with Authorize.net Gateway module:

Notice: add_option was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.3 with no alternative available. in /home/nospinfo/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3019

Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0! Usage of user levels by plugins and themes is deprecated. Use roles and capabilities instead. in /home/nospinfo/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3017

Notice: Undefined index: page in /home/nospinfo/public_html/wp-content/themes/minibuzz3/functions/admin-options.php on line 459

When / how can these be fixed?

Hi, I have just updated wordpress 3.8 on my website while your theme is active. I can no longer add a homepage slider image or edit existing homepage sliders. All the options for slider-urls etc boxes are missing?

The existing sliders and images are all showing on the live website. but when i got to edit the posts which originally created them none of the data is there anymore.

how do i get them back?

Hi i read the threads and saw 5 monthes ago an update was announced for 2 weeks later… Nothing came. Do you really plan to update the theme or shall we have to change definitely theme and never use templatesquare stuff anymore?

I personnaly have now problems with dropdown menu and slider doesnt appear anymore on most of browsers (except chrome on mac)

Thanks for acting…

Im waiting for the answer on pmphilipps’s question before i decide to buy.. Please also let me know when you have answered :)

Theme Update:

  • Version 4.0
  • New Framework use Klasik Framework
  • Responsive
  • Compatible with WordPress 3.8
  • This theme does not use portfolio and any post type anymore, after update you must re-setup the content

Thank you for this update. I look forward to exploring to seeing what you’ve done with it!


I cant see theme options after upgrade in 3.8.2 what shall I do?

Hi Templatesquare

As mentioned above it seems as if some of the theme options, specifically those to control the text on the sliders have disappeared, if you could either let us know of a fix or where we can directly edit the files it would be appreciated.


Hi, please ask support question via our support form


I would like to change the header font in this theme, and have followed google webfont’s directions…still nothing is changing. I added the code to the header.php file, and then changed the font family in the style.css file. Is there something else I am missing?

please ask support question via our support form

I cannot find my purchase code. I looked at the information box you have on the form, and the license certificate option is not there. See screenshot http://screencast.com/t/OTZKsiADitK. How else can I get it?

Nvm, I found it!

How do you change the logo there is no theme options to upload a file. Have looked in header.php but cant find it anywhere. I have also uploaded a logo via ftp and replaced the old one but nothing changes.


Cmon update the theme please – dosent work with wp 4.1…

Which minibuzz version do you use?


Hi, I installed the last version of the template to wordpress 4.1.1. The template settings are not visible anymore as for the portfolio and the slider. Will there be an update in the next future? Thanks in advance

Please install option framework plugin to enable the theme option. thanks

I have already installed the framework plugin but I can’t see the theme option…thanks

WOW, any chance you can seriously update the documentation!


I like the way this theme looks (probably because it’s not so new, so not looking like “all the other” ones ;-), and I am considering buying it for a client, but reading the comments above I am wondering if the theme is actually still working, and whether there is support available for it (i.e. replies within a reasonable time frame)?


waiting to hear if you are still maintaining this theme. I love the look but from reading the comments, sounds like it hasn’t been updated?

please let me know if this theme is working and if it works with the newest WP version

I have saved this theme in my favorites for quite a while because I like its layout, but I see that it hasn’t been updated in over a year. Are there plans to update it soon?

This theme is the latest stable version… its use framework and there is no significant update to the theme itself, but the framework is updated regularly…. http://www.klasikthemes.com/framework/

Would love to use your support system. However – “Invalid purchase code or Envato Username!” Ummm…nope. Copy/Paste in effect here. #help.

How can I get the slider to appear? Your documentation does not match your theme.

@vonJanne, @mstrasburg, @Vegasrenie…..DO NOT buy this theme. It once was a decent theme (tho not responsive) but with the new framework added and documentation that’s outdated and doesn’t match the theme, you’ll be WASTING your money. WAY BETTER themes out there for $49. I’m forced to work with it since its already used on a clients site, argh.

I have just purchased this theme but I can not implement it on my web Wordpress 4.9x. Error “no style.css”