Discussion on MiniGO - Uber Minimal Flat Coming Soon Page

Discussion on MiniGO - Uber Minimal Flat Coming Soon Page

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Hi, this is a Google translation, I hope it is understood.

I bought the item MiniGo Html and MiniGo Wp-plugin. Chrome blocks the content of MiniGo Html, says upload unauthenticated script, and in mobile you don’t see the content, it doesn’t load.

Hola, esto es una traducción de Google, espero se entienda.

He comprado el item MiniGo Html y MiniGo Wp-plugin. Chrome bloquea el contenido de MiniGo Html, dice cargar script no autenticado, y en moblie no se ve el contenido, no pasa del loader.


I purchased this theme but i had no use for the contact section so removed it. Now when i look at the page via a mobile browsee the “i” icon with the circle round it does not appear in the center of the top bar it appears slightly to the left can you advise what i need to change to centralise this?

Hi MacStokes,
Thank you for purchasing MiniGo.

Please share some more details so I can take a look for you.

Please get in touch via the author contact form.


I will messagw you via contact form

Hello, I request a refund, I made a mistake and I just purchase the plugin. Thank you.

?? I request a refund !! It is not enough 27 days to answer !!

I just bought your template and I setup the config.php file to work with Mailchimp… I’m an experienced developer and know how to use Mailchimp and have experience with it but your theme appears to be using the old mailchimp API and therefore the mailchimp feature of your template doesn’t work. Do you have a fix/update for it?

Hello. A question. (1) How do I remove the countdown from the page? I’ve tried to remove it, but it automatically stops working: notified, about and contact page. Clicking on those buttons does not work. (only when deleting the countdown).

Please let me know how to remove it correctly.

(2) There is some way that the countdown does not appear (of the days that remain to open) and only leave the progress bar (%)?


Chrome blocks the content of MiniGo Html artes.one

Good day! What settings should my server have so that the Skripi MiniGo works. Unfortunately for me it doesn’t work.


Thank you, Artes

Hi. I purchased the wrong one, I meant to purchase the Wordpress file. Can I get my money back?

Hello, I purchased this template a week ago and I have done everything to get the contact form to send out the email, but it still doesn’t work. The do get email directly into my inbox from allother source but not from the CONTACT from in this template. Can you fix this ASAP, please?

Hello. Installed SSL on my domain and now when my website is accessed using https scripted gets stuck on loading unless I access using http. Can you recommend how to fix pls.

Ok nevermind I fixed it, posting solution here.

If you happen to have SSL installed for your domain and you want to force redirect to https or even if visitors go to https://mydomain.com, MiniGO will get stuck on loading page, this is because all references made on index.html file are set to “http://”

All you need to do is replace all “http://” with “https://” inside index.html file and your’e good to go, this should only be done if an SSL is installed on your domain where you are planning to use this source code.


jaimedv Purchased

Hello PremioThemes,

I have installed the MiniGO coming soon theme and it is working very nice, except for the contact form, which is not working.

The mail PHP function works well in my server. Could you tell me how to debug the contact form? I would like to see the errors that are happening inside, but I do now know how to display them.

Thank you for your attention.

I have a few licences for this – this error thousands of times on the www error logs for all sites using it – every few seconds:

[15-Nov-2020 12:40:23 UTC] PHP Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /srv/data/web/vhosts/www.mysite.lu/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/minigo/inc/redux-framework/ReduxCore/inc/class.redux_filesystem.php on line 29

Hello this is Thomas,

i downloaded the Theme and try to install, without success. The Style sheet is missing, pls. help me and send a new version includet the stylesheet. thx in advance and a happy new year…



Hello. I am wondering if it’s possible to use a different mail server to send contact form email? I use an external mail exchanger and when I set the server to use remote MX it no longer sends mail from contact form. Please help!

Buenos días, existe la posibilidad que pueda agregar mas secciones en los lados izquierdo y derecho, así como “about us” y “Contact”

Good morning, I would like to know if it is possible that you can add new sections on the sides, such as “About Us” and “Contact”. Thank you!

Hello there. I bought the template but when installed it’s just stay in the loading section. How can I fix that?