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Congratulations, really awesome !

Thanks Andrei!

Really Awesome! GLWS! :)

Thank you Defatch!

Very nice work ! Good luck with sales ;)

Beautiful work guys. Congrats on the theme!

Thank you, appreciate it!

Hi Premio T,

This is an amazing performance! I Loved! ;)

I’m already using on my website but I want to know where I can translate the words of clock like days, hours, etc.

Thanks in advance, Veronica D’Aponte

Hello Veronica,

Thank you for the kind words!

In order to change the labels of the count down please open up scripts/flipclock.min.js in your favorite text editor and search for the following strings independently (copy the string from below then CTRL+F or CMD+F on the mac to search in the editor):


After locating each string simply change the label between the quotation marks. For example “Days” would become “Jours” in French.

Let me know if this worked for you and don’t forget to rate the file 5 stars if you liked it, it really helps!

Cheers, Octav


I forgot to mention that since this is something important to change for buyers using other languages we will make an update and have these labels easily editable in the html file. For now though you can use the solution I gave you for a quick fix.


Hi, I´m very pleased with my purchased.. Really nice theme. I´ve got also a little problem withe the translation too. Where can I changed the msg “This file is required ” in the contact form as a response when the input fields are blank. Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot.. Works like a charm !

Great and fast support.. Of course I’ve rated it with Five stars. I’ll be waiting of your next proyect.!

Thank you!

Hi Octavian, first of all great code. Im very pleased to see the extensive developer folder with JSON options and unlimited extensibility. I have one glitch i noticed and can’t fix. The CSS transition between the contact form and the main active element makes the .grid bounce into the bottom which looks a bit off when i have a shadow background set behind the .grid. Are we seeing the limits of CSS3 transitions or is there a way to make the switch smoother? Thanks in advance. iW

using safari on a mbp the center .grid falls towards the bottom about 100px and then switches to the left or right <nav> . this is happening during transition and only in safari. i am wondering because its a webkit call and should really render in safari well. tried myself to fix it but haven’t gotten lucky yet

sorry it’s safari 7.0.1 on OSX10.9.1

Hello again!

We’re issuing an update soon that (among other things) fixes a bug similar to what you’re experiencing. It should be up in about 2 hours. If that doesn’t fix it we’ll keep looking until it all works as expected.



I’m using Demo3. Is it possible to nsert music..?

Hola totof0311,

First off thank you, I’m glad you love the theme!

At this point you can only have music if you use a video as the background and don’t set the volume to 0 (mute) like in our demo1. However if there’s enough demand for a independent music player to be used with image/static backgrounds, we will add it in an update.


You can see now translated in spanish

Great job Veronica, love it!

Can this be used without the countdown timer?

Hello vkventures,

Sure, it’s very easy. Just search the HTML file for class="clock". Comment or remove that tag and you’re good to go.


Can this be used on a Wordpress site?


Hey there AP,

We’re tweaking some things and adding a few more options than we thought we would. Worry not, it will be out soon. I’m sorry for the delay :(


Okay, thanks. I hope it’s quick ‘cause it’s cold out here. ;-)

Can you tell me if the admin will be able to access the site while the plugin is in use? The current count down I’m using makes me disable it while working on the site so I can view my changes but it’s free so I can’t really complain.


Of course, that would be the entire point of a plugin. The users will see the coming soon while you (logged in) will see the site you’re building live. Once you’re happy with it, jut disable the plugin and you’re online with the new site :)


Hi, is it compatible on Prestashop 1.5.6 ? Thanks

Hi webinti,

None of us used Prestashop before so sadly I can’t answer your question. MiniGO is pure HTML with a tiny bit of PHP for the maililng/contact parts. If Prestashop allows you to use HTML, then it should work.
Sorry I couldn’t help you more.


Hello everyone,

An update has been posted, fixing and adding a few things that have been requested.

If you don’t need to edit labels or validation messages you can keep your existing index.html and everything will work as before. You only need the scripts and styles. Don’t overwrite your styles/custom.css if you edited it.

Version 1.0.1 – January 14th, 2014

- Added: Editable form validation messages.
- Added: Editable countdown labels (Days, Hours and so on).
- Fixed: Visual glitch during page transitions on smaller screens.


Do you have a full site version of this?

Sounds good! Octav

Hello again,

As a quick update, sadly I’ve been caught up in the design of a new product and haven’t had the chance to take care of the MiniGO Extended design. I will send you a PM as soon as I have something.


Thanks! Looking forward to seeing full version,

Love the theme! Do you have plans to make it more responsive on small screens? The entire front page isn’t viewable without scrolling down and it would be awesome if you could swipe left and right to see contact and info text versus buttons.

Also noticed if I type in the email box in landscape mode on my mobile I lose viewing the entire screen. The social bar on the bottom and menu button bar on the top crowd the screen when typing on the screen keyboard.

Has great potential! Excited to see what updates are next.


1. You can try adjusting the viewport meta tag to ‘zoom out’ the page a bit but that can bring new issues on various mobile screen sizes.
More info here:

2. Can you please tell me which device you’re using, the OS version and browser?


1. Great 2. I was on a HTC DNA running the latest Android software. Chrome Browser.

i still have issues with renaming the days hours and minutes. my numbers are jumping outside of the circles towards the right and i can’t seem to hold them inside once remained in the new language

Please tell me exactly the labels you’re trying to use so I can test.


Hi, I sent you guys an email with some basic support questions. Waiting to hear back! Thank you!

Hello dakrisht,

I believe I got your e-mail and I forwarded it to Bogdan as he’s the technical support on this file. You should hear from him soon.


Thanks Octav, look forward to your reply. Great theme! One of the best!

Gracias man, appreciate it!

Hello, I know this question was previously asked. Has the wordpress version been completed and added? I like your theme and would like to use it on my wordpress site.

Hello ArrowIT0281,

It’s still in the works sadly, it’s up to Bogdan to give the signal when he feels it’s done. I will reply with a link here when it’s out.


Hi The mailchimp option somehow doesn’t work. Key and ID of list are correct, but the “wheel” after submit does not stop turning. Do you have any ideas?

Cheers, Phil

Hello Phil,

It works for me but you can try debugging by doing the the following:

1. Find the form tag in the html file and remove class="form-ajax" from it. Now the form should submit normally (no ajax).

2. Open up mailListHandler.php, find error_reporting(0); at the very beginning of the file and replace it with error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_WARNING | E_PARSE);.

3. See if after submitting the form you get any errors from the script. Perhaps shoot me an email with those errors…

Revert those changes after you’re done.


I simply get “error” when submitting after the above steps taken.

That’s the message displayed whenever there’s an error thrown by the MailChimp API.

Are you sure your config is ok? For example, some people used the List name instead of the List ID…

Am I correct, that the video is not working on ipad and iphone, although I created all 3 video formats?


Unfortunately Apple only allows user initiated video play so there’s no way to autoplay a video through Javascript or otherwise. Since there’s also no Flash support, there’s no way of using video backgrounds on iOS devices.