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I can change the inside of the iPhone screen? How do I change it? With photoshop?

Hello miamidollars!
The Iphone is an image, you have to open it with Photoshop and replace it.
Once you buy our product you can add your question at the forum and we will help you there.
All the best!

As we told you: You can open our psd on Photoshop and edit everything you need there.
But the White Ipad is not a free resource and if you want to have a full edition of it you must buy it HERE

More information about images here:
Also: if you have more questions you must add them to our Forum and fist you should Buy our Product.

*The same for the Iphone *

How do you control the speed of animated fade in for the ipad.html template. It’s very slow. Great template!

tonyparker thanks!
At animate.css you will find all the delay times.
.delay1, .delay2, .delay3, each one for 1 second, 2 second…

Just replace the class delay1 in the html file with the one you want to use.
Thats all!
Let us know if you need anything else, and next time add your question at our forum! :)

Also: if you want to use another animation instead of fade you just have to replace the class strong with the one you want to use, like:
flip, shake, pulse, tada, etc…
BTW We will add your questions at the documentation to improve it. Thanks!

Any chance of a wordpress version?

Not for the moment, thanks for asking!

great landing page, congratulations, great job

Great job, very good landing page

Hey, I just purchased your template like the design but I am having an issue. On the iPhone, the main button (first one you see) is not clickable. I have added my own link to the code but still is not clickable.

Does this happen for you? Can you help me please.

I am talking about these buttons –

Sure, please add this question at our forum. Thanks!

Can anyone confirm that this theme is in fact “high resolution” / “retina ready”/ “high PPI ready?” When I zoom in in my browser, most graphics become choppy and blurry, leading me to believe that this template won’t display crisply on high PPI screens.



Yes it is. Take a look at the demo in a retina display device. Also we add a screenshot to show you how it icons looks on retina.

Hi. Thanks for template. Ive tried to log into forum but it will not accept my email address (?). Is there any instructions on setting up the forms (to email to correct address). Ive changed within the send_mail.php but not working?

Any help appreciated. Thanks

Please send us an email to get your information, we will help you with you forum registration. Maybe your question was already answered.


The mobile version is not working on any browser safari/android. Could you help please? I bought this template for mobile version only, so, this is crucial for me. Thanks!

Hi Andrew I just deleted the style.css file. The button is working now, but the look of the landing page is very basic now, roght, just letters and two buttons. If you have five minutes please take a look at my file. THANKS for your time, I really appreciate it. Thanks again!

No problem, we have sent you the answer by email. :)

Hello Coralix

Is working now. Many thanks for your help, great support and patience. All the best, adios!

Wow! Very nice landing theme, Good luck dude!!

Thank you friend!

The Video example does not seem to be working. It is showing the ipod version instead on the preview.

Oh! we will update the demo, but its working on the download files. Thanks!

Hi I am just wondering if i will be able to add this plugin in the header? Next to the ebook.

No, because this is a HTML Template, not a WordPress Theme. Regards

I welcome, I have a problem with signs in Polish in the contact form. When I am writing Polish signs down in textarea after receiving one can’t see the email of them and only errors appear: Message: ? ? Ä ? ?? However changing contents on the side to Polish signs the text is happening thickened (bold). I am calling for help.

I bought your template and I want to use it in Poland. Unfortunately after writing the text down in “tex area” I receive the message without the encryption – Polish signs aren’t shown. Please, help

Ok, we will help you at the forum, we saw your post. Thanks!

ryybol the solution is at the forum, :)

Any suggestions for how one might incorporate a blog into this design? Love the template but I really need it to have blog functionality before I can purchase. Thoughts?

Yes, it is very simple, we can help you will that. It is simple to add a new page for news.
Is this what you need, right?

I’m hoping to use it to promote a book. The author would like to have a blog on the site. Would that be possible with the news page your describing? Ideally it would be a Wordpress based blog because the author is familiar with WP…

We will take this into consideration for our next update, thanks!

Hi there, You have done great job with giving us themed icons for many of the social websites out there in the copy-rights section (below the footer)! However, Youtube icon is really really missing here :( I’ve tried adding it by myself but it seems I need to re-create the whole fontello files from scratch.. Adding support for Youtube icon as well would be very much appreciated. Thanks a lot! :)

Hello with_you,
We are using Entypo icon fonts ( A good solution could be to replace the class name of the icon from icon-twitter to icon-play (it is a player icon like Youtube). I hope it works for your project! :)

If you need more help we can add some screenshots at our forum to let you know how to edit the social icons. Regards!

Hey, How would I change the animated BG image in the header?

@GregMoore download the item from Themeforest again, go to the documentation file and check the new tutorial to do that. :)

If I was to purchase this theme could I use the body background image used in the header?

Yes! It is included :)


I’d like to purchase the template however I’ve noticed a bug, when you click on the contact link within the smartphone version, the pop-up window is not centered at all.

Can you fix it ?

Regards :D

Fixed! Please feel free to buy our item! :)

The item was updated with the solution, regards.


I’d like to purchase this masterpiece of yours but I have no knowledge in HTML programming.

Does it take someone with HTML programming knowledge to edit the template ?

Regards, Sean

Hi Sean, we can help you with that. You have to know a basic html tags. But you can also use it with the same layout only editing the text and images. You can open the file and replace the original text with yours without touching the html code. Regards!

We have UNBOUNCE and INSTAPAGE landing pages too, you don’t need to code to edit this items. Regards!

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