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excellent work

Does the contact validation stop spam bots? noticed there was no 3 + 4= or image validation.I’m not sure if the validation your using on the contact form would control auto bots spam using something like the 3 + 8= validation.

other than that, this is a sweeet minimal template!!

oh forgot to ask, whats the full php site you mention on the item description? what pages can be controlled via the php?


For an enhanced contact form, I would check out CodeCanyon’s Form Category:

The PHP site takes advantage of included files so you do not have to edit the menu/footer/common items on every page you create, it makes your life easier if you make edits down the line.


Just purchased the template, very nice!

Did you make the social media icons yourself or were they in a pre-made pack? If the latter could you tell me the name of them as I would like a LastFM one in the same style.

You beat me to it! Correct – thanks!

Glad to know you are still around to answer questions though, really loving the template so far. It’s exactly what I was after, nice and clean!

Great Work! I found the site very easy to revise and I’m a novice.

One question: Where do I go and what code do I change to activate the social media links.


There should be sample code in the home (index.html) file – thanks!

Hi, just purchased theme and am happy with it. For some reason contact form is not working though. Have modified mail.php to point to correct address and all relevant files are uploaded onto server. When using the form it appears to work because the thanks.html page appears, problem is that none of the message actually show up in email mailbox. (have double checked spam box and filters too on email account).

Any suggestions?


Try a simple test.php page and load it to see if that works…

<?php $to = "";
$subject = "Test mail";
$message = "Hello! This is a simple email message.";
$from = "";
$headers = "From: $from";
echo "Mail Sent.";
(from w3schools)


Try setting the “from” to your own email address.

Hello, so far I’m really happy with the template. 1 question though, how can I change the logo. I don’t want a text logo, but rather a custom gif or jpeg. Thanks a lot!

Hey there,

Since it’s an HTML /CSS theme, the easiest way is to just replace the logo in the images folder with your own file.


Yeah… that’s what I thought. But it seems I can only find “logo cutout” and nothing for the actual logo itself in the images folder.

My mistake, this site uses a text based logo edit this region of the header:

<div class="logo">
<h1><a href="index.html">minimal.</a></h1>

Awesome site man, I love you work!

Although I was wondering why the footer isn’t fixed with sticky footer or something to keep it on the bottom, it kinda ruins the focal point of the design, not having it on the bottom on all monitors.

Just curious why it’s like that,

again…Beautiful Theme, love your work.

Hey there,

You could set the background color of #outer to white and the body background to match the footer and it would appear more seamless… just an oversight on my part.


Good idea, thanks.

Just curious, you're one of my favorite designers...wondering if you're ever going publish a joomla theme?!? A cudazi joomla theme might be to awesome to handle.


Hey there!

Not in the near future, sorry! :)

How does this theme interact with the newest versions of CSS , HTML5, etc? I noticed it was created in 2009… so I am curious as to how that all fits together before I purchase.


Shouldn’t be a problem, many templates that are HTML5 just added a HTML5 doctype even if they don’t use any HTML5 elements quite yet. As for CSS , there is nothing you’ll need to do to upgrade or anything in that regards.

Thanks for checking, Minimal is still one of my favorite themes!


Thank you for your purchase, it is one of my favorites. :)

Hi, In the One time setup before you start section you say: • Create a page using the Portfolio page template. What do I do with this page? Do I make a parent page for it? In that case, Portfolio would be my parent. And if so, how does this work with posts? I’m very confused and can”t seem to get this working. Please help



Hey John,

You’re posted in the HTML version, go ahead and move this discussion to:


Hi, I installed this theme and love it. One question. The changes I make to the style.css file show up in Firefox but not Chrome. Why is this?

Sometimes the css is cached in Chrome, try changing the theme version number up top in the css or erasing your browser’s cache/etc.

(Also, you’re in the HTML version of the theme’s comment form)

Can I add the blog as the homepage? Thanks?

Hey there – for the WordPress version, any page can be the home page – including the blog posts – thanks!

Hi there,

Loved the theme!

I have a quick question before I purchase this. On the homepage, are any of these possible? 1. Can I remove the blog feed and replace it with simple text? 2. Can I remove both the blog feed and social media icons and have one column text (the text in column 1 cover the entire width of the page??

Thanks, Moksh

Hello, this is the static HTML version of the item so it’s all fully editable. If you’re looking at the WP version, the sidebar widget can be replaced with a text widget. :)