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Really Nice Theme!! GLWS :)

Thank you

I love this design. How can we modify this site so people can list there item for sale?

I would like to use this theme for the domain name SellmyGuitar.com. People can list their guitar for sale for a fee.


For that you will need to get b2b magento extension that will work as per your requirement. you can get theme theme , but you will need to modify theme based on extension.

who do you recommend to do this work?

Google ‘b2b for magento’ and you will get list

Hey templatemela,

Was wondering if it was possible to change the typeface used throughout the theme. I like the theme but I would need the typeface to be different if i were to purchase. Your response is appreciated! Thanks


You can change typography – font as per your requirement. It does not have back-end option but just need to modify from css. Our technical team will help you

Hi, Very nice and clean template. I have just recently installed a new template for my shop, www.woolsmile.com, but I am not satisfied with the design. Your design seem to be what I am looking for with a clean and fresh design, fixed header etc. If I buy your template, would you be able to help me to install the theme and to make the conversion to your template be smooth and nice? The main page on my shop is in Swedish… Thanks in advance. C

Yes if you buy our template, We will Install it for you. But if you wanted to install multiple languages then you need to hire programmers for that, we do not offer customize services right now

I have a current site I am running but I hate the theme. If I add this theme, will it mess up any of the product configured in my current theme?

Or any of the extensions I have added?

Please contact to our technical team at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ they will guide you.

I just submitted another ticket. I’m used to real time access via chat with some of my service providers. I’m trying to launch my new site March 1st…hopefully they answer quickly.

Yes, You will get reply as soon as possible from our technical team.

Your live preview isn’t working. I saw this when it was released… Loved it, but need to see a working demo… any other place to see a live demo?

Theme demo working fine now please check it.

Demo is not working

This theme demo working fine now please check it.

I like this theme – would I be able to create completely custom pages but have the shopping cart function of your theme run the ecommerce piece? I.e – I have custom designs for all my pages and would like to replace all the current pages except the shopping cart and checkout.

It depends on how you wanted to customize. If you want to customize design then it’s possible. To customize any features you need technical knowledge of magento. If you contact our support team they will guide you better.

Nice theme but how to put a link to a banner?

Magento Themes Using CMS block for banners, You just need to update/add link to the CMS block banner, i.e <a><img> banner image</a>

If you still need help you can always contact our support team at https://www.templatemela.com/support/

Any help with error code on admin:

Fatal error: Class ‘Mage_AdvancedMenu_Helper_Data’ not found in /home/user/public_html/app/Mage.php on line 547

Thats so wierd, checked config.xml many times and do not find any erros from there. Also checkd file & folder permissions.

Make sure you upload all the files provided with theme and clear cache. Please contact our support team at https://www.templatemela.com/help/ with all details,

does this theme work with magento go? or just the open source / enterprise version of magento?

It does not work with magento GO, it is for community version only. You can check magento go themes here http://www.templatemela.com/hosted-ecommerce/magento-go-themes.html


We have an problem showing featured products. Only product we mark at page 1 does show show.

Why that?

Best Regards Bastian

Please contact to our technical team with all your details at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ Our technical team will perfectly install your theme on your server and fix all your issue.

Hi How can i change the images in ananimationd ee slideshow and also the s on it? cheers

OK, answer is on your next comment. Thank you.

HI guys it is me again, sorry my previous post I was typing from a laptop and always the cursor changes place, my question is how can i change the images and the type of animation in the theme slideshow

many thanks cheers

Please contact to our technical team with all your details at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ so our technical team will guide you.

Hi, I have just installed the theme. But in my footer I can see all blocks in one columns, How can I move them in 4 columns like it is on the demo site? Best,mikilopa

Please check it our installation documentation file for setup our theme. Or please contact to our technical team with all your details https://www.templatemela.com/support/ so they can perfectly install your theme on your server.

Hello, very nice looking theme. Is it possible to disable the product scroller on the homepage, so that the featured/latest/special products do not show? Also, is it possible to disable the two large blocks beneath the top banner on the homepage? Thank you.

Yes, It’s possible to disable home page product slider also possible to remove/disable home sub banners. After the purchase this theme our technical team will guide you about this changes.

Hello , you’re going to update the theme to version 2.0.2 ?

We will take very long time for upgrade theme, because we need to create totally new theme for support v2.x.

Does this theme have a blog?

No, We have use static CMS content for blog content.