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Great work!!

I have a grid problem in displaying it in mobile. I have 2 div inside a row say and and I placed a logo in whigh aligns in right.. when I resizes the screen I need my logo div to be on the top ie. should go top.. What I have to do to get that… Please help me out..

Thanks a Ton! Srini

Hi Srini, do you bought this theme?

Hello, I would like to buy your theme, I’m interesting in your gallery section, but I’m getting an error when I click in video section. Is this section working properly?


Hi Lucas,

sorry I must say no it’s not functional it’s only example, but I try to make it functional in next release. Thank you.

Hi, I thought I would share another tweak. By adding display: inline-block; to #mmenu css eliminates the white line under the navbar when reloading the page.

#mmenu { z-index: 9999; display: inline-block; }

Hope that helps, and thanks for this template once again :)

Thanks on my side, I didn’t realised any white line while reloading page, but you are right so I will implement this, thanks again. :)

Very beautiful, I want to buy your theme, if I buy, after you update, I can continue to download? Thanks!

add?safari version 7.03

sure, you can send me email at sprattek@gmail.com

I have been sent, please check.waiting for your reply

Hello love the theme!

Could you add a few widgets?

A poll booth that shows winner after a certian amount of time.

A countdown widget.

And bitcoin checkout.



thank you for suggestions. If I may ask can you send me some examples of these widgets on my email? I’m not very sure what exactly do you need so if I can get concept of your needs I can do exactly what you need. Thanks.

A basic countdown widget that goes from example: 60 minutes to 0

premium user pages, only certain users can access. Do you have any way of easier contact?

Sure just send me an email at sprattek@gmail.com. thanks

how can i change default background ?


just change class on body element to your needs you can use predefined classes bg-1….bg-6 or solid-bg-1….solid-bg-6 or you can make your custom bg class and use it instead of predefined classes.

thank you for quick response ;)

no problem :)

Hi, the modals lose their Close button on a tablet/phone in portrait mode, so you can’t close it and then you’re stuck! Is there a quick fix for this?

Hi, thank you for reporting. For quick fix you can try add margin-top to the .modal-dialog class in main scss file it is on line number 5494 or you can make on your own. For example it can look like

.modal-dialog {
    margin-top: 30px;

Hope it helps. It will be fixed in next release. Thank you and sorry for the problems.

perfect, thanks!

No problem :)

Hi, the ‘draggable’ items on the calendar don’t work on a tablet. This is pretty important for touch type of interface. Hope you can look into this.

Hi, thank you for reporting, I’ll try to fix that in next release. Sorry for problems.

Hi, could you please split the css/scss up into manageable files? The main css (900+k!) is way to large for any production site. It’s normal in admin templates to include split less files so we can choose which components we want to compile into css. Thanks.

Thank you, I hope that I can finish new update as soon as possible.

Hi, no new version yet with less or at least scss split up? This is a really great design – i think the best admin theme on themeforest, but it’s not really useable with a nearly 1Mb css file!


sorry for that delay, lot of work here but I hope new version is coming out soon. I’m working on it hard everyday so stay tuned.

I have never used an admin site before and I would love to use one for one of my clients. I am very tech savy and manage a wordpress site but do you think setting this up will be too complicated for me? I have never used bootstrap before.

Will it need its own domain? its own server? and are all the values have to be manually inputed or can they be pulled from google analytics as well?

I love the theme though and thanks


there is nothing complicated about setting this template but you will need some experencie with html/css/js and bootstrap framework knowledge is important too.

Domain and server? On basic usage you only need basic webhosting so nothing special it mostly depends on your backend if you want apply this theme on it.

And about google analytics that is out of my knowledge, I have never used it or try to make it work with some of jquery plugins but it’s possible that some of them support it. That you can find in documentation of these plugins.

Thank you for loving and have a nice weekend :).

[Sorry for bad english, this post is NOT a google translate copy/paste I think it will be better, if not please let me know.]

Hello Tattek,

I really like your theme (the colors and the work with transparency is awesome), and I would like to buy it, but i’ve a few questions/concerns.

First, I plan to use it as an “informative screen” about the status of my servers, so it will include informations like room temperature, ups status with battery percentage, disks & cpu usage, monitoring alerts and many more.

I’ve found in your theme some widgets or elements that i can use and adapt to fit my needs, but i’m a little stuck with some points:

- I need a notification system, the alert dialogs will do fine, but for any critical condition it’s not enough (eg: power loss or AC failure), i’ve looked at the modal notification system, and i find i’ts not enough too, i need something really more dramatic (a full page alert with big fonts/some animation will do perfectly the job), can you do something about this concern?

- The video background : it is wonderful, but it seems that chrome didn’t like it (it doesn’t work, latest chrome on windows 7×64). Can more ‘video’ backgrounds be added?

- Is it possible to display the page with the left menu minimized by default?

Just for information, I’m fine with HTML & JS, CSS is okay but i’m out when graphic art/design is involved :-) .

Thank you in advance.

Hi Zigzag,

- I can make some custom modal windows in new version for this purposes

- I’ll check that and try to resolve this, more video backgrounds may come in new version

- Yes this is possible when you add .collapsed to #navbar and #sidebar. Then you need edit minimal.js file and comment lines number 9 and 23 also change else statement in widthLess1024 function as this:

else {
    //make navigation not collapsed
    //$('#sidebar, #navbar').removeClass('collapsed');

    //move content if navigation is not collapsed
    if ($('#sidebar').hasClass('collapsed')) {
      $('#content').animate({left: "0px",paddingLeft: "55px"},150);
    } else {
      $('#content').animate({paddingLeft: "55px"},150);

Thank you.

Hi, this is perfect, thanks, waiting for the mods, i’m definitely buying this masterpiece and beginning work on it :-)

Thanks, I hope you will be satisfied :)

Hello, can I port this to wordpress?

Sure, if you know how :)

You sir have some of the most beautiful Admin Templates in the entire Forest.

Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks mate, I really appreciate it :)

Great theme! Two requests though. Can you add an option for a top menu instead of a side menu, and can you add nestable menus? Thanks!

Hey, thank you. Top menu is not planned in next version but it can come in some of the other releases. Nestable menus will be in next version.

Hi Tattek,

I have a problem with the Page transition on my site http://www.enterior.it

I used successfully your template up to some days ago. Since about one week the Page transition does no more work on “Up/Down”, “Fade” and “Up/Down (In), Fade (Out)” options.

In particular the URL changes successfully and using Firebug I see the HTTP GET is done (via Ajax), but the page does not change at all.

Now i had to set “No animation” to let it work!

Could you tell me if there is a bug and how to solve the problem?



as first I didn’t noticed any problems with animations mainly because I don’t know what do you need to animate or what elements are animated on your page. Secondly there are no signs that you bought my template and thirdly I absolutely don’t know what have your site with this template so sorry I can’t help you.

But if I’m wrong please give me some more info about your problem and be more specific about which element on your page is buggy,


What hosting service would you recommend using? And can I use Joomla 3 as the CMS??

do you think you can point me in the direction of a good video tutorial that can show me how to implement this?? I am really unsure how to get started

I have website… Littlemissclutterbuster.com …. that i would like to use this template. It is a wordpress site, I would really appreciate if you could point me in the direction of a forum or a video or a guide that could help me get this up

Hi, try googling something like this “how to make wordpress theme”, for example thats what I get

Hey Tattek, So far I’ve been extremely pleased. I have run into a glitch though and hopefully you can help. I’ve noticed that in iOS on Chrome/Safari the page seems to detach from the background. I’ve attached a screencap. The divs go over into a void, scrolling gets wonky or impossible, and the nav bar jumps over content. It’s especially prevalent if I open an input or text field, after which the page is essentially unusable as you can’t scroll anymore.

It seems like a CSS issue, any ideas?


just tested in on my nexus 5 with chrome but unfortunately I can’t get into this problem. Are you getting this on some of my original pages or on your custom pages? If on your custom, can you please send me complete html file on my email?

On mobile devices if keyboard opens then viewport shrink and that cause that background shrink too but in my case without any glitches and I can work with page normally without refreshing. Sometimes viewport have a bug and there is a white area but only scrolling can solve this.

I’m getting it on your demo site, the downloaded copy I have, and some custom pages. The easiest way I test my fixes is by loading the profile page and scrolling down to the feed “What’s up dude?” text box. My entire screen will turn white (or the color of the body color). After hitting done on the mobile keyboard I can no longer scroll up or down on the page.

Think an email with a video would help?

I haven’t been able to duplicate this bug on any other website other than your theme (which is great).

Video will be great as I can’t replicate this bug on nexus.

Love it but one question: No invoice?

Hi, thank you. There is no invoice at this stage….maybe in future updates.

Bought now, great work!

Greetings from Brazil.

Thank you :)

Nicely done!;