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Hi cudazi,

Love this theme. However is there a way for me to make the footer sticky? I don’t that much info on my homepage, so the footer is floating about 1/4 of the distance from the bottom of the screen.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Hey there – maybe you’ll want to sent a min-height on the “main” element to keep the page from collapsing.

.main { min-height: 500px; }

Hope that helps :)

Thanks for the reply. Is there an easy way to do this that will make the theme height responsive to different screen sizes?

You’d have to work in some sort of media query it seems,


whats the easiest way to reorder the menu? Doesn’t seem to use WP Menus?

Hey there – please use the page order attribute, – Thanks!

I was wondering if it is possible to replace the icons on the homepage with custom made icons/images? I am helping a friend with their site using this theme and I can’t seem to figure out where they live in the backend. A “how-to” would be great!


Hello – if you look in the theme’s images folder you’ll see where the home icons are stored, feel free to overwrite mine or use your own in there.

Great! Thank you. And the images folder… that is located in the zipped file that was downloaded with purchase of the theme?

In the theme folder /images/large_icons/ you’ll see my existing icons.

I add a tagline in admin panel – it appears on Home page & Blog page. I am trying to overwrite tagline (custom field) in blog page, but it continues to show tagline put on admin panel for homepage. I was able to show custom tagline on 2 new pages which you default template. how to fix tagline on blog page?

Secondly in default page template – how do I remove page title? It doesnt come when I pick any template but “default template”.

I just Private messaged you my website name. Thanks!

Replied to your email, thanks!

After adding tagline in admin-Settings – i am able to overwrite home page tagline using custom field but not on blog page

Replied to your email, thanks!

I have a few more questions I am hoping you can help me with. • How do I change the colour of the grey footer bar? • I’d like a large graphic to span the top of the page. How do I get the image to be centered on the page? ( • Is it possible to change the tagline for certain pages? • I am having some difficulties changing the font. Any quick tips?

Thanks so much!

The tagline can be changed on a per-page basis with a custom field of “tagline” and the value is the tagline text/html as noted in the help and .txt files. All other items are customizations, I can’t get into custom work, sorry but I can refer to you a few customization shops if you’re like, just send me a message via my profile.

Hey great theme, just some pre-purchase questions. 1. Can I adjust the header image to a bigger size? 2. What page templates are there? The portfolio posts simply look like a blog template. 3. The recent posts on the right is that a widget we can remove and make the images/text go full width?

Hey there – the header/logo is actually just code (the black box) so it will expand to fit the site name. The site templates are all shown in the live demo. I’m not quite sure about the full width, I can’t access my demo at the moment, sorry, it’s something with my ISP.

ok can you let me know about the other questions when you can? thanks. also im not sure what you mean by the header will expand to fit the site name, so can it be any size we want depending on the image dimensions?

Here’s an example of the logo with longer text –

Here are the page templates: The portfolio lays out like this: Full width page template:

Hope that helps!

Great theme.

Question: When some chooses a category in the blog it only shows the title, it does not show the whole post like it does when just choosing the main blog page.

Can I adjust it so it looks like the main blog posts but only for the specific category that is chosen?


And then choose one of the categories

Does anything happen if you also fill out the excerpt field as well? (may need to show it via the screen options tab)

it works if i copy the html from the post and put it into the excerpt.

Hello, this is my website: I have 2 questions. 1- How do I make the top menu names lower letters. (Anasayfa, Hakk?m?zda, Hizmetler) 2- how I do delete the blog bylines here: date, posted in category and by admin line. thanks in advance :)

Hey there – The top menu pulls pages based on the page name, if the page name is lowercase, it’ll pull in lowercase. The other text is the excerpt, you’ll need to modify the template files for this customization.

Hi, thanks for the response. All the page names are lowercase indeed. You can see here: ... And can you please tell which template file to modify? Thanks again.

hello,I am new in WP and having problems for portfolio page.I would like display it like in your demo.Can you explain me the steps?.Also readed your manual (page 3).Do you offer ,with extra cost, installation service?

Just saw your email, I’ll reply there – thanks!

sorry forgot : the site is

Hello I emailed you 4 days ago. How can I modify the header area of each page? in the HTML version you have different text per page where you write WELCOME TO THE PORTFOLIO OF …. is that possible in WP?

Please see the help document large promo settings area. The (v2.0) promo pulls based on the site description and can be overridden by a text widget placed in the appropriate sidebar / widget area. Thanks!

Thanks. Your explanation was not very clear. For anyone else trying to do this.

- GO to JETPACK Settings. - Make sure you have WIDGET VISIBILITY turned on. - Appearance/Widgets add more text widget to Promo box in right - Open the text box widget in Promo. - Notice the VISIBILITY box - Give parameters of where to appear/not in your website.

Hi. I was using an older version of the theme (1.3) and the contents were correctly displayed. I tried downloading and installing the newest version 2.0, but all the content was then missplaced. See here: . Am I missing some steps on the upgrade? Thanks.

I found that what was conflicting with the theme editor in WP was the Custom Social Media plugin. After disabling I was able to arrange again the components.

Can you please advise on how to make my gallery page like your sample Square Portfolio Page. I figured out how to add the tiled mosaic option and carousel on Jetpack but I would like for my thumbnails to be square.

I see the last time you replied to a comment was almost a year ago.. Really hope to hear from you as I just purchased this theme.