Minimalism - Responsive Magento 2 and Magento 1 Theme

Minimalism - Responsive Magento 2 and Magento 1 Theme

Compatible with:

[ Magento OS 2.1.X ]:
Magento OS 2.1.8

[ Magento OS 1.X.X ]:
Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS / Magento OS

Full Features List

Retina ready
Responsive design
Mega Menu
Ajax add to cart
Ajax toolbar
Ajax quick view
Ajax price slider
Ajax login and register
Ajax contact form
Onepage checkout
Theme options module
Integrated Google fonts
Changeable layout. Ability to change sidebar position (left or right)
Two kind of my cart page. Standard and accordion view
Currency switcher as select box and flags bar
“Sale” label for products with special price
“New” label for products
“More views” block can be displayed as slider
“Related products” block can be displayed as slider
“Categories” block in the sidebar can be displayed as accordion
“Wishlist” block in the sidebar can be displayed as slider
Home page button in the menu
Fully customizable home page
Integration with Cloud Zoom
Social bookmarks for products
Compatibility (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
Lots of paterns + ability to upload custom patern
Dropdown cart in header
Ability to upload custom logo image
Language switcher as select box and flags bar
Fancybox on the home and listing pages
“To Top” Button
“Collateral” block can be displayed as tabs or accordion
Ability to disable any sidebar blocks through the admin panel
“Shop by” block in the sidebar can be displayed as accordion
Previous & Next functionality for the product view page
Fully customizable header slider
Custom widgets: New Products, Featured Category products, Tabs, Social Links.
Adjustable Images
Optimized & well-structured code
.Psd files included


Images from preview are not included in the pakage due to licensing restrictions

Please notice that not all of features and modules listed here are supported in the theme in Magento 2. For more details please send us a message or add a comment.

Ver. 1.6.1 (02.11.18)

Magento 1
New. Patch to v.
Fixed. Ajax registration email checking

Ver. 1.6 (24.08.17)

Magento 1
New. Patch to v. added
New. Quickstart based on magento added
New. Patch to v. added
New. Google map API added
Fixed. Label sale for configurable product
Fixed. Newsletter popup on subscribe doesn't disappear
Fixed. Minor CSS and JS changes

Magento 2

Initial Release Magento Community Edition 2.1

Ver. 1.5 (05.12.16)

New. Patch to v.1930-1931 added
New. Quickstart based on magento added
New. Ajax registration email checking added
New. Patch v added

Fixed. Brands slider on Mac
Fixed. Accordions on shop by and categories blocks
Fixed. Top cart configurable product image
Fixed. Category page js error
Fixed. Header slider disappearing
Fixed. Price slider js error
Fixed. Swatches with VS ajax conflict
Fixed. Ajax login redirect to dashboard
Fixed. IWD checkout payment empty page
Fixed. IWD checkout prices indent
Fixed. IWD checkout total price jumping
Fixed. Login page appearance
Fixed. Footer currency doesn't work correctly
Fixed. Product price appearance
Fixed. Top cart button appearance on mobile
Fixed. Footer currency from static block doesn't work
Fixed. Language flags on ssl
Fixed. Top cart dropdown
Fixed. Sidebar category custom link doesn't work
Fixed. Ajax for layered navigation
Fixed. Listing products position after ajax toolbar
Fixed. Layered nav selected swatch
Fixed. Magehouse slider
Fixed. Top links dropdown

Ver. 1.4 (25.08.15)

New. Patch to v.1910-1921 added
New. RTL
New. Responsive Latest posts
New. Styles for tags, contact form in footer
New. Configurable swatches
New. Fancybox on product page
New. Product image aspect ratio logic improved
New. Category iOS slider added
New. Languages and Currencies switcher added
New. Pop up newsletter added
Fixed. Sticky header removed on mobile version
Fixed. Swatches label in sidebar remove
Fixed. Swatches loader added
Fixed. Logs errors
Fixed. Price slider and VS ajax problems
Fixed. Blog ream more link appearance
Fixed. Swatches js error
Fixed. Newsletter retina background
Fixed. Top cart and menu dropdowns on mobile
Fixed. Https: fonts
Fixed. Widget slider
Fixed. Print page in chrome
Fixed. My orders and print pages
Fixed. Newsletter doesn't appear
Fixed. Product accordion active element
Fixed. Layout improvements
Fixed. One page checkout mobile
Fixed. Footer newsletter
Fixed. Ajax contact form in footer
Fixed. Isotop with toolbar ajax
Fixed. Listing ajax loading wrapper
Fixed. Js error on product page
Fixed. Top menu skin colors
Fixed. Category icons in mobile menu
Fixed. Location of Find us button
Fixed. Responsive menu
Fixed. Top cart indent on mobile
Fixed. Hover images alt
Fixed. Google map on mobile devices
Fixed. Top cart icon on mobile disappear
Fixed. Blurred grid images
Fixed. Ajax login and register button not translated 
Fixed. Footer map button horizontal position 
Fixed. Header zoom effect 
Fixed. Top menu appear - no top border 
Fixed. Mobile menu items - not visible 
Fixed. Logo resize problems
Fixed. Retina logo resize bug
Fixed. Retina brands banners
Fixed. Footer map bugs
Fixed. Jspane bug on product page
Fixed. Coupon for v 1.7 fixed
Fixed. Coupon block on one page checkout and shopping cart pages
Fixed. Removed "Like Us" code from the admin
Fixed. Label New bug
Fixed. Pop up newsletter - "only home" option doesn't work
Fixed. Magehouse log bugs
Fixed. Mobile add-to-links on product page
Fixed. Mobile Social likes width on product page
Fixed. Newsletter popup background option name
Fixed. Subscribe text in pop up window
Fixed. Block shop by, remove buttons

Ver. 1.2.1 (15.05.14)

New. Patch for Magento Community Edition 1.9

Ver1.2 (08.03.14)

Fixed. Product page extra large layout bug with related products in the bottom
Fixed. Review title
Fixed. Top cart ajax bug
Fixed. Top search js bug
Fixed. Appearance of default widgets
Fixed. Ajax quick view price bug on products with options
Fixed. header top cart on mobile
Fixed. Breadcrumbs on mobile
Fixed. Map block on mobile
Fixed. Footer and sidebar blocks on mobile
Fixed. Are related products supposed to be trapped under the large image
Fixed. Extra-large product image low quality
Fixed. Social links block - wrong name
Fixed. Header line bug
Fixed. Header slider indent
Fixed. Hover Effect on product listing
Fixed. Ajax compare and wishlist links don't work on search page
Fixed. Layered navigation block doesn't exist on search page
Fixed. Header slider bug on boxed mode
Fixed. Google map block bug on boxed mode

Ver1.1 (11.02.14)

New. MegaMenu
Fixed. Generating custom styles controller
Fixed. Added warning
Fixed. Broken product page due to wrong code in media
Fixed. Media "in stock" bug on a product page
Fixed. Header cart
Fixed. Appearance of H titles
Fixed. SEO bugs
Fixed. Log errors
Fixed. Search button on Ipad
Fixed. Horozontal scroll on home page
Fixed. Widgets on iPad
Fixed. Toolbar on 3-columns layout
Fixed. Top menu bug on hover
Fixed. One page checkout select
Fixed. Debug mess
Fixed. Removed unused files

Ver1.0 (14.01.14)

Magento Community Edition 1.8.X.X (,, 1.7.x.x (,,