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Beautiful theme!!!!! I love your work my friend!!!! ;) Wish you many sales!!!! ;)

Thanks dude!

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

hi there looks awesome!! one question: is a mega menu possible? and is there a demo for the 3 different header layouts? best regards!

Hi! We are currently working on adding this feature. It’ll be available since next update

Elegant. Good luck with sales.

Nice Theme! GLWS :)

Nice theme!

Very nice! GLWS :)

Stunning design! As always! I have a few questions before I purchase it. First one: I am going to make a lot of customization work, will the updating process of the theme be so tricky in this case? Second one: I want you guys to install the theme without any chargers as you promise in theme description. What should I do?


1. Sure. Just read carefully user guide that comes with the theme where we have described how the theme must be customised. It allows you implement further updates with ease.

2. Send us ftp access to your server and magento credentials through the contact form on our profile page.

Hi there! Just wondering is this theme compatible with Magento Does html version come with this theme? Thanks

Hello, Sure it’s fully compatible with magento As to html version, it’s not available.

I am going to purchase this theme in an hour. I have one question: is it comes with a “How to install” documentation? Thanks.

Hello. Sure it comes with user guide where we have described how to install the theme. Anyway, we can install it for free on your magento.

Hello Meigee Team, firstly thanks for this great theme. I am new to Magento, so can you please help out to install at our hosting server?

Hello. Just send us admin credentials to your installed magento and ftp access through the contact form on our profile page.

I just did. Thank you for the quick reply. :)

Perfect work! What about multidomain? If I buy one licence can I use it for several domains in one project?

Perfect work! What about multidomain? If I buy one licence can I use it for several domains in one project?

Hello. You should buy different licenses for each domain. This applies to all magento themes here.

hello, just installed in, and when i click on a product, i get this error:

Invalid method Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_View_Media::displayProductStockStatus

Hello. Can you provide us access to your magento and ftp server so we could investigate the problem?

can u send me your email?

Send us an email through this contact form http://themeforest.net/user/MeigeeTeam#contact


I Have the same error…


can u help me?

Yes, this bug appears only on magento 1.7.

Open up app/design/frontend/minimalism/default/template/catalog/product/view/media.phtml and remove following code:

139 line: <?php if ($this->displayProductStockStatus()): ?>
145 line: <?php endif; ?>

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Worked! Thank You!

No, magento .

Hi Meigee Team!

Thanks for at nice template.

It my first time i work with magento.

Is all the customization done via the css in the raw files? i cant seem to located where you set the slider images? and the product page where there is no side bar, like you have in your preview called 1 COLUMN CATEGORY. :)

Best Regards


Found the default welcome msg!! :) its slowly starting to come together ha. but with one question answered another one comes ;) what if i have 2 locations i wanna add the the google map?

Last one, sorry :) it is possible to remove the ratings function?

found the about us in the Static Blocks, you click to edit, ah… :P

I have successfully installed the theme, and created three static blocks for slider images. Also, configured header slider theme option by inserting block identifiers. Still, I can’t see the slider images. I have also cleared cache. Symptom: On home page a blank slider comes up to 100% then goes off. Please help me!

Sent you images. Check your inbox.

Thank you very much for setting it up; however, I found one bug! When I browse the site on IPAD and click on search icon, the search bar goes over the menu. Probably this is because I have 6 menus. I would appreciate your fixing this problem in next update. Thank you again.

Hi, We appreciate that you’ve shared your experiences with us. We will send you solution to issue as soon as possible.

With best regards, Dylan.

Really like this template, we’re pretty keen to go ahead with it. Just a couple of questions.

On the background slider demo (third from left):

- Is it possible to change the “new arrivals” block to a blog entry (i.e. tumblr) instead? - Can we remove the “Coats” slider and 3 images below it via the admin panel?



  1. You can replace it with any content you want. As to tumblr, not sure because I don’t see that extension available in magento connect.
  2. Sure, these block can be removed jus from the admin