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Hello, i have a bug on menu…today i dont know why…

Please help me. http://goo.gl/RBFHGP (printscreen error)

Thank You!

Hello, Try to revert your theme to default to learn what’s wrong with css styles.

Simple and clean design!

This is my first time building ecommerce site, so I have couplequestions before purchasing the item.1: How to manage products using the site? How to upload/eidt/delete the product? Is there admin page for eCommerce owner to control the site like editing, deleting, uploading products, and etc? 2.Is there anything else the business owner need to purchase or pay to run the business using this template such as credit card systems and Paypal? 3. How to check someone purchase the item? Do you send email or alert? 4. Is there shipping status/return/exchange?

Thank you!

  1. Magento is very powerfull ecommerce platform where you can manage products from the admin panel uncluding upload/edit/delete. More info you can find there Magento Features
  2. No, PayPal module comes with magento core so you don’t need to add it separately.
  3. http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List/Index/54/purchasing--downloading-items

Do you provide a sample package with this theme, with magento and products and all that included?

No, demo products aren’t included. You can use default magento sample data + our “1 click installation” feature to get your store looking as demo.

Theres an issue with chrome for linux/windows

The main slider doesnt scroll up when scrolling down window. Its like its fixed: http://i.imgur.com/IE2vsoS.png

Hi, We checked demo version on several PC’s and MAC’s in chrome browser – everything works fine and we can not reproduce the shown bug. Flush your browser cache or you can try to explore website on another PC or MAC.

With best regards, Dylan.

Hello First of all, thank you for a very nice template.

We would like to translate the line “Go to Shopping Cart” in the popup post adding a product to the cart. We are not able to do so using inline translation, nor able to locate the phtml.

Could you please point us in the direction of where this line is located so that we can translate it.

Thank you

Hi, Thank you for kind words. The solution is described here: http://meigeeteam.com/faq/#toggle-id-4

With best regards, Dylan.

Hi Dylan, Yes a proper translation would be the best way to do this, but the text is hard coded and can therefore not be translated using language files.

Please advice where the popup is called from.

Thank you

Since that popup appears on different cases the phrase “Go to shopping cart” should be translated in next files:


Remind once again that any text in theme can be translated using translation feature. Be aware that translation is case sensitive, so you have to write exactly the same phrase observing the symbols case (i.e. Go to Shopping Cart) in order the translation works.

With best regards, Dylan.

How do I add layered navigation (“Filtrering” in danish) on search page?

It is there when I switch to default theme, and it is turned on in the settings for “sidebar blocks” in konfiguration for meigee theme. And they’re also shown on category page: http://wakoo.prod14.magentohotel.dk/catalogsearch/result/?q=Mauris http://wakoo.prod14.magentohotel.dk/butterfly


In order to display layered navigation on search results page go to app\design\frontend\minimalism\default\layout\local.xml and comment out or remove the code below:

<block type="catalogsearch/layer" name="catalogsearch.leftnav" before="-">
 <action method="setTemplate" ifconfig="meigee_flatshop_sidebar/block_shop_by/status">

With best regards, Dylan.


Can i add new slider to CMS or static page?

Thank you!

Hello, Yes, you can add unlimited amounts of product sliders to the CMS pages. As for header slider, you can use only one instance of slider.


Can I add blog plugin or any built in blog plugin near future? thank you

Hello. This theme is fully compatible with this Blog – Community Edition by aheadWorks


What kind of slider is on the mainpage? Can it contain video’s?


Hi, Thanks for the response! I dont find anything about the video on the website; are you sure?

Yes, we tested it.

Okay purchased it :)

Who i add Hompage button to menu? Disappear…i try to find but..

Thank You

Hello. Please read user guide that comes with the theme, especially section “Mega Menu”

Hi, amazing Theme.

I got an error where i create the Home Page Page. id home. I paste in the HTML for the Home Page Layout and saved it.

Now on the Main Page (Home Page) where the widgets should be shown are broken. Header, Slider are loading but nothing else. No Content, No Footer Informations. If i only write some Text like “TEST ABC” in it everything shows correctly.

Could it be an issue with the Widgets? Because everything like HTML shows correctly…

Thanks in Advance!

Hello. Please make sure you have uploaded the theme correct way and cleared all the magento cache. Read user guide that comes with theme.

Ok Thanks! Just reuploaded everything and works fine now.

Can i get a 2 or 3 col home page ?

Hello, Sure you can but it would take some changes in magento CMS editor.

Hi, could u please create a little tutorial for creating full width text information cms page where is the grid system is included?

Maybe 3-1, 5, 1-1, ...

That would be Great! Thanks

Sure. Check it in the next version of the theme.

are related products supposed to be trapped under the large image on this page and why is the non-large image such low quality?


template looks great, will purchase if this can be fixed ;)

Hello, Fixed. If nothing changed please clear your browser cache. After purchase you may contact us to get the fix.

great, it looks better. but i also found a glitch on this page: http://meigeeteam.com/templates/minimalism/index.php/sample-category/1-column-category.html

when scaling down for mobile devices the search bar goes crazy and overlaps other content.

Can you provide some screenshots? Just tested it and seems search bar on iPhone looks correct.

Lovely design! It’s a toss up between this one and your other one, Indigo. Here’s a really simple question – what background colour did you use for these jacket? http://meigeeteam.com/templates/minimalism/index.php/extra-large-content.html We would like to use the same colour should we decide to purchase this or Indigo. Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hello. Unfortunately images from preview are not included in the pakage due to licensing restrictions

Hello Oh sorry, I didn’t explain it very well. We don’t want to use the images we just want to know what the colour is behind the images. It looks sort of like a greyish-light blue colour like Hex #e1dbfd or #b9d3ee not sure, hence the reason for the question. We would only like to know what the exact colour is behind the images. We do not want the images.

There is no color set under images, anyway we can help to set this color for products if you need it for free. It’s just a few lines of css styles for sure.

You have released an update, where can I read the changelog?

No, it’s still ver1.1

You’re widget “featured category extended” apparently shows products ordered by id. Can that be changed to be ordered by products’ position within the category?

I can code if that’s really necessary.

Hello, Unfortunately there is no ability to set it from the admin but you can do that directly in file minimalism/app/code/local/Meigee/MeigeewidgetsMinimalism/Block/Featuredcategory.php

Please read this article: http://www.magentocommerce.com/wiki/1_-_installation_and_configuration/using_collections_in_magento hope it helps


is it possible to Display Upsell / Cross Sell Products on the right side instead of Related Products…

Something like “u may also interested in” ...


Hello, definitely you can but you cannot enable it from the admin because it takes some code changes. Unfortunately this customisation work cannot be done for free.

Hello We are going to purchase this theme but I just wanted to know are the social media icons at the bottom included? If not, where can I purchase them? Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hello. Social media icons are included for free.

I purchased this theme and I had a lot of questions (still do) ....the tech support has been the best and fastest I have received on any theme I have purchased. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company!!!!! :):):)