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We always try doing our best so decided to launch support ticket system to be closer to every buyer we got! Feel free to create a ticket if you have any troubles related to our themes Create a ticket

Please post in comments only presale questions

I have received the notification of the update…How can I update the theme whitout modify csm or pages?

There is no function to update the theme..if you made your own subtheme you can replace default minimalism theme with new one.

the ios slider that you fixed doesn’t work, You already fixed this problem two days ago, can you fix another time the problem?

Can you be more specific? Header slider is working and you can see it on the demo. What another problem do you mean? Feel free to create a ticket there https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com


We have a couple of questions:

1. Would it be possible to enlarge the dimensions of the logo? Our logo is currently 427×48 whereas the logo on the Minimalism theme is 247×70.

2. We will purchase this theme but noticed the customer atelieronline states that “the ios slider that you fixed doesn’t work” if this is the case then please let us know when it is fixed so that we can purchase your theme.

Many thanks in advance.

Hello, 1. Sure it’s possible. You can upload your own logo even through the admin. We uploaded one with dimensions you asked for. Take a look at this https://www.dropbox.com/s/wvsoe2khl0dl80n/customlogo.png

2. As to that bug, I’m confused a bit. I don’t know what bug he mentioned about. Anyway you or him can create a ticket with description of any bugs and get the fix.

Hello Before I buy. 1. Is it possible to change the transparent sticky header to not be transparent. 2. Can I use super fish instead of mega menu 3. it is possible to see how to edit the revulution slider, (screen shot) or it is possible to see the Admin demo. 4. I can see that not all of the related item that can be selected, only displayed.? error or something you can choose.

Best regards Ole

Hello, 1,2: Yes, you can implement superfish menu and change any styles by yourself.

3. We use https://iosscripts.com/iosslider/ in this theme, not revolution slider. To edit slides you may change html code.

4. You can select only items which haven’t custom options. This is default magento feature.

hi how can i login to the demo admin? would like to see the different product page layouts before purchasing theme.

many thanks

oh i thought there was a demo admin as it says in the item details there is. Okay that’s great, just checked out http://meigeeteam.com/templates/minimalism/index.php/sample-category.html, but if i click on page 2 of these items, then select the brown coat (“Product layout: extra large content”), view this item and then click “back” it actually takes me to page 1, and not page 2? Is this an error? as wouldn’t want a customer to be on my client’s website with this theme and view a product on page 5 for example then when they click back to takes them to page 1…


Changed description. Sorry for misleading.

As to ajax toolbar, this extension isn’t our one and we do not provide support for it. You will need to contact to the author of this extension with any bugs.

okay thanks, would rather purchase a theme that has been bug tested.

Hello, I’m to purchase this amazing template, but I am not a developer. I just have a few questions about some features:

1. On the product description page, the Description beside the image is the same description as the collateral block? 2. If #1 is yes, can the theme put the “we also recomend” of the collateral block as default view, and delete the description? 3. It is easy to change the header options and the layout from the deafult to boxed one? I am not developer, but I have some idea to manage magento admin panel. 4. I like this decription page (http://meigeeteam.com/templates/minimalism/index.php/jacket-with-detachable-fur.html) it is easy to fix it for every product? 5. On the category bar, clicking on woman, the “Awesome Content” is a banner? Can I delete and/or add whatever I want? It is easy? 6. Is the “we also recommend” feature a cross-selling?


  1. No, these are different descriptions: short and full one
  2. It requires some code changes, but yes it’s possible for sure
  3. Yes, it can be changed from the admin
  4. Yes, it can be configured from the admin too
  5. It’s just html code which you can edit from the admin
  6. No, it’s up-sell products. Crossell ones are displayed on cart page.

Hi, really like the theme.

Is it possible to add the product description to the ajax quick view popup?



Hello, Sure you can do that with ease.

Hi, thanks for the reply above – what’s the best way to add the description to the Ajax quick view pop up?


To add description to the quick view add the code below to the app\design\frontend\minimalism\default\template\ajax\catalog\product\options.phtml to the appropriate place of form section

<div class="clear"></div><br /><?php if ($_product->getShortDescription()):?><br />     <div class="short-description"><br />     <div class="std"><h2><?php echo $this->__('Details:') ?></h2><?php echo $_helper->productAttribute($_product, nl2br($_product->getShortDescription()), 'short_description') ?></div><br />     </div><br /><?php endif;?>
For sure you’ll need to add your custom styles to the skin\frontend\minimalism\default\css\styles.css to make the description looks pretty in that window. For example you can add space before the description in such way .ajax-index-options .product-view .short-description{padding-top: 1.5em;}
By the way, from now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your further request through that form. Don’t forget to provide your purchase code

With best regards, Dylan

Thanks Dylan, will do.

Hi Guys

Quick way without losing any data while updating from 1.0 to 1.2?


Thanks for the reply! :) but i dont see any help in the documentation.. Can you please advise? :)

should i override the files via ftp upload?

You should upload new version the way you did installation. If you don’t want to update it manually please read “Theme Updates” section of the user guide.

Hi there,

Please can the slider height be resized? And what is the width of the boxed layout? Can this be made smaller too?

Many thanks

Hi Header slider size is calculated automatically depends on slider images sizes. All available information about header slider you can read on the it’s promo page. Width of the boxed layout is 1272px.

With best regards, Dylan


Just purchased the them. After installation, for some reason all fonts are different then on the demo site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there!

From now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your request through that form https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com

Where can i find my Purchase Code? :)


Hi, could you tell me where i place the footer social Icons like in your Demostore? Thanks!

To add icons of social networking websites exactly as on demo, just go in admin of your magento to CMS -> Static Blocks and create new static block with id “minimalism_social_links” after that insert configured widget Meigee/Social links in the content of that static block. Save changes flush cache refresh browser and check – the icons of your favorite social networking website will appear in the bottom of your store.By the way, from now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your further request through that form. Don’t forget to provide your purchase code

With best regards, Dylan


I love the minimalism theme, and planning to buy. I have signed up with Magento Go. Would like to know if the Minimalism theme can be integrated with Magento Go?

Look forward to your reply…

Regards, CJ

Hello, Unfortunately this theme isn’t compatible with Magento Go.


Please correct me if I am wrong.. In the features list it says, “Currency switcher as select box and flags bar” However I don’t see it in the live version or the in the screenshots. Can you please update the live version?

Great, thanks!!

Just a suggestion for the next update..any chance to make the currency conversion symbols at the top of the page where its visible? perhaps next to the shopping cart?

You can do that by yourself. We can help you with this without any charges.

Hello is there any plan to be updated to 1.3 as Black & White? I noticed it is updated to be compatible to CE 1.9, but was wondering if there gonna be more update soon.

Hello. We are currently working on this theme. The next update will be available soon.

Hello, Meigee.

Great theme. Can you indicate how to disable the home slider loader (0-100% in a large font). We’d like for the slider image to load without any loader animation.

FYI, An associate purchased it for a shared project, so it doesn’t show me as purchasing.


Option which allow to hide slider preloader will be included in next 1.3 theme version, which we plan to release in a few days. So just wait a little bit.

With best regards, Dylan

Is there a ready PayPal module as payment option? How easy is it to enable it?

Hello. PayPal is a built-in payment option in magento. Please check this link to read up on how to set it up http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/setting-up-paypal-for-your-magento-store

Hello, I’m about to buy this theme, but then I noticed something weird on the product page. It seems like the elements are collapsing between each other.

How do I fix this issue? I tested it on Chrome and Safari, still the results are the same.

link : http://meigeeteam.com/templates/minimalism/index.php/women/shoes/boots/blazer-with-narrow-lapels.html

img: http://i.imgur.com/e36L8w0.png

1.3 is available!

Yay!! I already bought it..and one more thing I would like to know how to add white spaces between the products in the category list.

link: http://meigeeteam.com/templates/minimalism/index.php/women.html

img: http://i.imgur.com/FAg2oi3.png

I think, it will looks better with space between them

Please create new ticket here https://meigeeteam.freshdesk.com and provide access to your store so we could help you.

Do not forget to provide your purchase code http://meigeeteam.com/purchase_code.png

Hi there,

I’m very interested in this theme as it is pretty much exactly what I was looking for however I have a few questions before I go ahead and buy it. I’d be very grateful if you could help me.

1. Somebody mentioned that when you go onto page 2 on a certain category, click on a product and then click back it returns to the first page and not the page that you were on. You say this is an issue with the Ajax function and not your theme, however I was wondering if there is a possible fix for this? This issue is the main thing that is putting me off the theme as I know it is a pain when you are on page 4 or 5 of a website and you click back it starts from the beginning. If we could sort this issue I would be most likely buying the theme right away.

2. If that issue cannot be sorted, is it possible to disable the Ajax feature and for the theme to just load pages as they normally would?

3. I would not need the map feature that is towards the bottom. Am I correct in thinking it is possible to remove that map?

4. In the footer I would like to have a Facebook module with a like button and possible a Twitter module which shows my recent tweets. Would it be possible to put this in and remove two of the sections there? I see you do have a section that says Tweets however it just has links there.

5. Is it possible to remove the floating menu bar which comes up when you scroll down below the menu?

If you could help me with these few questions I’d be very grateful.

Kind Regards, Asif.

1.3 is already uploaded and will be available as soon as Envato staff approve it. As to editing code, our support doesn’t cover free customization work.

That’s great.

Oh, so I would have to pay for you to sort that problem with the Ajax feature that I mentioned in question 1 above?

Kind Regards, Asif.

We are not available for custom work. You can contact to our partner http://www.advancedlogic.eu/ since we do not offer it.

1.3 is available by the way.