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Hello Paul,

ive just resent it to your email. If you havent received it, can you give me an alternative email address


I got it! I’ll write you a exact example of the code and send it to you by Monday. I’m having a really hectic schedule lately. Is that ok Micatuca? :)

Hi I real like this template but am stack a bit how do I change tweets in a home page ?

Please read the provided documentation. I’ve included a few lines on how to change the twitter username.

I love your template. Before buying I want to know more about the iPhone application. Does this require separate setting up or does it automatically convert the big screen layout to iPhone size?

Hey there! Separate setup is required. If you need more help, feel free to ask! :)

Hi. I’ve bought your template and love it’s simplistic look. But I do have some problems with it:
1. Not all fonts display accents signs in German and Polish. (like: Ä/ä, Ö/ö, Ü/ü, ß or óÓ – they show up blank) :(
2. About page can show max two pictures with captions.
Also I think that the page should have:
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" />
right after <!DOCTYPE html SYSTEM>

I’m assuming I’ll be OK if I ditch the php files and either use nothing (static site) or Coldfusion when I need interactivity?

Removing the PHP will remove your contact form. If you illegally download this file you will not be able to use many of it’s functions! :)

Just purchased this amazing template and i see under /blog_post.html there is a field to submit a post but the submit button wont work, i checked the source and it seems fine is there something else i need to do? Thanks

The blog page is a demo page. That has been added for customers who wish to convert it to WordPress :)

thank you very much for the quick response. Any wordpress plugins that customers or yourself have used in the past that work well with all the ajax going on :) thank you

As far as I know, a customer of mine did code this template to WordPress, I will try to find the e-mail he sent me with a link. I’ll post it here if I do. Maybe it helps :)

Hello Paul,

how do I add a favicon to the site pages?

Also, at the moment, there are 2 blog articles per page…how do I add more, for example, 4 or 6?

Hey there Micatuca! Thank you for your purchase! To add a favicon, you need a favicon icon, then place this script

 <link href="favicon.ico" rel="shortcut icon" />
just before closing the tag!

To add more blog posts, check the documentation. The same process as adding more images to the gallery, but with the blog post wrapper!

Please read the entire documentation! I made it as detailed as possible to cover all aspects of editing this template!


Nice theme. One question before I purchase

What happens when people visit the site with browsers that do not support HTML 5 or CSS 3 ?

Elements are made to work properly with all browsers. This template and all my future templates are built with the thought of browsers that do not support this technology! :) Everything will render out fine. The button will be square and not rounded, but other than that, everything will work perfectly! :)

Before purchasing.. Does it have a auto detect mobile device and display the appropriate pages?

example: mysite.com mobile.mysite.com


Thank you for your purchase laguna999! I’ve already sent you the script and instructions on how to use it! If you have any difficulties, please reply to my mail and I will further assist you!

Best regards, Paul

Thanks Enabled!

5 stars for all around goodness!! good luck with more sales!

Thank you very much laguna999! Check out my other items! All of them have mobile versions! Again, thank you very much for your purchase, rating, kind words and politeness! Much appreciated!

Good afternoon, I needed to know how to make visible words in Portuguese as “Apresentação”, and how to make iphone automatically recognize mobile version. The changes I make in the regular site version, I have to do well in the mobile folder? Thank you.

I am having the problems with the template. The fact that the source will not read signs like ç, á, and õ, makes all the work go to waste and I have problems with the client that this template and I required no other!

Hey there vergilde, you need to re-embed the fonts here following the instructions on the page, and select which characters you wish the font to have!

Just purchased this. Looks rock solid. Thanks for the awesome work!

Thanks for your purchase and your kinds words, SajanP.

I have purchased your theme and I am loving it. Can you pm me the code for the mobile version of the site please?

You can get the redirect script from my support page over here!

I purchased this template for the sophisticated and simplistic look. It was very easy to use and create the pages I need. Thank you for offering such a fantastic template! Do you have other templates for purchase that you can send me?

Hey there, we have other site templates such as Sophie , Worktropia , and Nobile . These are all our desktop templates as we started building mobile ones instead! Thank you very much for your words of appreciation!

The twitter plugin stopped working?

Twitter is no longer supporting API 1.0

I want to give a public vote of admiration for this programmer on as many of his products as possible.

There is a reason.

When we’re buying templates and themes, we need more than a batch of code which works properly. We need to know that the programmer behind it is serious about his or her work, capable of responding, able to offer reasonable custom work and upgrades – and most of all concerned that we get the product we need to solve problems and create solid projects.

Enabled is that kind of provider. I will take as much time as I can to tell as many people as possible how good his work is, how much I appreciate his talent and how much money he saved me in outside development.

When I need him, he’s there. Whether via email or Skype, he provides extraordinary service as if he’s just another seamless part of your team.

I rarely say I can’t wait to buy more of someone’s products, but he is the resource I’ll return to every time I need anything related to desktop or mobile design.

Bring your project, bring your skill level and explain exactly what you want to accomplish. You won’t find anyone better.

The beautiful bonus you get is being able to envision how a theme might work, and not worry if you have trouble customizing it to your own idea of what your project must look like or accomplish.

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I’m putting my name on this, because I believe it with 20 years of experience in tech. Hire this guy, at any level, and you will be pleased with the results.

Jason M. Kibby, CIO Wortham Laboratories, Incorporated HDYellow/CraftGeneration Chattanooga, Tennessee USA

Jason, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing customer and for your purchase and rating! It’s been and will always be an immense pleasure working with you! These are the things that keep us going and keep motivating us to making better and more amazing products, for amazing customers like you! Cheers my friend! Thank you for everything and for your amazing feedback!