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Just wanted to ask before purchasing – I know how to use Photoshop, so I was planning to change the template in PSD (change text, add other pictures). But once I am done and I have PSD file how to I edit the HTML file? Will it be ‘updated’ automatically (really doubt that) or how do I make my changed PSD to newer version of HTML? Thank you, Katia

Thank you for interesting in my template!. If you aren’t comfortable at editing code directly, I recommend you to use editor like MailChimp or Campaignmonitor to help you replace image and text in The WYSIWYG interface.

Thank you again and regards ,akedodee

Hi I just bought your template….where can I find similar icons used in your template like in column 1 , column 2.. Thank u , Abdul

First of all Thank you for purchase my template…

you can download free icon by this link http://www.iconsweets2.com/

we happy to help you

Thank you and regards akedodee

Akedodee, Thanks for the great product. Please tell me what font you used for the logo and the font colour.

Many thanks RB

Thank you very much for purchased my template

The font used is “Tahoma” and font colour is ”#496081”

Best Regards Akedodee.

if you have any issue , Please fill free contact me here

Hello I have a couple of questions before making a purchase.

We use mailchimp for our email marketing campaign.

Do I need to know how to use PSD to use this email template?

Also, how does the animated gif work in mailchimp?

Many thanks in advance for your assistance. Regards Anita

Thank you for interesting my template

if you have been used to Mailchimp. You maybe not need to use PSD Mailchimp support Gif animation but if you want to change the animation. you will have to use photoshop.

Thank you again Best Regards Akedodee :)

Thank you for your prompt reply! What exactly would i need photoshop for? Can Fireworks be used instead? Many thanks again! Regards Anita

You can use Fireworks make image instead but in Gif animation .PSD need to use photoshop editor.

Thank you again Best Regards Akedodee

Purchased this and followed your instructions as per the documentation. However, we’re getting the following errors in Photoshop when upon opening the file Header_Animation_Timeline.psd Error One: The document was created with a different text engine option, please open Preferences > Type, switch the text engine, restart Photoshop and reopen the document.

Error Two: Could not use the gradient tool because the smart object is not directly editable.

We are using Adobe Photoshop Version: 13.0 (13.0 20120315.r.428 2012/03/15:21:00:00) x64 Operating System: Mac OS 10.8.5

Many thanks in advance for your help.

In the meantime, we’ll have to look for another newsletter template as this is not working and we are working to very tight deadlines.

Regards Anita

Thank you for comment

Smart Object need to double click into for editing within, It is like a container for the object.

I attach link example how similar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0o9Sw7LbDA8

Thank you again Best Regards Akedodee

Hi there!

I bought this template and imported it to mail chimp as a template.

Unfortunately, I can not edit the text or photo from the WYSIWYG interface.

Any solutions?


Template builder does not deliver any files. The edit/remove buttons just bring you to the top of the web page.


Example video : How to use MailChimp file in package

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okjhqCe2XIw&feature=youtu.be ===================================================

Example video : Create MailChimp file with templateBuilder and upload it ( The file’s create from templateBuilder can’t Drag & Drop because you can choose layout that you want from templateBuilder )


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I make video show you how to use MailChimp for Minimalist :)

Example video : How to use MailChimp file in package



Example video : Create MailChimp file with templateBuilder and upload it ( The file’s create from templateBuilder can’t Drag & Drop because you can choose layout that you want from templateBuilder )


Best Regards,


Hello Akedodee, really like your template. I use Aweber does this template work well with this service?



Hello, Thank you for question :)

if Aweber can to use regular html you can use this template for Aweber

Learn More https://help.aweber.com/entries/24392578-How-Do-I-Import-My-Custom-Message-Template-

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Awesome my friend, thank you so much for the quick answer and the link. Getting it now!

Hi we are going to buy this template. There is any chance to made the template boxed? Thanks…Great Work


I’ll make it :)

Best Regards,


Thanksss need my email?


you can send html file to me via pakpum.investor@gmail.com I will make it for you before

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akedodee, thanks for the great template. I use the Template builder v1.1 all the time. It’s flexible and very helpful. I also found your code/comment very easy to use – I appreciate it. Kudos to your documentation and including the icon graphics as well. Full and rich deliverable.

I have a couple of questions. One about the responsive fonts which I’ll email you and the other is I appreciate you including the unicode information, I haven’t found where that is being used in the template. What am I missing? :)

Thank you for purchasing my template and Thank you for you kind word :)

You can open Unicode in Browser and copy symbol that you want and paste it in html :)

Best Regards, Akedodee