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wow this is awesome work… very clean

Thank you!


Good work .

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Do you have other id ?


Thank you!

I’m having a problem. My display images are rendering very tiny starting with the second image The first display image loads fine but is small like the others the second, third, fourth, etc time around.

I use Firefox 3.5.3

any ideas? tq

Could you post a screenshot? It might be best to email it to, I haven’t heard of this issue yet unfortunately.

I emailed you the link let me know.thank you tq

cesiel 1993

I’m still seeing the same issue.

The display screen appear as a thumbnails once the first fades out in a newly launched browser. Refreshing the screen solves this issue.

Even the live preview displays this way. Can you please double check and let us know if you see a fix.

I use firefox 3.5.3 but I also saw this using IE7 (not sure which verison)

Safari looks fine.

Any others seeing this??? tq

Sorry for the late reply. I am still in search of a solution and I haven’t really been able to find one. I’ll continue looking and trying different things, I’ll let you know if I come up with anything.

// Hello, I’m looking at using this template as a starting point for a blog I’m building for a client.

Their primary need will be embedding Vimeo videos in to posts, which shouldn’t be a problem but my question for you is whether or not it’s relatively easy to embed a Vimeo video in the big header on the homepage and change it frequently.

Please let me know either way.

Thank you, Clint

same problem..okay in every browser and previews on a mac but either comes up as a postage stamp or the images just roll downwards on 2 different HP’s usin IE and firefox.

My problem seems to be resolved hopefully. I had the jquery.min.js pointing to http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.2.6/jquery.min.js

so I went to that address and copied the source code and dumped it into the jquery.min.js which I had downloaded from the internet which was for some reason slightly different.

I had it checked out on a pc and it is working..never had a problem on any browser on the mac however.

Good Job! I love the minimalist aspect of it.

Do you intend to port that to a Wordpress Theme?

Possibly. We’ll see, it’s a very time-consuming task.

How do I do the galleries. Not sure where you put the code in for the images?

I am having the same problems as openjam..thought I had resolved it but in the latest version of firefox this happens. In safari and older versions of firefox it seems okay..not sure about IE but it does seem to work as far as I know.

Just purchased & DL’d this. Obviously I like it but a few points.

Back button – perhaps capture the browser back events for the single page version.

the PSD is separated into 2 files but they are both the same in the version I DL ’d.

All pages have a nice formatted title except for the blog which starts with the first post. (NBD though)


Thanks for the pointers.

At the time I created this, it was very difficult to capture the Back events with jQuery. Since I am no javascript expert (I know how to modify and implement scripts), it is difficult for me to customize scripts like this. However, more and more, people are developing scripts and allows u to use the browser’s back button within javascript. This is definitely something I will consider if I do an update to this theme.

Thank you for noticing the PSD problem. I will have to fix that. The only difference between the PSDs though, is one uses Helvetica/Arial for fonts and the other uses Georgia (Sans Serif vs Serif)

For the blog page, I thought it was self-explantatory that it was the blog page and that it did not need a title. It is easy to implement one if you would like one. Just copy the title section from another page.

Hope that helps, Ryan

Love the theme! Is there a way to add a larger logo than 517×36 px?

Yes! If you’re interested, contact/email me after you have purchased it and I will help you.

Uhhh. why would anyone purchase this theme if the preview has yet to be fixed after months of problems and no apparent solution? When I view the demo I am seeing the same thing others are confused about. The second image turns to a very small icon sized square?