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Thank you very much!

Great countdown, glws ben! ;)

Thank you very much.

The countdown doesn’t seem to show up in internet explorer. Just a blank area. No numbers appear. I tried in IE8 and IE9 . Same result.

Hi Rob Thanks for purchasing the template. If you look at the list of Compatible browsers on the right hand side you will see that technically it doesn’t support IE8 , however the countdown will work in IE8 but I can not guarantee that the design will be the same. On the other hand this template definitely does display perfectly in IE9 , but since the countdown uses jQuery to be able to display the changing numbers you must have javascript enabled. Most modern websites now use some form of javascript so I would recommend that you have it enabled as the countdown will not display without it.

It was actually an issue with a form element I replaced. For some reason it knocked the counter out. Not sure why. didn’t make sense but it had to do with the label field. Fixed it. Thank you.

Hi. It does not link to the font kit file. Where can I get this?

Hi, thanks for purchasing my work.

That is odd, please find the font kit here:

Thanks, Ben

Thanks for the quick reply.

How can I get the twitter link at the bottom to be clickable ? Thanks.

Hi Sorry that looks like a slight bug which has slipped in but it is easily fixed, if you are familiar with CSS , within style.css please find #subscribe and remove “padding-bottom:50px;”

That will then allow your twitter links to be clickable.

I have also updated the download from themeforest so future downloads will not have this bug.

Thanks, Ben

Ben, it is easy enough to change the background to a custom image?

Yes, the included Documentation explains exactly how to do this. You just need to open style.css and change the background url to your image.


How do i let it count up?

Is that possible?



Yes this is possible, it is easier for me to give you the code by email, could you send me a quick email to so I can help you.

hey, does the timer support years too?


Yes, the time does support years and this is easy to add just send me an email to and I will send you the code which is just a few lines. However the timer only supports 4 different blocks on the page, so currently this is “days, hours, minutes, seconds” but it could be any four such as “years, days, hours, seconds”.


I’ve copied the div section “email_wrap” to a maintenance page (I bought this template just for the subscribe email part ;) ) and added at the top the 3 scripts : ‘placeholder’, ‘subscribe’ and ‘form’ with associated css. (and I copied the php folder and changed the email address in settings.php). Oh and I’m using a .php file and not a .html file.

I'm having an issue with the subscribe email function. When I type in email address, a message pops up and says the "There was an error sending your email, please try again", but I do get the emails.


Hi Could you email me a link to your site so I can take a look for you, email

how do i change the countdown

If you open the documentation folder and then double click to open index.html in a web browser it will explain how to do this.

Saddened to find this countdown does’t allow a countdown to a specific hour (which I needed).