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Simple. Clean. Template is well documented & has the added bonus of many options to suit many styles. Brilliant.

Thank you Nick for your kind words! I hope MinimalMe will be exactly what you need it to be.


Alex / QBKL

Hi, nice work !

One issue: links inside the nav div do not work whereas links to anchors inside the page do. Any ideas?

like this:

  • contactar
  • thanks in advance

    Hello eduardoi,

    Thanks for your purchase. Can you please link to an online version of your CV and show us what issue do you experience? I am afraid it’s nor clear from your message.


    Alex / QBKL

    Clean and minimal web Resume. Just purchased two licences for my wife and I, and the code and documentation look awesome!

    Thank you!

    Alex G.

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the purchases and hope it will prove very useful to both you and your wife. Thanks for the kind words!


    Alex / QBKL

    I started to convert my resume over and did a sample print. How can I make the Therm bars show up when its printed: <div class="skill"> <h4>Adobe Illustrator</h4> <div class="skillbar"><div class="skillbarfill skill60">Good</div></div> </div>

    Nice work on the page its a rather clean design.


    Hi mcbrat,

    Browsers, by default, have an option set to remove background colors when printing. Such being the case here, if you really need to show that off in a print template, I would suggest working the CSS a bit, and replacing the background color with some overlapping images, with widths set according to the skill level: 40%.. 90%. That if you are familiar with CSS / HTML editing.

    If not, yours is a good suggestion and I will take it in consideration for an update soon.


    Alex / QBKL

    Hello, I am intereste in the theme. Just one question: is it hard to insert a menu at the top of every page?

    I would like to use it for my sister but I think she’ll need a navigation bar at every page. Thank you and sorry for my poor english, regards


    Hello Fabio,

    This is a “one page” template, but this page can be duplicated and with minimum HTML editing, the section navigation menu can be adapted to a site navigation menu to fit your needs.


    Alex / QBKL

    Hello Fabio, -omississ-- Regards, Alex / QBKL

    Thank you for your fast answer, regards Fabio

    You are welcome Fabio,

    Alex / QBKL

    Hi thanks for the reply on the thermbar in the skill sections. But I have another problem.

    I created an index.html and a softwareSkills.html

    In the nav of the softwareSkills.html I added a link to index.html#top (mind you I have tried this with out the #top and slowly commented out the .nav items in the ccs). I think the problem is the javascript if messing with the link and it does not reach outside the current page (softwareSills.html). Is there a fix for this or is my work around of creating new styles for nav2 and using that my best bet?

    Also, is there a way to make the font bigger on the printed pages? it is printing on about 6pt font (10-12px)?

    So far this is a great templete and I suggest this to anyone looking at it. Dont bother with the prepaid crap on this site pay the $8+$2

    Again thanks for the continued support.


    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the kind words about the template and the recommendation!

    You are right about the javascript that handles the “in-page” navigation. The template has been created so that every tag in the #nav id will not use the default browser action on click, but take the contents of the “href” as ID to scroll to. You will notice this happening in ‘jquery.custom.minimalme.js’ file, located in ‘lib/js’.

    In line 2:

    $("#nav a, .go_top, .cv_email")

    If you wish to keep both this current behavior but still add items with regular click behavior, you could add a class – lets say ‘nav-scroll’ – to all elements designated to be used as in-page scroll, while keeping the rest without a class. After that edit that line #2 to something along this lines:

    $("#nav a.nav-scroll, .go_top, .cv_email")

    This way, only the elements with ‘nav-scroll’ class will use the in-page scroll behavior, all the rest will function in the regular link way.

    Hope this helps.

    Happy new year!

    Alex / QBKL

    Thanks for the quick reply. That will work. I will work on making those changes you suggested.


    Very good documentation and very easy to work with so far. I am not a coder, so I’m glad I bought this template.

    I do have a question: How do I get the “download resume” button to work? I didn’t see anything in the documentation or on the wiki/comments.

    Thanks! E

    Hi and thanks for the purchase!

    The “Download resume” button is meant to be a link to a .DOC or .PDF version of your CV that you create yourself and upload on your FTP . It is not meant to automatically generate a downloadable version of “MinimalMe” or anything along these lines.

    Regards and happy new year,

    Alex / QBKL

    OK, Thank you!

    I just purchased this file. When I click on documentation.html it takes me to the Themeforest home page. All html links go there. Help! Thanks…

    Hi there and thanks for your purchase!

    Your issue is a bit unclear, as the documentation file is a HTML file and not a URL shortcut. It cannot and for all we know, it doesn’t point to any web link. Also, most of the links inside that file are internal links that point to different sections in the documentation. You should be able to open it with any browser and just scroll through it to the section you are interested in.

    Nonetheless, if you keep experiencing these issues, you can always access the documentation file online here.


    Alex / QBKL

    Very nice theme ! I purchased it to turn my blog into a portofolio ! I just need to settle a couple of details before making it go live, can you help me please ?


    Since I’m French, I had to edit the blogger.js file so that the ago, about and stuff are in French. So I edited the js file and uploaded it to my server. The tweets don’t appear.

    My code : <script type="text/javascript" src="http://upload.stabland.fr/fichiers/files17/blogger.js"></script>

    Original code : <script type="text/javascript" src="http://twitter.com/javascripts/blogger.js"></script>


    I would like to host my resume inside the folder housing my site. Do you know how I should edit this line (#89, index.html)

    <li><a href="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" title="Téléchargez mon C.V" class="cv_download">Téléchargez mon C.V</a></li> -

    Thank you in advance !


    The blogger.js file needs to be included as it originally was, from Twitter’s server as it is part of their own app and it is generated on the spot based on the supplied Twitter ID. Unfortunately, you can’t edit it since you have to preserve that link.


    Alex / QBKL

    So I’ve got an interesting issue.

    When rendered in Chrome from the folder on my desktop tweets appear properly; once uploaded to my website they stop appearing altogether.

    The code is still intact:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://twitter.com/javascripts/blogger.js"></script>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/NewsEatr.json?callback=twitterCallback2&count=5"></script>

    Scratch that. Weird browser issues going on.

    Thanks for a wonderful theme!

    You are most welcome and thank you for your purchase!

    Regards, Alex / QBKL

    Love the template and it was relatively easy for me to edit a clean looking page despite my perceived limited HTML skills!

    I am encountering a small problem- when trying to add a quote using the quote block only the opening quotes are displayed. Do closing quotes exist and need to be inserted into the CSS ?

    Thanks for again for a professional and simple template!

    Hello! Thank you for the purchase and I am glad you’ve found it easy to edit. By default, the blockquote HTML element doesn’t even display any quotation marks. The one defined in the template’s style is nothing more than a background image to help the user identify the quote block easier as a “quote”. If you wish to add quote marks, you should to so with the text you are adding in the blockquote element as the big quote symbol is nothing more than a visual aid.

    Hope this clarifies the issue.


    Alex / QBKL

    hello wanted to know how to set up a link for my pdf resume so it works with the existing button the code is following;

  • Send me an email
  • Download my resume
  • Also it des not let me choose all the different background patterns some like charcoal is showing up in preview as black only.

    <body id=”top” class=”subliminal”>

    Subliminal is showing up for me but not the others basically all grayscale images are not showing up. Please advise if there is any other place I should designate that backrond.

    You can replace the # in the ‘href’ attribute with a link to your PDF resume.

    <a href="#" class="cv_download" title="Download my resume">Download my resume</a>

    Adding classes to the body tag customizes the theme’s background and colors, so the method you’re using with “subliminal” is the right one. Make sure that all the images were properly uploaded.

    Also, it would be helpful to provide us with a link if you need help so that we can diagnose it on the spot, with real info and visuals.


    Alex / QBKL

    Also can I get the fonts from somewhere so I can create matching pdf resume?

    Main fonts used are Arial and Puritan. You can download Puritan from: http://www.dafont.com/puritan.font


    Alex / QBKL

    hello again also I am having trouble with updating tweets automatically. Link takes me to my tweet profile but update is still the original file. Please help. What do I need to change? Am I missing something?

    A bit above the closing body tag you will find a line similar to this:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/QBKL.json?callback=twitterCallback2&count=5"></script>

    Notice our ID in that link? (QBKL) That’s where your Twitter ID should be added, like ”.../user_timeline/YourID.json?...”


    Alex / QBKL

    Awesome!!! Got the font, fixed the tweet link, fixed resume link. Thanks for your help : ) Will post live resume once done and perhaps you can look at the “subliminal” issue I am experiencing then.


    Sure thing, we’ll figure it out once you go live, glad you sorted the rest.


    Alex / QBKL

    Hello Alex. I thought you might enjoy this finished product : )


    Ciao Andrea

    Hi Andrea,

    Terrific job! Looks sharp. Thanks for coming back to show it. It will be helpful to other people seeing it in action. Wishing you all the best with it and your agency!


    Alex / QBKL

    Hello! I have purchased this web resume layout but now that I have downloaded it I have no idea how to use it! How do I open it and start putting in my info? Please advise!

    Thank you


    If your HTML editing knowledge are minimal, then you should use a visual editor to adjust the sample texts in the template (a WYSIWYG HTML editor). Another good option would be to ask or even employ someone with more knowledge on the matter to make these changes for you. The amount of work required is minimal and thus, the costs will also be very small if you go down this route.


    Alex / QBKL


    I noticed that Fancybox is up to 2.0.6 but the version that was included is 1.3.4. If I update Fancybox, will the template still work?

    I think that there were some pages made to Fancybox but I don’t know enough about the application to know whether the older commands would work with the current version of Fancybox.

    BTW , the template was absolutely fantastic and the documentation was spot on. Great job QBKL !!

    Hi Chris,

    When this was released FancyBox2 came out with a different (non-commercial) licence, which did not allow us to use it within this template. From what I know, in theory updating to FB2 won’t break the template, trouble is, as I’m writing this comment, the FancyApps site seems to be down. If it comes back up and you’re having trouble upgrading (wouldn’t be a problem with the licence since now it has become your PERSONAL project), get in touch via the emails we’ve already exchanged and I’ll try to help you out.

    And thank you for the kind words!


    Alex / QBKL