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Hi Djwd, I have removed line 176 in the theme functions file and it has fixed it just like you said, so many thanks for that =)

One more problem I am having though is that while the theme is still supposed to be set to unresponsive, the sidebar is appearing UNDER the content on a mobile device.

Is there a simple way to turn this off also?

Thanks Craig

You’re right, I will try to separate more the responsive settings in the next update. In the meantime open layouts/content-sidebar.css (if you’re using the right sidebar, otherwhise sidebar-content.css) and comment out/remove from line 26 to the end (where the ’@media screen…etc’ start).


Awesome… All fixed =) Thanks a lot for your help I really appreciate it!


No problem..glad it was sorted!


First let me say that the theme is great and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for all your hard work; it really shows!

I’ve had a few minor glitches, but I saw that you’ve updated the theme. Unfortunately the wordpress installed says that

'The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.'

Any thoughts on this. It seems to have the style css in the uncompressed version, but I wanted to check before I uploaded it via FTP in case there was a problem.

Anyway, thanks again, and I can’t wait to get everything going.


I think your problem is caused by the ‘Gallery’ box on the homepage which is empty and breaks the jQuery. Please remove that from the Options Panel untill you have some galleries to showcase.

Hope this helps.


That did the trick. Thanks!

great ;)

I like the review functionality but I would prefer if it was available in posts since I don’t want an additional ‘review’ file structure. What does it take to add the feature to posts?

Does the feature include snippet code that shows up in Google search results as star rating?

Well there are pros and cons about using a dedicated custom post type for reviews, which I took in consideration in the development stage. At this time changing this would mean too much modifications to the core files other than troubles for existing customers already using the review system. That said I had a few customers that used some plug-ins to convert post types with pretty good results (although I don’t reccomend it unless you already have a billion reviews running on another theme).

I really like the feature you mentioned and I’m planning to implement it in the near future.


Ok, I’ll use the plugin “SEO Ultimate” for the time being. Besides of detailed SEO tuning it offers a search result type “Review” that generates the according review snippets with up to five stars. They show nicely in Google search result lists.

The plugin actually throws an error message at activation time (problem with rss.php?). But a page refresh does the trick and all seems to work.

I LOVE this theme (after looking at hundreds) but one thing – will I be able to disable or not use the rating system?

Thanks in advance!

Hi nataliepescetti,
Thank you for your interest in Minimosity and for your compliments.

Reviews are a plus and sure you can simply not use them.


The plugin “SEO Ultimate” automatically adds a ‘More…’ text to posts listed on the homepage that reads ‘Continue reading etc’. It shows on top of the orange squares that link to the full post.

The work around is to add a &_nbsp; space in the plugin field ‘links / Anchor Text of “More” Link:’

That’s a bit cumbersome, of course. Are there other options? My favorite would be if that text could show when users mouse over the orange square as it does with the home tabs.

Hi, unfortunately I don’t know this plug-in, I am unable to provide support for other parties products.


Hi! Really nice theme! Very satisfied. I need to remove the overlay boxes on the home page banners. I could not find any specific setting for that. How to proceed? Thank you

Hi zezooweb,
thank you for your purchase.

Do you mean the caption boxes over slider images?


hi djwd! I have updated to latest version, but still no way to make “latest reviews” widget work, any suggestion? thank you

Got it, I’ll let you know. ps: nice psw! ;)

Alright, the problem seems to be generated from those categories slugs that have a -2 appended (like smartphones-2, instead of smartphones). If you try to remove that though looks like there is some other database entries conflict, and WP won’t let you do that. I created a new review category for you called ‘Mobiles’, and I wrote also the slug ‘mobiles’ before creating the category, and within that category the widget works normally.
I think you need to clean your database from older, unused entries.

Hope this helps


thank you very much! I am going to do that immediately! thank you!

Hello just purchased the product. Thank you for designing it. just a few issues.

1. live feed on homepage does not load. It loads on all other pages.

2. Twitter followers is 0

3.Is there a way to remove the very top bar because it looks like two of the same top bars.



Hi ianmoore111,
Thank you for your purchase and compliments.

For the kind of issues you’re facing it might be easier if you drop me a message with your link and login info, and I’ll have a look.

Thank you,

Hi djwd, thanks for the theme, I have a few questions for you, hope you can help me to find a nice solution without having to hack your code:

1. I want the rating box to be rendered in the middle of the review and not at the end, for example having a [ratingbox] short code.

2. Any way to have a review category widget? It seems I can only show the blog post category widget in the sidebar.

3. in my blog home page I have a “latest reviews” gallery with some reviews floating around, how can I manually add further slideshow in the page specifying the review post id’s? like [gallery reviews id=1,50,55]. The purpose is to create a smarter related reviews for every item so I can manually edit the post a suggest related items to be display in this gallery box.


Hi giuseppecostantino,
Thank you for your purchase, let’s go straight to your questions:

1. There is no way you can achieve this without editing the code (although it would be a very easy edit). I will think about adding it as a shortcode, or an option for positioning it in future updates.

2. There is a widget called “Minimosity – Latest Reviews” in which you can choose the categories to display already, isn’t this what you were looking for?

3.Unfortunately that is not possibile at this time, it would require a personal customization.


1. Ok I’ll try to do it myself 2. not really, I’m talking about a review category tree like the standard Categories widget of wordpress:

category 1 subcategory 2 subcategory 3 category 2 ...

3. ok

4. :)

I have only one review gallery (latest review) in my home page, I’d like to add many of them so they can be: offer of the week, items with price rebat.. etc.

You can get an idea if you see my page: http://www.photography-deals.com/

Latest reviews (ok I have this one even I don’t know how to set the title for it) [gallery 1]

I want to add:

Reviews of category xxx [gallery 2]

Reviews of category yyy [gallery 3]

if you see my homepage you can get the reason for this: http://www.photography-deals.com/

Thanks for your prompt response, I really appreciate it

Yeah I understand, but to add multiple reviews showcases on the homepage you need to tweak the code or hire someone to do it for you. If you wish to talk about this with me drop me an e-mail through my profile page.

ps: about the Latest Reviews title, I just found a small bug introduced with the last version, it’s not your fault, I’ll fix this right away.


Hi i badly need your help before I go insane.

When you go to this page of the theme preview http://minimosity.djwd.me/?page_id=283 and you scroll down until the text “LEVEL 6 HEADING”

Right under this you see “SUBTITLE WITH AN UNORDERED LIST” with the blue square in front. I actually see this on almost every page of your example but I just cannot find the shortcode to use this style myself.

Where can I find it?!

I’m sorry about this, that is the deault styling for widget titles etc…there is no shortcode for that, I’ll definitely add this though. If you want to add that styling in the middle of your posts just wrap your title in the following tags (in html view):

<h2 class="content-sub"><span>YOUR TITLE</span></h2>


Ok thanks! appreciate your quick response.

If by any chance you are considering it already. It would be really helpful if there is also going to be a shortcode in the future for adding tables. Especially in reviews there are a lot of factors that will require comparison of for example features. Just an idea! (because i’m now looking for table plugins)

This is a great advice, goes straight in the “to-do” list. Thanks for your feedback!


help me urgently! i have sent you an email! http://s13.postimage.org/koqd01r13/aaaaaaaaaaaaa.png

and i have some issue to tell you about galleries.

The xml file searching for updates were offline for a few hours, nothing to worry about.

Hello! I need some help. When I see the site on my phone, the gray bars in the header and the footer are cut (when I scroll to the right). How can I change that?


Hi! Thanks! www.sectoragropecuario.com is the link!

There is an ‘under construction’ page

Hi! Please check again! www.sectoragropecuario.com is the link!

Am I the only one having an issue with the “more” tag? My preview site is available from travelmemo.com/mimo

When using your tab function on the homepage the articles get a nice little ”+”. When I mouse over that it displays meaningful text.

But the large orange squares seem to have different functionality? If it was the same feature as with the small squares that would be perfect for me!

If I have to code that myself, where should I place the sub theme and which file of yours would I need to alter?

Hi webmemo,

That text is defintely not coming from Minimosity, actually when I look at the page you linked the ’+’ buttons look as they should, on normal and hover state. :confused:

Okay, thanks for pointing that out. I now found a “more tag configurator” in the SEO Ultimate plugin. It now works just fine ;-)


Hi djwd I see that since I installed minimosity i can’t read articles from android or ios wordpress app. Can you check if it’s just me? I have another wordpress installation with a different theme and it works. Thank you

Hi djwd I see that since I installed minimosity i can’t read articles from android or ios wordpress app. Can you check if it’s just me? I have another wordpress installation with a different theme and it works. Thank you

Hi lucaviscardi,

I never used that app but I’ll give it a try as soon as I have a chance.


hello, is this theme support “rtl” for Arabic languages?

Hi amiralrabeie,
Thank you for your interest in Minimosity.

rtl.css is included yes, although there is not full support for the admin part yet.


Hi, sorry to ask again but a need a little help.

The rating box is not displaying properly on IE8 and IE9 in every of my review page, see example: http://www.photography-deals.com/review/nikon-24-70mm-f2-8g-ed-af-s-nikkor-wide-angle-zoom-lens/

I didn’t touch the css, I only moved the section higher in the page, and by the way, I get the same result if I put it back at the end.

Hi giuseppecostantino,
I see some css modifications actually, like

article ul {margin-left: 35px}
for example. If I visit the live demo with IE the rating box looks ok so it might have something to do with some customizations too?

Found it, the css was untouched but i moved the ‘partials/part’, ‘reviews-single’ template inside the wordpress “article” tag. This changes messed up the css inheriting some wrong properties. my fault! sorry!

No problem glad it was sorted ;)

Djwd, Where can I find the feed file?

Look, I have this problem http://feedvalidator.org/check.cgi?url=http%3a%2f%2fnextbm.com.br%2fpmoacademy%2ffeed%2f#l2 I just need to know where to find this file to try to fix it. Thank you!

I’m sorry but I don’t know what that is there’s no such file in Minimosity package.

Ok, thank you very much!

Hi! Im having a problem seeing the theme in cell phones, especially iphone or ipad, can you check that?.


Thanks a lot!

Please, try to look at the site now, i can see it without problems! what is the error you get?


I can’t access your website through firefox and chrome on windows 8, I get an unusual error message:

I could access it through an ipad though, and as far as I can see the responsiveness is broken by the huge images you uploaded as logo, as well as the long ad banner on the top. If you want to place such an image on the header you should place it as a background through CSS, or try by adding something like

#branding img {max-width: 100%}

in the Advanced > Custom CSS text area to prevent images in the header to overflow the content. (this is untested though).


Hi! In the Demo site and in my site too, when I see the fixed version (not responsive) and I scrolled to the right; the grey area from the header & footer seems to be cutted.

Please, send me an email to send you a print screen.

(Try to see the demo theme here: http://www.testiphone.com/ and scrolled to the right).


Hello djwd. Nice job on the theme! I was wondering if there was a way i could remove the lightbox and the a:hover from the images i insert in a post. I really need this. I know i can remove the lightbox by removing link from image, but the a:hover i can’t figure it out. Thanks

I’m sorry I didn’t understand what you mean exactly. You want to set a different font title for each h2? If that’s your goal (which I don’t reccomend) you would need to hack the css significantly.

Basically what i want to do is to change the “About the Author” and the “Comment” font and size in a post page, without changing the sidebar widgets title font and size. I want them to be different, but using the typography menu, i only able to change both

Try with something like:

#content h2.content-sub, h3#reply-title {font-size: 22px;}

Replacing “22px” with the desired font-size.