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Hello! Forgive the insistence, but we really have problems with this issue and we need to fix it with some urgency.

Here I indicate the links as seen my site (not responsive) on: PC: http://www.sectoragropecuario.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/pc.jpg IPad: http://www.sectoragropecuario.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/ipad.jpg IPOD: http://www.sectoragropecuario.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/ipod.jpg

In Pc is right. In Ipad, the slider becomes smaller in a strange way. It should not shrink if not responsive! You can see it on the screen. Ipod In: In the header and footer (gray areas) are cut! You can see it on the screen.

Overall, it appears that the option would not be responsive not working properly. Please help!

Thank you! Greetings.

Problem is that 9 times out of 10 I can’t access your website (like right now) and it becomes hard to debug. By the way in responsive mode the header and footer looks cut because your header images are too wide. Anyway drop me your account info and I’ll try to figure something out.

yes, but in the demo theme also happens! the same problem with the header and footer, that looks cut in cell phones and tablets!! thats why im asking you!

You can ask me either ways, no problem. :) I can’t verify what you say though, I just tested the live demo again on an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4 (actual devices, not emulators) and everything looks normal as always. (Also If that was true I think my mailbox would be full of complains from other customers about that)

Hi! First at all, congratulations for the theme. I love it. Here is my question: I’d love to make the images shown in the blog view a little bigger (higher). I mean the featured ones that appear when listing all entries in the home page. I’ve been reading all comments here expecting that someone asked you the same thing, but I haven’t found it. I’m sure is easy to do through the css text box, but have no idea about how to do it… If you could help me here I would appreciate it a lot! :bashfulcute:

Thank you in advance!! ps (Here you can find the images I want to increase in high, just for 50px or 100px… www.manulechef.com)

I understand what you’re trying to achieve. You need to increase the 527×200px size in functions.php and then change the image viewport size by pasting the CSS code I gave you in the CSS custom text area. That’s it. (I just tested it). If you still have troubles drop me you’re login info throught my profile page and I’ll do it for you.

thanks a lot for all your help. It works perfect now! For all those potential buyers I must say that the theme is really flexible, and works perfectly. And best of all, the after-sales service is incredibly good. 5 stars with no doubt.

Thank you very much for your kind words. My pleasure.


Hi djwd, I have a problem with sticky posts and pagination on your theme. When I mark post as “sticky” it shows up on a front page (as desired) but it also shows up on a second page (as if it was a regular post). Any ideas how to solve it? Regards, qoob

You’re website breaks basic usability rules by disabling the right click and selection, makes it hard and time consuming for me to debug. Did you try by disabling pllug-ins? If you want drop me you login info and ‘ll have a deeper look.

Sorry about that. All plugins are now disabled and problem still accurs. How can I send you login to my wordpress account?

I’ve installed your theme (parent theme) on another site and the problem still exists. The only thing I did was changing homepage to “blog style” under theme options.

No worries. Please drop me an e-mail through my profile page with your login info and I’ll have a look into this.

Thanks, djwd

I love this theme, congratulations, but i have 2 problems,

1. the menu display not correctly in the phone 2. i have a private shop module installed and do not work good in this theme. my website is dtendencia.es Thanks for an answer

regars Carolina

I try to find this line in wp-content/themes/minimosity/functions.php but I don’t see anything related with responsive functions

Line 178: if ( is_singular() && comments_open() && get_option( ‘thread_comments’ ) ) {

Can you give me the code that I have to find? Thanks! dtendencia.es

Which version are you running?

The line to comment out/remove is:

wp_enqueue_script( 'small-menu', get_template_directory_uri() . '/js/small-menu.js', array( 'jquery' ), '20120206', true );


I found it, thanks! The top menu and slide show correctly but the posts and the footer no. How can I resolve this?? Dtendencia.es

fixed menu is not working homepage. on single page is working correctly.how can I fix it?

Hi, please make sure you do not have any empty Galleries or Reviews showcase on the homepage that may break the javascript. You can disable them from the options panel untill you have some gallery or review to showcase.


thank you djwd :)

hi djwd

image is not loading. http://youtu.be/dRuJIoihqak

regards sercan

I have problems with the Gallery section, the photos by clicking, not loaded, only the little wheel ensue and the faction of “loading” and nothing comes out. Please help. i cant do this. show me picture. where is linking? http://www.trendloji.com/trend-ayakkabi-modelleri-2013/

i did :) no problem right now. i added link=”file” codes in the gallery.

Great :)

How can I reduce the space between this bar and the image? (pic: http://postimage.org/image/uayrgx4hz/)

I find it quite big

Yeap I copy and paste clean code. Here’s is how it looks like with the code thaty ou gave me: http://goo.gl/q3xmA

Try this:

#single .entry-header, .post-icon {
margin-bottom: 0px;

now it works :) Thank you very much!


I am running minimosity well on my site. But I have some SEO issue. I want only one <h 1> tag (for post title) per single post, but there is already 3 more coded in the theme and this is not good practice according to SEO perspective. Please help me to exclude those 3 extra <h 1> tag without change in the design.

Single Post URL – Single Post Page Using Minimosity

Hi techsnapr,
one is the website title the other one is the article title. The third one is the assistive text for screen-readers and always referred to the blog title. This is the best possible practice to me…!

Hi, as i told you a few days ago, i have problems with a plugin in this theme, the error is that Use of undefined constant update_notifier – assumed ‘update_notifier’ in /home/elalmace/public_html/dtendencia.es/wp-content/themes/minimosity/admin/update-notifier.php on line 12

waht should i change?

Hi carlogarcia21,

I don’t have enough info to understand the issue you’re having. You shouldn’t change anything by default of course. It must be caused by something else. Where are you getting this warning?

Hi djwd, thanks for the theme, Im having a problem at the moment though. I have created a button after a review and when it is presses it just opens up a new window of the same page. I have checked the html and the button and link seem fine so Im not sure how its doing this? I have emailed you the login details and pages of the site if you have chance to check it out.

Hi mate, thank you for your purchase.

Got it and replied ;)

hello, when I shot the banner the logo is in the center. I want to put it on the left and decrease the size of the header. help me?

Hi guiguifjb2,

Please write from the account you made the purchase from in order to get support.

Thank you.

Hi djwd, thank you for explaining my error yesterday.

Today I have another problem or so I think :) On your demo the gallery pictures at the bottom display under the header Galleries. On my site they sit above it and it looks like its slightly out of place or I may have missed adding a section? Im not sure. If you have chance could you take a look please? Its at the bottom of the home page. The details I gave you yesterday are the same :)

Ok I have sorted this now by making it after the widgetized area. :)

Hi! I would like to buy your theme, but I can’t find full-width page or post in the demo site. Is it possible, to make full-width pages without sidebar?

Thank you for your reply.

Hi esotanc,
thank you for your interest in Minimosity.

You can see some full width examples under the Layout > Pages menu of the live demo. Example link


Hi, some questions here!

1. There’s any chance to hide the name of the page when you create it? Example: I wouldn’t like to see Top, and neither the breadcrumbs there, is there any chance to do it? -> http://tokioblues.com/top/

2. I’ve seen in your promotional screenshots a newsletter header, how did you do? I haven’t seen the option.

3. Is there any chance of soundcloud’s minimosity social box? I miss it.

4. This is the most important problem I have. When one of my bloggers post a review everything’s ok but, here’s the problem, if I click in the name of the author, their reviews don’t appear below, only the articles whose have been made as a common entry.

In addition, I don’t know if would be possible to mix review categories and post categories, because in my site, if wanna see everything about “Books”, if click on it I see the articles about books, but I don’t see the reviews about books.

I can’t put tags on it neither.

I don’t really know if i’m doing something wrong about reviews or about life haha.

Thanks, djwd.

Hi there,

1. You could do this with some Custom CSS. For example you need to hide the breadcrumbs for a single post you could do something like:

.post-XXX #crumbs {display: none}

Replacing ‘XXX’ with the post id number.

2. The option is under Homepage > Home Toggle > Inser Newsletter Form. For further details check the documentation please.

3. I will consider this as an addition for the next update, thanks.

4 & 5. A better integration between regular posts and review is already scheduled to be part of the next update. Thanks for your feedback. ;)



Great theme, I am extremely happy with the look and the ease of customisation of the whole concept.

my domain is www.dirtcomp.com.au/wp (it currently has a maintenance plugin blocking it) – ask and it shall be removed.

Can you please help out with the code to remove the author/comments/time from posts in both the home page and single post pages please?

I have look ed forever on the intardnet and the generic changes to the single.php, content.php and functions.php etc don’t have the full effect as your theme has been made with slight variations.


try with:

.tag-author, tag-links, .entry-cat {display: none}

Thank you so much.

I hope this helps others.

Your theme is amazing, thank you for the time and the effort!

Hi, Im loving the theme but wanted to know how to do two things please.

1. Can I remove or hid the text from the featured images? I would just like the title.

2. Can I slow down the speed of the animation on the featured images.


Hi mate,

1. Paste this into the Advanced > Custom CSS textarea to remove the post excerpts from the featured slider captions.

#featured_slider .cap-p {
display: none;

2. You can set every aspect of the slider animation from the Theme Options > Featured Slider > Show/Hide animation options (at the very bottom)


Thank for that DJWD :)

Pre-Sale Question

Do I have to design a logo to replace Minimosity or Does this have the ability where I can Type A logo within the theme ?

If i have to design, What are the specs ? I need to know how much money everything will cost.

Hi dickztoyz,
thank you for your interest in Minimosity.

The logo is an image file so you can’t edit it through your wordpress admin. However the logo source file (illustrator) are available for download, so you can easily open it and edit it the way you want it.


Hi! I just purchased and love the theme. I am however having an issue with the gallery setting. I have loaded the images into the gallery but when I click on the thumbnails the larger images never loads. Can you please tell me if I have done something wrong? Thanks!

Sent info

I got’em, I’m running some tests on the matter. I’ll get back to you asap.

Can you please help me with this gallery issue. I have been trying to compensate in the mean time but I would really like to have a fully functioning theme. Sending over login again.

is there a way you can make the template wider?

Hi taona,
thank you for your purchase.

Template width is a standard 980px, you can make it wider of course but it would require a lot of work, I don’t personally recommend it.