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How do you remove the slider and put another one preferably through shortcodes

this is not possible at this time without tweaking the core files. If you don’t want to use the integrated slider simply disable it from the option panel.


Hi djwd, Just now noticed that if we use drop cap in an article, in home page the first letter (where drop case is used) goes missing in the description.So, the description begins with a missing letter. Any fix for this? Else, using drop case would look awkward in the homepage.

I know, unfortunately that is how wordpress works, does not execute shortcodes in post excerpts. Only workaround I found is to wrap the first letter directly into html tags instead, like this:

<span class="dropcap">A</span>


Thanks for prompt reply :) Cheers!

Hi, I’ve a question I want to change de morelink ”+” in “Read” how can I change it?

That would be definitely possibile but would require a little knowledge of php. Basically you need to duplicate the “Main 1 Column” widget and edit the query to display an offset of 10 posts.

Would you help me do that? I do not know much about php, but I would be very grateful if you help me to edit the file. Thanks a lot.

I can help with that but will need to charge a freelance rate for the work, as this kind of customization doesn’t fall under regular support. If you wish to discuss this any further please feel free to drop me an e-mail through my profile page.


my homepage is rejecting shortcodes, please may you advice me how to fix it?


If you mean shortcodes won’t execute on post excerpts on the homepage, it’s normal wordpress behaviour. If you’re having issues with dropcaps for example a workaround would be to to wrap the first letter directly into html tags instead, like this:



Sorry an error occoured, I meant like this:

<span class="dropcap">A</span>

Hi djwd,

I get in touch with you cause I’m having big mess in my magazine with an issue I commented you a few weeks ago, you said that next update will fix it. Can you tell approximately the date of this update?

The problem was the integration between common post and reviews (no tags, no author, no main post), I remind you.

Lot thanks,

Hi there,
that is not actually an issue to fix, as is the default wp behavior to separate custom post types from regular blog posts. Still is something I want to enhance in next updates as I told you. Unfortunately I can’t give and exact schedule on when this will happen.


Hi there,

I would like to remove the post title, white box and the meta date from the images in the feature slider on the home page.

I have already added the .css to remove the captions, I need help with the rest….

featured_slider .cap-p {

display: none; }



If you want to fully remove the white overlay on the slider, add this:

.nivo-caption {display: none!important}


Thank you so much.

I hope this helps others.

Your theme is amazing, thank you for the time and the effort!

Thank you very much!

If you’re satisfied with Minimosity please take a second to rate it 5 stars in your TF download tab if you can, many thanks.


Great theme, it works like a charm!
My URL is travelmemo.com

Today I have two issues:

1. Image Width

Images are not displayed in the same size when posted with or without caption. Is this a bug or am I missing something? If it works for you I might have to revise my custom CSS tweaks.

2. Comment Replies

I can’t reply to comments via blog. I can only reply via admin UI. Any word on this? Example see this post.

Thanks for your support!

Hi webmemo,
sorry for the delay caused by Easter holidays.

1. I just did some tests on the live demo and I can’t see the issue you’re referring to, It is probably related to the fact you changed the image border appereance.

2. Do you have any plug-in that is related to comments? I tested this on the live demo too by posting a reply through the front-end logged as admin, it works as normal, pretty weird. I’d try to disable all the plug-ins one by one and see if the problem still occours.

Best, djwd

Ok, thanks, will look into it.

i send an e-mail on my website contact form. emails does not fall in my mailbox. and i read information..

regards, Sercan

I understand.

Problem is that WP doesn’t use the SMTP server to send e-mails by default, but the “php sendmail” function that needs to be available on your webserver.

The Minimosity contact form uses the default WP system to send e-mails. Usually can you receive other e-mails from wordpress? Like comments notifications for example?

What I would try is to download and install this plugin:


Which makes WP use the SMTP server instead, and enter your authentication details there and see if it works.

Hope this helps,

i used wp-mail smtp and Fast And Secure Contact Form.

the task was completed successfully.

Thank you djwd.

Glad to hear it! ;)


I have a quick pre-sale question for you, if you don’t mind answering.

For the big featured image on a post, as seen in the demo, can that be chosen for individual articles? (like a post-by-post basis)

In other words, can my regular blog posts use a small image while my review posts use the big featured image?

Hi CoreyMW,
Thank you for your interest in Minimosity.

Unfortunately what you are asking is not possible. You can choose one or the other style for your entire blog.


Hi there!!!

I want to ask some questions before buyinr this theme, hope you can help me…

First thing is I am actually using joomla, like 5 years ago… So I dont know too much about wordpress and I’m thinking to move my site to wordpress…

1- I want to know if with this template I cant create modules positions… Like If want to put some banner between the slider and the blogarea, can I do that???

2- I dont want the editor to do an intro text for me, I want to do my self with “read more” action.. Can I?

3- Can I embed videos and see it without open the full article?

4- If you do an update of this theme, like fixing errors or adding more features I will be able to download it without buying it again?

5- Can I use diffrent image size and different image position into the intro article? like here: www.tripeord.com This is my site. Take a look to the articles, some are with no images, other with 1 image, other with 1 image and a video etc..

Sorry for my english….

Hi johnnymendez,
thank you for your interest in Minimosity.

1. You can put ads in any of the widgetized areas, on the sidebar and on the main content on the home page.

2. Yes you can by using the WP default function “read more tag”

3. Yes

4. Sure

5. You can use one featured image, a video or nothing. If you use the ‘read more’ tag and place other media above that they will also display on the front page.


how do you take off the dates on all post on the homepage only?

try with

.home .entry-meta {display:none}

(paste it in the custom CSS textarea in the Theme Options)


oh wow thank you, although the main content 1 column widget on the home page still has dates

Replace it with

.home post-attribute, .home .entry-meta {display: none}



I want to change the size of the Header. Is it possible? If it, how can I do it?

I also want to make the sidebar smallere. Can you help me? :)


Hi modefordig,
Please be aware that I don’t provide free personal customizations, unless they’re quick changes. Btw the header doesn’t have fixed size, it depends on its content. You need to be more specific for me to able to help you.

Changing the sidebar requires too much modifcations instead, I wouldn’t suggest that. Older versions of Minimosity has a smaller sidebar you may want to try that, but you’ll lose other features.


Hey djwd,

I wish to remove some of the padding at the top of my site. I am not currently running the header advertizing banner and have a full width logo instead.

I wish to remove the whitespace to get more of the content on the screen when viewing from a smaller resolution.


Unfortunately your request falls under “personal customizations” which I don’t provide for free. Also let me say removing those spacings would ruin the theme aethetics, but that would be up to you of course. ;)


Hello! good theme! One question, will work normally WooCommerce?

Hi and thank you for your interest in Minimosity.

Although there’s shouldn’t be any particular problem, wooCommerce full support is not guaranteed.

Regards, djwd

Hi, i would like to know how can i translate some itens to portuguese like “posted” “find us on facebook” and etc.

Hi there,

If you found any missing strings in the .po file please drop me an e-mail with the list and I’ll fill them in the next update. Thank you.


I Did my .PO file. How can i run it?

You need to place it in the folder with the other .po files and enter your language code (eg. en_EN ) in your wp-config.php

more info

First off thanks for a great theme – it has suited my needs for a new project quite nicely.

I do have two questions that I hope you can help me with (blog: http://www.mashupcentral.com)

1. I have the theme set to magazine style with no slider but for some reason I am seeing a chunk of white space at the top of posts list and sidebar – as you can see in the image


2. is there away to add the social buttons to the posts on the front page – I am capable of hacking the code if need be.

Again thanks for a great theme.

Hi StevenHodson,
thank you for your purchase and compliments :)

1. Paste this in the Advanced > Custom CSS textarea:

.home-toggle {display: none}

Also seems like you have an empty search widget on the top of your sidebar that causes that extra gap.

2. Not natively, your best bet is probably to go with some plug-in as there are plenty covering that.


First of all, thanks again for a great theme. I’ve been having a lot of fun tweaking it, but it’s a fantastic base for what I’m trying to do. I’ve searched through the comments, and just haven’t found an answer to a question that you may have already addressed:

I’m trying to get the blog to display on minimum width when viewing on a iPhone. I think this has something to do with the Retina display, i.e. that it senses that the width is 640 pixels, and I want it to be the single column that you get when you resize the browser manually (which works fine). I’m aware of the .main-small-navigation font-size adjustment, but I think this has something to do with the javascript call to detect if the phone is a mobile, which is way beyond my ability.

Any thoughts on making this work for small devices? It’s a question of making it readable for mobile users. Thanks, and sorry if I missed an obvious answer.


Hi jfklown,
Glad you’re enjoying the theme. :)

I apologize but I’m not sure I understood properly what you’re trying to achieve. Isn’t it already readable for mobile users the way it is? There’s not any mobile detection, responsitivity works on media queries which is fully handled by the CSS.

If you’re trying to view the website on a retina display like it’s 320px wide, then it’s on media queries you need to work on.


If everything is in the css, I should have no problem. Thanks,


Hello djwd,

I tried to contact you via your support email address but have not heard back from you with regards to this issue.

We are using the Minimosity theme version 1.2.1 on the affected website.

There have been numerous custom changes to the theme to meet the clients layout and styling requests, updating the theme to the latest version would be time consuming and not a preferred option.

We are having issues with the Gallery custom post format (and when we insert a Gallery WP shortcode into a page/post), a visual demo is here:

View issue here

As you can see, the caption overlays the bottom of the image and I am unable to set the number of columns (currently set to three columns in this example)

I see that in your version 1.3 update, you talk about an update to “Gallery WP 3.5 caption support”. Would this address this issue?

Thanks, Peter

Hi petroski,
thank you for your purchase.

To contact me via e-mail you need to do it through my profile page here at TF, the address provided in older Minimosity versions is no longer available, you should get an auto-response though.

The number of columns is not supported but the caption problem you’re facing is exactly what has been fixed in the last version.


Is anyone having issues with posts showing up twice? I am trying to get some assistance with rectifying this issue that I am having… www.iamsimplyshanti.com

Hello! The background section is not working in the theme panel, only works if go to the background section located down before Theme Options. How can use my backgrounds options?

Hi loyarj
thank you for your purchase.

What do you mean your background section is not working? To set a background you need to move to Theme Options > Layout and Style > and upload a full page background or a pattern.

If you’re still having trouble with that drop me your login info and I’ll have a look.