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Hi djwd

I love the clean look of your theme and was looking for something with review capabilities but I want visitors to be able to post reviews (not the author), and the author be able to post comments to the reviews. Is there a way to change this? I didn’t realize when I purchased it that only the author can make a review on a post. Thanks,

Hi Cbarless,
thank you for your purchase, but unfortunately only authors can write reviews at this time. For such heavy user interaction features I prefer to rely on plugins so you don’t lose all your data when changing a theme.

Best. djwd

Is there a plugin you would recommend to achieve this?

I’m sorry but I don’t…I know there are many out there but I never tried any so I can’t really suggest one. :(


Im having a problem with the thumbnails. I use the regenerate thumbnails and still not working.

Check on my blog: http://www.lefunnyface.com/2013/05/08/o-open-da-daslu-em-recife/


To have you’re images visible in thumbnails you need to set them as featured images in a post. See:



Now it’s working! thanks

Hello. Love the theme. Questions: 1a Is there a way to permanently remove the border from all images in a post? 1b I’ve also noticed PNG images with a transparent background are filled in with the selected site color grey, and then when hovering purple, defeating the purpose of the transparency.

2. Existing bulleted lists show up with duplicate bullets. When i went back to delete the bullets and redo them to see if there was something wrong with the list, it still shows up twice.

3. Images linking to anchor text on the screen is not working correctly

4. Is there a way to remove the date the page was published (for pages only)

5. Maybe I missed it, but I skimmed through the files and was unable to locate a help and/or about document going over all features, shortcodes, etc. in one place. Do you have that? I had more questions on post type, and some other things, but maybe a the document explains it all.

all of the items above can be replicated on the following page: http://mzmahoganychic.com/about

1. Ok I thought you were talking about the theme-included lightobx

2. Which theme change? Can you link me an example post where it’s not working correctly?

To clarify my sentence and to address your #2. When I changed to your theme, is when everything picture related broke.

FYI Wordpress Branded Jetpack plugin enables us .org people to use the same functionalities as the .com people. Just so we are on the same page, let me give you two links. The first being the way i upload pictures: http://codex.wordpress.org/Inserting_Images_into_Posts_and_Pages The second being the way galleries are created from the same picture window: http://en.support.wordpress.com/images/gallery/

The only thing that works after changing to your theme is the slideshow portion of the second link I sent above.

All posts with wordpress galleries excluding slide show is broken. Please look at the examples I provided previously, here are a few:

http://mzmahoganychic.com/2013/05/07/raw-marvel-natural-born-artists/ (Wordpress Jetpack Tiled Mosaic used, the picture that says penn social is not a gallery, ignore that. but if you notice a blank white space between paragraphs, that is where the gallery is supposed to be. Click on it the black white space, u will notice a pop up showing the actual picture in a carousel wheel. Some of the other galleries on the same page show up distorted after changing to your theme) http://mzmahoganychic.com/2013/03/25/lukes-wings-fashion-takes-flight-2013/ (Wordpress Jetpack Thumbnail Grid used, pictures show up as thumbnails but u click and nothing happens) http://mzmahoganychic.com/2013/02/25/couture-fashion-week-fall-2013/ All pictures linking to a media file or external url are broken, here are a few: http://mzmahoganychic.com/2012/07/15/afwny-2012-designer-showcase-day-3/ (image linked to URL) http://mzmahoganychic.com/2012/07/13/afwny-2012-designer-showcase-day-1/ (image linked to URL)

There are hundreds of posts with these issues. Please help asap.

Please help! my page is blank in internet explorer. All of this time I have been using chrome and never thought to check IE. I am having many issues since I switched to your theme and I need some assistance please. Can we exchange email???

How do you remove your footer at the bottom of the page?? I have emailed you but never received a response. Thank you

Hi, sorry I missed your e-mail somehow :S

You can override the default footer info by entering your own into the Basics tab > Footer Info text area.


Hi, how can I change the speed of the featured slider?

Is possible to use a caption in the imagens gallery when the image opens? The thumbnail is to small to use a caption, I want to show the caption when the image opens.

I solved the problem with the gallery, i sent a e-mail about it yesterday;

Thaks a lot.


1. To change the animation speed of the featured slider move to Sliders > Show / Hide Animations options > Animation Speed.

2. Unfortunately that is not possible without some custom coding.


Thanks a lot. Is there a way to show the most viewed posts in the sidebar? Because the most popular is the most commented correct? I don’t know how to display the most viewed posts, can you help me? Thanks a lot

Correct the most popular posts are based on comments. Unfortunately displaying the most viewed posts it’s a totally different approach would require a new widget, a counter…lots of work. I suggest to search for some plugin for such a feature.


Hi! Love the theme. just gorgeous.

Quick question, I’ve had your theme up for a few days now and have had some complaints about text written in the comment box/search box/contact form being hard to read (the colours are clashing, as both the text and the background colour of the comment box are dark shades of grey)

Is there any way to alter either the colour of the text or the background in the comment box/search field/contact form? It’d be a lifesaver if you could let me know

my site is http://www.parmadaze.com if you’d like to see what I’m talking about.


Hi Leebus,
Thank you for your purchase and compliments!

Try by pasting something like this in the Advanced > Custom CSS textarea

input[type=text], input[type=email], textarea {color: #ffffff!important}

The ”#ffffff” iss the hex code for white, you can change that to any color you want though.


Perfect! thanks heaps for your quick response. Cheers!

hi, I am looking at you theme and it looks very nice,but i do have a few questions before purchasing.

I am creating a reviews site but things i don’t see in this theme are, address fields so i can categorize by state/city, phone number fields, picture gallery for the individual reviews page (to add more pictures, can i use the galleries in the reviews?), maps integration.

The site i am building is more like a directory with reviews. Would this theme fit my needs?

is there a way to test the admin section on a demo site?

Thank you

Hi, thank you for your interest in Minimosity.

Reviews support what you see on the live demo, although all the other stuff can be organized inside the post itself.

Unfortunately I don’t have any admin demo available.


Hello this theme looks great. I’m wondering if its possible to add a full width banner to this?

Hi reeshe,
thank you for your interest and compliments :)

What size do you mean by full-width? Optimal banner sizes for the header are 468×60 and 728×90. Although technically you could enter any banner size in the header through the options panel, but obviously other elements have to be rearranged somehow.


I guess i would mean “unboxed”. like 1920. I guess all the elements would have to be unboxed then?

Thanks for the quick reply

If the Wallpaper Ad feature doesn’t work for you, the best and easiest option would be to directly add the ad code in header.php above everything else.


Hello. The theme creates an error on page for internet explorer browsers. It works fine in version 10 however I was able to replicate the error using version 8. I don’t have access to other versions. It shows a completely white screen. I’ve switched to another theme and do not get the error. Also, pictures (when clicked) result in an endless spinning wheel. I’ve try to contact you prior, can you please assist. Thanks so much.

Hi mzmahoganychic,
sorry to hear your troubles. IE8 compatibility is not guaranteed as you can see from item description, although it’s having a full blank page it’s definitely weird. I don’t have the chance to look at it now btw.

About the endless spinning wheel there has been a change in wp galleries shortcode since wp 3.5, you should follow these steps to re-set them:

1. open the gallery and link the images to the attachment page > save

2. re-open the galleries and link them to the media file > re-save


Hello, is there any chance you can look at the IE8 blank page issue? We are getting a massive bounce rate and errors being logged with this theme. Also the endless wheel issue is not just for galleries, its any and all pictures.


Still loving the theme ;-)

Today’s question is around social network links: In the user admin the Google+ Profile is set as relative path. Now SEO plugins take that relative path and create an author link that is broken like this <link rel="author" href="u/0/b/108274246770630435350/108274246770630435350/posts" />

Is there a way to put the URL as absolute path for the SEO plugin to create a correct URL?

Thanks! Walter

Hi there, I’m afraid that would require editing theme files, unfortunately regular support do not cover third party plugins.


No, this regards your code, I have asked the plugin provider already.

I probably didn’t get it then…what’s the part of my code interested?

Hi, please, the twitter feed is not working since the change on twitter (11/06). How can I fix this? Thanks a Lot.

Hi krachtech, what you say is correct, please have a look here:


It’s another item’s faq but the core is the same.


How can i display time and date that post posted below a post ?

try by pasting this where you want the date to display

<div class="entry-meta"><?php minimosity_posted_on(); ?></div>

(probably at the end of content.php)


The twitter widget on my site seems to be not working due to change in the twitter api. do you have an update for this issue?




Good work on the theme! it looks great overall.

Unfortunately there seems to be an issue with the theme that I can not figure out how to fix. On the site that I have installed your theme on the functionality for the “Home Tabs” is not working at all. Please review the website here: http://mommysdirtylittlesecret.com/ and let me know how/if it is possible to fix this problem. Thank you so much for taking the time to look into this issue. It is very appreciated.

Replied to your e-mail!

Hello. i very like your theme but i have a problem. can you send me e-mail please. i must send a photo.

Hi there, I can’t send you e-mails, but you can through my profile page form.


My author information shows up at the end of a post, but how do I either create an author page, or display a list of the content that the author has wrote. Right now anybody who clicks on my author will be brought to a 404 page.

Hi djwd

I notice that some of my banner images are popping, during the fade in fade out transition, do you know why is this happening?


I want to delete morelink ”+” . how can I delete it?

And how can i change “TOP” button name?


how can i change “Leave a Comment” and “your comment” display name?

and Latest Reviews/Posts Ticker color?