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Hi djwd,

I wanted to alert you that the text of the description of the categories is shown cut.

How can I fix this minor inconvenience.

See the image: http://www.preliminari.net/cut_test.jpg

Hi nunziog,
Thank you for your purchase and for pointing that out. I’ll fix this in the next update.


Hi, djwd. Excuse my bad English, use google translator.

1. – I can not place the Home icon in the main menu, I can not find where to put the class “home”

2. – I have problems with the Gallery section, the photos by clicking, not loaded, only the little wheel ensue and the faction of “loading” and nothing comes out. http://www.asambleacuenca.com/snovia/gallery/coleccion-couture/

2.5. – I need to put a small description to each photo, but to put out overexposed.

3. – In resolutions for mobile devices, not the main menu appears.

Thanks for your help, greetings from Ecuador

Hi israelito, Thank you fro your purchase. Let’s go straight to your questions:

1. To add the home icon you need to move to Appearance > Menus, and add ‘home’ as CSS class to your home menu link. If you can’t see the CSS Classes text field as an option you need to enable it from the Screen Options menu at the very top (on the right).

2. Please make sure in the image options, under the url text field, ‘Link to image’ is selected.

3. Using the ‘Caption’ you should not have any problem adding a description to images. If you still cannot please be more specific on this one.

4. When windows is resized under a certain width, the menu changes but it’s stil there, it’s toggled and you have to click on it to open it up.

Hope this helps,

it goes well with wordpress 3.5 ?

why wordpress3.5 does not appear on software versions list?

thank you.

i have a font problem (i use wp3.5) about titles and descriptions. this is the default font of minimosity? how i can change the font and the font size too? why this font is different than demo font of your template? (www.lemeledieva.it)

Just because Minimosity was released before wp 3.5 and wanted to wait a little time to make sure customers don’t face/report any issue. Updated now ;)

About fonts, if you want to use the default Minimosity fonts stack and sizes make sure the checkbox Enable Custom Typography Styles in the Typohgraphy tab is disabled, and that you uploaded the fonts file contained in the Fonts folder.

If you are still having issues, since I can speak Italian you can contact me through my profile page so I can help you in your native language.


Problems solved! thanks you. i have just found other little issues, when i find 3 or 4 of this i will contact you in italian!

..ciao! e a presto.

Hello! I recently bought the theme Minimosity, but I am Brazilian and I wonder if there is any support for changing the language of the template for Brazilian Portuguese, to change where it appears eg “RECENT POSTS” and “LAST REVIEWS” .. could you help me?

Hi julianofb,
Thank you for your purchase.

To translate Minimosity in your language you need to download a free software like Poedit, open the default.po file in the languages folder and translate the strings, finally you need to set the language in wp-config.php file. You can find many tutorial about this making a google search, but this should put you on the right track.


I finished my blog redesign based on Minimosity. The travel blog is now online as reisememo.ch


The social media blog is called webmemo.ch.

Based on Poedit I translated the .po file to German. Unfortunately not all text items feature the translation hook, hence some English terms remain. How can I publish the .po file for other users to reuse? (I ‘only’ translated front facing terms, no CMS backend terms)

Can you add some more hooks in the next version, e.g. in the commenting area, buttons, ‘latest posts/reviews’?

Fortunately my next blog up for redesign is in English ;-)

Looks fresh!
(Please only be aware that one license is valid for one wordpress installation.)

About translation files, drop me an e-mail through my profile page, I’ll give you instruction on how to send the files to me so I can bundle’em in the next update. If you could also write down a list of the missing strings in the e-mail, that would be great.



No worries, I purchased the theme twice already and will buy a third time shortly.

I’m currently compiling a list of words that need the translation hook. Will email soon.

Ok, thank you very much for your contribution.

Hello, First off great theme. First theme or anything I bought on ThemForest. I have a few things I was hoping I could do with this theme that I can’t figure out how to do it or if I even can. Maybe you can direct me towards the right path or maybe even consider some of these options for your next update.

I am designing a website based on book reviews(comic, TPB, novels), collectible reviews (toys, statues, etc.) meida reviews (movies, television etc.)

1. I would like to specifically use the review portion of the theme for all of these but I can not add the review categories I created to the menu with ease aside form manually entering the review category link into the menu widget. It would be nice if these categories were able to be easily selected or check boxed like the main categories.

2. I wanted to create tags for each review post, currently there is no option to add tags to review posts or well I can’t seem to find them lol. This option would allow me to use the tags feature with my review posts.

3. I can not seem to find the option to remove the posts section from my front page so that it doesn’t display the message for me to creat a post as no posts were found. Because I want to use the review section of the theme and nothing else. I do not need posts to be displayed.

4. Is there any way that I can move the actual review credentials and score to the top of my post next to the image of what I am reviewing with the synopsis below it?

Hi nilcode ,
Thank you for your purchase.

1. You can do this, if you can’t see the ‘Review Categories’ metabox click on ‘Screen Options’ on the top right of the menus page and enable the ‘Review Categories’ checkbox

2. You cannot at the moment, since technically Review Categories are actually tags. You could filter/target your reviews selecting multiple categories for each review.

3. You can’t find it because there is not such an option, never happened that a user don’t need regular posts :). Maybe you can try hiding them by adding something like this in the Custom CSS > Textarea:

.home article {display: none}

4. Well this could be done but you need to edit a template file by yourself. You should open single-mm-reviews.php and move line 19 wherever you want in the page flow.


Thank you for your response I will try to get to doing these things today. But it is football playoffs and I am not sure how much I will get done today lol.

Ahah well said ;)

Hi, how can I install the theme like the demo?

Hi modefordig,
Thank you for your purchase.

Can you please be more specific about your question? Have you already installed the theme on your Wordpress? If you did, first thing you may want to do is to import the demo xml file content and have a look at the documentation that comes with the downloaded package.


I think I got it :) Thanks :)

Hi agian, I am really new at this, so there is a lot that I dont understand. Please bear with me.

I got like 40 errors. It is a 404 error. What does it mean and solve it? Also there is 2 warnings. It says:

Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type text/html: “http://www.modefordig.dk/”. jquery.js:2

Please Help

Hi, The errors are caused by some missing images in the slider. For example in ‘PATRICK CASANOVA: I AM MY OWN LOVE’ article. After you familiarize with Wordpress itself and the theme a bit, I’d suggest to work on a fresh install and then fill it with your own content.


hallo! I bought this theme as well. any chance to display video directly in the home page? I mean straight in the blog post list. you’d better see this: http://www.lucaviscardi.eu and take a look at “htc 8s, la prova sul campo”. thank you!!!

and one more question. is it possible to avoid “post loops”. is there a way to hide in the home page whatever is featured? at least until it stays there in the featured area. thank you!

hi djwd, thank you for your suggestion. I have some trouble with color schemes. it’s a kind of a nightmare if you want to change colors. take a look at the website, www.lucaviscardi.eu for example at the reviews. you a red band, on the picture but the link is of the same color. but if I choose white then it’s a problem on the menu bar, if I choose white then the problem is all over the rest of the website. somewhere those colored strips are a problem.

one more thing… for some strange reason the recent reviews widget is always grey and it doesn’t display anything.

Have you set all the widget fields? Make sure you have some reviews in the selected categories, if you still can’t drop me an email with your login info and I’ll have a look.

Hi I am having some trouble with the navigation menu. Despite having the theme options set to ‘fixed’ it seems the navigation menu is still running responsively on all pages/posts except for on the home page.

The Main-Navigation becomes display:hidden; and the nav menu switches to use ‘main-small-navigation’ when the window size drops below about 740px.

You can see the site here: http://physiqueoftheweek.com

I would just like to display the normal nav menu on all devices, but I cannot for the life of me find it in either the theme settings or the theme files.

Thanks Craig

Hi Craig,
Thank you for your purchase.

I can’t see the problem you claim, you may have already fixed it yourself. Anyway if you want to remove the small menu completely open functions.php and comment out or remove line 176.


Hi djwd, a list of requests now I solved all the color problems I had: - how can I change the background color on featured posts behind title and excerpt? I need it slightly darker - how can I avoid to show background on footer logo? I used a transparent png but the main color appears behind the logo? - how can I change date format on 1 col and 2 col main widget? - how can I change date color in the same widgets close to the small thumbnails? the color is different from the one on the big pictures. thank you!!!!!!! great theme! PS Still didn’t find a way to make the reviews widget work

did everything and everything works fine, thank you- still have the problem with date format though. I checked wordpress setting and it’s fine. date format is wrong in the “main” widget area, with 1 col and 2 col widgets. it’s only there I have the wrong format.

Same problem of number one when you open an article. Background color too “light” Any way to changr it? Thank you

.single-title {background: #111}

I’ll take a look about the date format in those specific cases and if something’s wrong I’ll fix in the next update.

I hope this is my very very very last request. but really the last. I honestly don’t understand how to create galleries. sorry! I tried to follow the help advice but nothing is showing up. is there an idiot proof explanation? thank you so much for your patience.

Have you read the documentation, point 9?

If you still can’t I think it’s easier if you drop me your login info and I’ll set up one for you.


Ciao djwd, i sent You an email with login details. I have tried following The instructions with no luck

Non received. Please send it from the contact form on my profile page

I see there is a file for italian in the language folder, but some of the titles are not translated. maybe it’s a bug “latest reviews”, “galleries” and a few others ciao!

If you have a chance in the e-mail you’ll send me also make a list of the missing strings you found and I’ll update the default.po. Thanks

I keep on sending “alerts” or requests, when you’re fed up of them, let me know! :) when you use dropcap at the beginning of a post the first letter doesn’t show up in excerpt.

This is not theme related, is just how wordpress works and unfortunately nothing can be done about this. A workaround would be to switch to the html view when writing a post and add the dropcap manually this way:

<span class="dropcap">A</span>

Hope this helps,

A couple of our notices: 1- on the mobile view the menus has the same problem of the colors not matching. how can you change background of the menu in the “mobile” view on the iphone? 2- I have several complaints from Readers about the size of the post font. is it possible to increase it? thank you for all your patient replies. I hope my sggestions are good for other customers.

Hi lucaviscardi, please be aware that I don’t usually provide free personal customizations, suggestions I gave you have to be considered as a plus. That said:


.main-small-navigation ul li {background: #COLOR}

2. The paragraph text font size it’s the standard one as the majority of websites (including this one), personally I wouldn’t change it but if you want you can play with something like that by changing the paragraphs font-size only with something like this:

p {font-size: 14px}
(or 16px or whatever)

Cheers! djwd

thank you very much!! please let me know if there’s anyway to ask you for customization and let me know how much it would cost. I don’t want to exploit your kindness. thank you

Hi, Is it possible to make a “read more” button in a long post? If is how can i do it?

Thanks :)

Hi, do you mean on the homepage? If you do just place the <-more-> tag in your posts and select ‘More Tag’ in the Theme Options > Basic tab.

Hi. Very cute theme. Two questions: 1. Is there support Cyrillic fonts? 2. The theme will be compatible with the plugin – forum Simple Press?

Thank you for your interest in Minimosity.

1. There shouldn’t be any problem with Cyrillic characters as long as you set it up correctly in Wordpress.

2. Honesltly I don’t know if this plug-in has any special requirements. I tried to install it real quick and at first impression seem to work fine.


hi djwd! sorry to bother you, but I have no solution about the latest reviews widget. I have selected the proper category, with several reviews inside, but nothing appears. www.lucaviscardi.eu thank you

Hi, since there is another user claiming the same problem, It might be an issue related to the last wordpress release (WP 3.5). Let me do some quick tests and if there is any problem, I’ll fix it in the next (upcoming) update.


thank you! :)

Not sure I’m using images properly. I upload them and set the link to go to the ‘media file’ in the ‘large’ setting (980×652).

When I click the blog post’s image in Chrome it works properly. But when I click the same image in IE or Firefox it opens that much larger image that I uploaded.

How should I adress this issue? Here’s the sample post (click on one of the large photographs in the text).

I see the huge images on every browser actually. That must be the actual size of the orginal images you uploaded (there is no way that an image gets bigger without quality loss, also if I ‘save as’ the image the huge one is downloaded). I would suggest to crop the original files locally and upload and link them again.