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Wow, I like the design a lot.

Best of luck with sales! :D

Hi iAlex,

Thanks for the great comment – It’s always pretty rad getting positive feedback…

Please get in touch if there’s anything we can help with,

Kind Regards, The Tiny Giant

Looks like a great theme. Just a few questions. .Can I upload my own font and use it? .Can I set up a .com domain name and use a tumblr theme for the new website? .Do you have a link to the Light version?

Thank you, wishing you great sales. :)

Hi Aleluia,

Thanks for getting in touch and checking out the theme…

At present, uploading your font is not a default setting built within our framework; however, it is possible. I don’t want to get to technical, but suffice to say that you’ll have to do 2 steps:

(1) Upload your font(s) to tumblr directly; (2) change the CSS code in the advanced tab.

Rest assured, the CSS code is pretty straightforward, and I can even give you the code you’ll need to copy/paste (and then change with the right value, like the name of your font).

As for displaying your tumblr blog on another domain name, it is certainly possible as it’s a feature that’s native to Tumblr – therefore every theme should be compliant.

Just a note though, having your theme display on a .com address for example is not something that’s covered in the help files of this theme – but there’s quite a lot of information on through Google.

Lastly, I’ve just installed a demo light version at http://tinygiantstudios.co.uk – remember that, as with the dark theme, all colours / stripes / social media etc. can be changed…

Lemme know if there’s anything else I can help with, or if you’ve got more questions, I’d be happy to help,

Kind Regards, The Tiny Giant

Wow, thank you for the added information Tiny Giant. Not sure how and when I’ll be using it, the theme is great. Keep up the great job. Tumblr is a great platform and it will keep getting better and better as time goes. We keep in touch, God bless you. :)

Yep, I completely agree about Tumblr – Pity about the current outage though, but I’m sure they’ll recover soon enough.

Thanks again for the kind words, it’s truly appreciated…

Shalom Aleluia

Shalom toda raba :)

I want to change the direction of the text from left to right because I type in Arabic.


Hi Majid,

I’ve had a quick look to see how displaying text right-to-left would impact the layout and at present, it would completely mess it up.

That said, give me a few days and I’ll respond with a more comprehensive answer to make this work: Admittedly, it’d not something that I’ve thought about before, so I’ll be sure to find a solution for you :)

I’ll be in touch soon,

Hi Majidlive,

Thanks for your patience, I’ve finally managed to look into this and believe I’ve found a solution. You’ll have to check it out and make sure it covers everything you need as I don’t speak/write Arabic.

To get the text to show from right to left, follow these steps:
  1. Log into your tumblr account;
  2. Click on the customize button on the right hand side (the way you used when installing the theme)
  3. In the new window, on the “customise” bar at the top, go to the advanced tab;
  4. Go to a section called “Custom Css” and paste the following code in there:

div h1.heading a, div h2.heading a,    div h3.heading a, div h4.heading a,    div h5.heading a,div h6.heading a,section h1,section h2, section h3, section h4,    section h5,    section h6,    h1.heading,    h2.heading,    h3.heading,    h4.heading,    h5.heading,    h6.heading,    section#twitter, section#following,  section#description, div.description_container,    div.video div.video_desc,div.description_container ul, div.video_desc ul, div.audio_desc ul, div.photo_desc ul, div.quote cite ul, div.description_container ol, div.video_desc ol, div.audio_desc ol, div.photo_desc ol, div.quote cite ol, div.description_container blockquote, div.video_desc blockquote, div.audio_desc blockquote, div.photo_desc blockquote, div.quote cite blockquote, div.photo_desc, div.audio_desc  {
                direction: rtl;}    

            div.post_wrap a.type_icon {
                position: absolute;
                top: 15px;
                right: -25px;
                left: auto}    

            ul.chat {
                direction: rtl;}

            ul.chat li span.label {
                float: right;
                width: 15%;}

            div.video_desc div.jspContainer div.jspPane {
                margin-right: 30px;}

            div#extended_footer section.social_media a, section.email_address a {
                float: right;}

Now everything should show up perfectly. Lemme know if I missed something or you’ve got some more questions…

Shukran & Kind Regards, Tiny Giant Studios

Hi Mr : Shalom Aleluia

Thank you I’m waiting


I just had this theme installed on my Tumblr site. I bought it and unfortunately had some issue (I suspect with my computer) that caused the theme not to work. I emailed Tiny Giant Studios and got a comprehensive, prompt response back a couple of hours later. The response detailed all of my options and steps that I could try and the author even offered to install it for me, which I asked him to do. Half an hour later my Tumblr was up and running with the Minimus theme, which is awesome. I definitely recommend the theme, but I recommend Tiny Giant Studios and their customer support even more.


Hi Alex,

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and I’d like to reiterate my thanks for the kinds words. As already mentioned, if you’ve get any problem down the line, please don’t hesitate to get in touch :)

Kind Regards, Tiny Giant Studios

I had a small install issue and emailed Tiny Giant Studios for support, on a Saturday. I got a super fast response that solved the issue, in fact I got numerous options for solving the issue that also included installing it for me if needed. It took me about 1 minute to fix the problem myself using the clear instructions in the detailed response.

Pure Awesomeness.

Many thanks and a huge recommendation for Tiny Giant from a very happy customer!


Hey TranqJones,

Thanks for the super amazing feedback… I’m glad we could sort out the install issue pronto and that no pixels were harmed in the process :)

As always, of there’s any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards, Tiny Giant Studios


Is there a way not to hide the navigation?

Hi Michaeljkrell,

Thanks for you question:

Unfortunately there’s not native solution built into this theme to disable the entire navigation section. The closest to that is having the ability to disable various sections directly underneath the nav items (like the search area, the sort posts area, and the extended nav icons on the left).

However, if you’re comfortable copying a few lines of code, it’s really easy to achieve your desired effect. You can follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Tumblr Dashboard and click on the “customise” button;
  2. On the new screen that opens, with the “Customize” bar that opens at the top, locate a tab called “Advanced”;
  3. In the advanced tab, locate a section called “Custom CSS ” and paste the following code in there:

div#nav_section, div#nav_trigger {display:none;}

Voila, you’ve just disabled the entire nav section of the theme. If, however, you’re still encountering difficulties or aren’t entirely comfortable with copy/pasting code, I’m more than willing to make a quick video showing you how to do it, or even installing it on your behalf.

Thanks for getting in touch,
Kind Regards,
Tiny Giant Studios

How do I change the colors of the icons?

Hi DecaturMC,

Unfortunately that is the one part of the theme that is not customisable – at least not from the settings part.

Due to licensing restrictions, we’re not allowed to package the icons PSD file with the theme, which means that we had to make a choice on the colour / size of these icons beforehand.

If, however, you’re happy in designing your own icons I’m more than happy to show you how to upload your icons and where to make change to the code – just leave message and I’ll write a detailed instruction guide…

Kind Regards, Tiny Giant Studios


I’ve copied and pasted the HTML code into the customise HTML tab.

But it doesn’t work properly.


Hi ash_218,

First off, thank you for purchasing the Minimus Tumblr theme.

In the past we’ve noticed that this error mostly crops up when opening up the .txt file in a word processor like Microsoft Word 2007 / 2003 – Normally this would be perfectly suitable for a text document, however, in this instance Microsoft changes the actual text that you see on the screen, meaning that the text you copy shouldn’t be copied to Tumblr as it’s been (unintentionally) altered.

As such, my first suggestion would be to ensure opening up the .txt file in a program like “Notepad” if you’re on Windows.

Failing that, you could follow these steps:
  1. I would then move on to opening up the .html file in any browser.
  2. Once opened the webpage will look all messed up with lots of curly brackets: this is normal.
  3. Locate the button on your browser that allows you to “view source”. In internet explorer this can be done by clicking “View » Source”
  4. Depending on which browser you use, a new screen should pop up with a bunch of code – highlight all of this code, and copy it;
  5. Log into your tumblr account, and using the methods highlighted in the instructions, paste the code you copied into the “Use Custom HTML ” section in the “customization” screen.

As a last ditch attempt, I’m also willing to install it on your behalf if you’re still having troubles.

As always, if you’ve got any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind Regards, Tiny Giant Studios

I’ve managed to install the theme, however, I need to untick the ‘show extended footer’ because otherwise it messes the theme up??

Not sure I understand what you mean with “messes the theme up” – We’ve never had this problem before?

I just had a look at the code that gets rendered on your page – it seems that one of three things happened:
  • You pasted the code twice;
  • You didn’t copy all the code; or
  • The code was copied in sections, but the sections doesn’t follow one another

Please lemme know if you get this sorted – And rest assured that I’m here till the end :)


Your theme is great.. love it… It does not put the border around videos the way it does images though… Did I miss something?



Hi Jarod,

Thanks for getting in touch; Have you got a link I can check out?

Hope to hear from you soon,

Nuts! You’re right – but only on Safari (well, the latest version in any case). The part that sucks is that I can only get around to finding a solution at the end of next week as I’m on assignment in Africa at the moment. As soon as I’m back, this will be at the top of my to do list…

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help and this very moment – but I’ll be in touch soon :(

Thanks for your theme! I liked it a lot! Only one question… How can i add social sharing buttons? (g+1, facebook like, tweet etc) on each post?

That would require code modification – how comfortable are you with getting stuck in?

When I pay by credit card on paypal, how do I get the theme?

Hello :)

I’ve tried to install this on my tumblr a few times and none of them have worked. I’ve tried opening the html file and the view source as listed above and that hasn’t been favorable either.

Is there a way that Tiny Giant Studios can install this for me? Sorry for the inconvenience.