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When viewing the live preview on Safari 5.1.1. on a Macbook, the navigation bar refreshes too slow when you click on a tab and leave the mouse on that tab.

I’d like to purchase a license, if you can fix this problem.


Thanks for interested our theme. We tested with Safari 6.0.2 and Safari 5 and i didn’t see any problem.

Interesting. Ok. So I need to figure out what’s going on with my computers then. Thanks for the speedy reply.

It’s no problem. I am glad if u like it.


Nice theme. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

thanks JF! ;)

im loving this theme and im almost decided to get it, before i do i would like to know if i can center the columns, in your demo is to the left.


hsytc, thanks for interesting our theme. This theme style is left side sorry but u can’t use center side :( sorry for this.

Hello! First of all, congrats on the theme! It’s gorgeous!

Now I have two questions: 1. Is that a way to edit the pages title? I want to change the portfolio, services and clients title.

And regarding the portfolio. Most of my artworks are portrait oriented and at the moment, they seem squashed when viewed as thumbnails. Is that a way to fix this?

:) I see what you mean. It’s because I explained it poorly, sorry about that. What I want to rename it’s the portfolio link itself. Instead of having ‘portfolio’ written, I want it to be ‘artworks’. And the same for the ‘services’ and ‘clients’.

http://kittynumberfour.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/minipress-shot.jpg This is what I want to change. Not the name that appears on the menu. Is it possible?

Any chance I can get a reply soon???

Hi your demo isn’t working.

no view on your demo, i think your are a big error in your database or is hacked