Discussion on Minishop - Multipurpose, e-Commerce WordPress Theme

Discussion on Minishop - Multipurpose, e-Commerce WordPress Theme

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I messaged you asking how to change social logo links and I have no response. In theory, I should have access to them from the option theme, but, although they appear on the site, they are absent from the back office. I don’t have any answer on this subject, can you add one please

can we send you a visual to show you that it does not work?

You can get a screenshot and send it to me, yes.

According to what you have requested via email, the “share” function is not editable at the admin section but only can be modified manually by editing the functions.php, lines between 181 and 187. You can remove any of the “share” item as you wish and save/update the file.

<!-- social share --> <a href="http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=<?php the_permalink(); ?>" target="_blank"><i class="fa fa-10x fa-facebook-square" /></a> ...... <!-- social share -->

The CSS code you have indicated does not remove the logos from the social links, please indicate where the addresses corresponding to these links can be entered in the back office

I’m not sure how you add the codes or what you added but I’m sure that you’re doing something wrong.


Hello! I bought this theme and I really tried to make it work but unfortunately I kindly ask you to give me a refund. It is not user friendly, you cannot go to checkout from the cart page, the product photography overlap and you cannot swipe through them, you can see for yourself at https://jakkamour.store .

As seen it’s on the demo website, cart/checkout sections are separated. ( https://jakkamour.store/checkout/ ) If you need checkout from cart page, I can ask the team about your request if there’s anything we can do. Your refund request has been replied already by the way.

I have got the information from the team, if you want to activate the checkout link from the cart page, all you need to do is remove the cart-totals.php from the folder : minishop/woocommerce/cart/

The checkout button will be activated at the cart page.


With all due respect. Nothing works. I don’t even know where to start.

1. Sample date is not present. You show something in the video but the archieve does not contain that kline file or themesetting. 2. WooCommerce support is outdated. it gives me tons of errors: Your theme (Minishop) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. 3. Your documentation gives 404.

Normally when you buy a theme it gets 5 mins to set it up with the demo content included. After a few hours it’s still not working.

Please refund. I lost too much time with this.


It’s for to backup/restore the theme configuration. As this is a minimal theme, there’s not much configuration but if you still need, you can get the copy from the link below:


Can you please advise how can i get rid of this duplication? I saw it in your demo too: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MEaHCYfzts6cWK21Q1Gu-P1RWifRj00z/view?usp=sharing

Please, add this code to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom code section
.woocommerce-cart p.cart-empty {display: none;}

Make sure you have set-up the pages at WooCommerce configuration section as well

is there anyway i can get my website to look like this demo ?


Wine demo is same as the demo data that comes with the theme except the images.

okay i’m sorry I guess the question I should ask is about the featured product that’s on that home shop page. I can’t seem to get a featured product to display.

Just go to the Products ( WooCommerce ) and press the “star” icon.

can I use LMS plugins with it…? and elementor page builder?

The theme supports any plugin that you want to use but there may be a plugin compatibility issue in a way regarding to design

Hello, I bought a mini-shop template, I found the rtl.css file. is this template includes rtl supprort? if yes where I need to change it? thanks

You will need to modify the RTL.css to correct the details. The file exists but it’s empty ( ready to use but not configured )

If you need additional support, I could provide a fully supported RTL theme modifications as well – in case, please, do contact me

Hi I can not import the demo files and set a slide at the top of the first page. I also followed the directions on the first page of the support, but I can not. can you help me? What additional plugins are used to optimize the graphic appearance? If it is not possible, can I request the return of the cost?

What you’re asking is related to your modification and this is considered as a custom job/custom fix, it’s not related to theme or its feature. I could only provide paid support if you’re interested in

You can upload the main ( original ) theme files to your website and if it still doesn’t work, you can share the FTP/Wp-Admin login details – after I’d be happy to help you to solve the problem if there’s still one.

ii have to pay for this?

Yes, I could only provide paid support if you’re interested in as I stated earlier due to changes you have performed to the theme. If you upload the original theme files and it should be working fine on a clean installation.

Hi Yigit,

now I bought Minishop. Where can I activate the footer?

Regards, Peter

If you mean the text/social icons, it’s located under Theme Options. You can simply modify/edit it

Hi, is there any democontent for minishop? I can´t find it in the installation-files.

I like the design of minishop.

Regards, Peter

You can re—download the theme files. It’s included to the theme


Is it possible to search or filter products?


It’s a pre-sale question.

The theme doesn’t come with search/filter feature due to it’s minimal but it can be managed easily by installing additional extensions.

Hi. I’ve Minishop theme but can’t found demo content. Help me please.

I had previously purchased but no demo data in the package

You have downloaded the item when it was free. You need to purchase the theme if you need the demo data

Hmm.. Ok Thank’s

hi where is the style sheet? trying to install but just get an error

Support and updates are not provided for free files.

Theme is missing style sheet http://prntscr.com/l7vifn

Got it.!

The WooCommerce theme files are outdated and causing display issues. Are there plans to update these?

The demo site runs with latest WooCommerce ( 3.1.2 ) and it seems there’s no specific issues. If you have any specific issue, please, extend your support and contact again with details

Hi, Q1: How can I set the number of products displayed per page? I have 3 columns and would like to display 12 products before the Next sign comes. Currently it shows me only 10 products. http://www.kehrsatzer-biene.ch

Can you please send the login credentials via the link below so we can check the configuration?


PS: Please, do not share credentials here as comment

It’s ready. Set-up for 12 products.

Hi, I was wondering how I can change the number of items displayed on the homepage with EDD downloads. It’s set at 9 somewhere but I can’t figure out where…

Please, do check this first:

Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most

If it doesn’t work, please send me your WP-login credentials and FTP credentials (temporary) via the link below. I can check it and get back to you asap


hi, when i add product variable , the appearance of select size button and add to cart not follow your theme. how to fix it

Can you please send me your website login credentials by email ( gmail@moskvayigit.com )

I could check the issues

Hi how can i make featured image different with product image

like your demo: featured image http://demo.krasotaiskusstva.com/minishop/wine/

product image : http://demo.krasotaiskusstva.com/minishop/wine/product/chardonnay/

I have modified/replaced the featured image directly from the wp-content/uploads folder. The featured image is getting different size after upload (it’s usually like in this folder : wp-content/uploads/2017/03/filename-1280×600.jpg) so you need to find that file to edit manually

Sorry , i already Copy the file and rename the size. but still not working

What’s your website URL?

Hey guys, Just bought the theme and set it up. Some things though, look quite messy. Can you have a look and maybe let me know what’s wrong? https://sketchgoods.com
Can you please send the Wp-Admin credentials via the contact form below: https://themeforest.net/user/ki-themes#contact

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