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Hello, is it possible to integrate ‘CKFinder’ to transfer images to your ckeditor? I try but I can not do it …

Hi, sorry for reply late, you know , CKfinder is not a free plugin, and i did not integrated some file manage into the buider mainly due to the security reason, if someone can visit your builder, he can use file manager to delete or upload files, so , i think the better way is to use the file system of CMS , and then you can get the images url, just input the url into the CKeditor , then you email page will get it. And i did not change the CKeditor file structure in the builder, each plugin and config can based on the CKedior itself, so , please read the documentation of CK,i will not do the custom works of CKeditor. Hope these words can help you, good luck! 8-)

Hi, thank for your answer. Ok, the CMS way seems to be a good idea.

I have an issue with the template not showing the template builder shows but not the template. I have both html folder inside server

Hi, please letter your builder to my email: digith@outlook.com, i will review it and them give you the suggestion. Best regards!


When I have uploaded saved file I cannot continue edit, however I can add new content and block to this project. Is this as it should be?

Br, Rostyslav http://console.support/

Hi, did your upload the project file, not the final email page? only project file can be re-edit, you can find the save project button above the page window. Please try, it still has problem, letter me, i will help you. Kind regards! 8-)

The designs do not seem to keep their alignment when imported to mailchimp. In the code editor they look good but in the design side and preview the margins all drop and make it look rubbish. I’ve tried adjusting margins and resizing the middle image to no avail.

Code Editor: http://grab.by/AoTk Design Editor: http://grab.by/AoT2 Preview: http://grab.by/AoSq

Hi, do not worry about that, this is due to mailchimp add some padding or margin to the float tables, please preview the page and send a test mail to your clients, then you will see that, it display ok, sure if you do want to if show properly in design mode, please send your code to my email: digith@outlook.com as attachment, but i think it is no purpose to do that, plz try.

if still has problem, never hesitate to letter me, or write a ticket in our ticket system, kind regards! 8-)

I sent myself the test and it looks just a broken. I’ll send you a copy of the code.

Ok sure, i will check my inbox, and see what happened, then i will give you the suggestion, kind regards! 8-)

I am having all kinds of issues with importing this template into Mail Chimp. When I upload it looks Ok in the initial preview but when you run the test in Mail Chimp there issues with the images, margins. I can send you my html file if that would help.

Hi, sure, please send me the html to my email: digith@outlook.com, i will give you the suggestion tomorrow, and did you see the preview effect, mailchimp sometimes add margin to the floating tables, but will not affect the final page. Kind regards! 8-)

Pre-purchase Question: I’m very interested in purchasing your minishow builder but I’m concerned about the compatibility with any version of outlook… the bane of our existence. Do you have a sample output file that I could test against outlook

I emailed yesterday about not being able to activate the builder. I purchased Minishow last year and when i did the update it included the builder. Now trying to use the builder but when I try and save it tells me to purchase. Am I missing something?

Hi There, I absolutely love all the functions in this program! What I don’t love is the paste function! I have tried with Firefox & IE, even though I can paste, pasting makes all text disappear. I have tried pasting withing the html, within the editor, using CNTL V, and pasting within existing text, but the text always disappears. This needs to work so I can give this a 5 star rating.

Thank you, Urbanana


I created a email with pictures and everything appears fine. Pictures are on my hosting and it’s can be seen in the browser. But when I send a email, i can see only the frame of the picture. Tell me, in what could be the problem?

How can I install this template, It will be a good idea to include a startup file for newbies like me. Thanks

Hello, excuse me do you have a step by step to work with your product, either video or pdf?