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Congratulations Great work , Good Luck :)

Nice to see more spanish people here! Wish you many sales, and welcome to TF. ;)

Thank you, see you around

I’d been browsing around for a nice, clean, responsive Tumblr theme when I discovered this one. Super easy to set up and I love that all the features I need are built in.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy the theme!

Love the theme!

Added support for photoset grids. Don’t forget to rate the theme!.

Theme looks great. Good luck with the sales!

Hi, Just purchased this theme and have it installed on Tumblr. Love it! Thank you for making it so convenient to add adsense and addthis share buttons. I have a question about the sidebar though. How can we change it so the round colored backgrounds behind the social icons are the default setting and disappear when hovered over? Basically we would like to make them the opposite of how they are now. Thanks.

Well, that’s on the css file, if you want to make changes you’d have to use the style.css file included in the theme, change the :hover and normal states for #social ul li a, upload that modified file here: http://www.tumblr.com/themes/upload_static_file and sue the url they’ll give you to update the html to point to the new css.

Added support for photoset grids. Don’t forget to rate the theme!.

Could you include photoset grids into Minsk? Seems that it will make that theme much more famous!

Ok. This is trange that tumblr doesn’t print it, so popular thing. I’ve even found end-user manual about rows: «The height of the photoset does not matter, as long as each photo in the row is the exact same height. If you use different heights in a row, the smallest height will be the height and all of the others will be cropped out from the bottom». :)

Latest version already works with images with different aspect ratios (should be approved soon).

Works. This is primely great! Gracias! :)

only feature I would like to see if its not to much trouble is a Linkedin icon added.

That shouldn’t be too much trouble, when I have a little time I’ll get to it.

I just uploaded the changes. They will be approved soon.

Don’t forget to rate the theme!

Hello, Does this theme support 700px layout? Thanks for your answer.

The theme has 2 layout width options:

- Thin (default): perfect for 468×60 banners - Wide: perfect for 728×90 leaderboards


One question before buying. Does your theme include Infinite Scroll? If so, does adsense keep appearing after every post?



No, the template doesn’t have Infinite Scroll as that would create problems with elements that can’t be loaded dynamically (for instance AdSense).

Regards Javier

hi I ve a question before i purchase this theme.

1) In this theme it possible to open the image in a new page and i would like to add Adsense in to that page. 2) Is it possible to integrate this in tumblr



Tumblr themes only change the way content is displayed, it doesn’t affect structure/coding. What you’re describing would need to be a feature from Tumblr itself, which doesn’t exist.

hi may i know if i can change the background and color? where can i put up my adsense?

You can change the background color and enter your AdSense ID and select ad locations through the theme options. Please read the documentation on the theme.

Its frustrating that the adsense ads are not visible, im fairly new to tumblr so im not familar with their ad system, but im pretty sure i input my Adsense Pub-ID correctly, only for the ads NOT to miraculously appear.. what am i doing wrong????

nevermind had blank spaces…. apologies LOL

I see the problem, you have to put 4644553394548458 only, you are putting a new line character too (probably when copying the id), and that’s messing the js.

yep exactly, sorry man… thx!

Can we use some other ads than adsense? Is there any box to put code, that is different than adsense?

You can, but not through option fields, you’d have to insert the ads into the HTML, where the adsense ads are now.

Awesome work, looks great!


ptrkshv Purchased

Hi Javier. I’m interested in buying your theme for my Tumblr blog. Are you still keeping an eye here for possible support-related questions?

Sure, I’m still here.